Friday, 21 December 2012

Be At Peace

I think there are going to be - already are - a lot of disappointed people today, who were hoping for something major happening on 12-21-12 (in the Gregorian calendar) called Ascension.

They shouldn't be.  For it is happening.  Just on a wider scale than they were led to believe.

Consider. What do we really, actually know.

We know, for one thing, that there is a lot of evidence - overwhelming evidence, now - for the fact of reincarnation.  I'm not going to go into all that here; I'm just starting with that fact, and phenomenon, as my premise.  And the phenomenon of reincarnation tells us, at a minimum, two things.  One: that there is some sort of Plan involved in our human life.  And two: that We Are One Another (just playing, and exchanging, parts in the ongoing drama of 3D life).  And what does that tell us.  That tells us, at a minimum, two more things.  One: that there is some sort of Purpose involved in our human life exchanges.   And two: that We Are, then, in essence, One.  Parts of One Divine Essence - the Family of God, as it were.  Emanations from God.  Emissaries of God.  Fractals of the one common Source - the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be - for all we 'know'.   To say: We can't, in our current state of being - being part of (and 'partial' to) the One - know the total Essence of the One of which we are now but a part.  Presumably, only when we return to total Unity with the One (which would appear to be the ultimate Purpose behind it all, as we gain more and more consciousness along our path) will we know that; at the last stop on the spiral stairway to the heavens.  In the meantime, we can certainly honor our Creator, with gratitude for life with meaning, and willingness to see the process that we are part of, are engaged in, to its conclusion.

But that's getting into the realm of conjecture  Let's stay with what we know: that we are part of something larger, much larger, than just our individual Selves.  We can liken it to a hologram, where each part contains the Whole, and the Whole contains each part.  But the essential point is that

the universes - all of Creation - has Purpose; and that purpose is Good.  Even if we don't know all the details of the process, and result. That You - the essential You - are part of the Creator; not the Creation.  The current phenomenological 'you' is, indeed, part of the Creation; but like It, the phenomenological 'you' is ephemeral. A construct.  A will o' the wisp.  An instrument of growth, personally, and of service to the Whole.

How do we know that 'the purpose is Good'?  And that we aren't, and the universe isn't, the creation rather of a malevolent Being, enjoying feeding off our lower chakra emotions, of fear and rage and lust and such??

Because they are just that: lower energy emotions.  Not transcendent-level emotions, of joy and love and appreciation of beauty and such.  Higher frequency emotions; higher dimensional-quality emotions.  In a gradation of dimensions, that our scientists are now beginning to recognize, and identify.  Along with the reality of multi universes; parallel universes, in the realm of the ephemeral Creation.

But again, that's beginning to get into the realm of conjecture; where we have an inkling of what's going on, but not a full knowledge of it.  Or at least, a fuller knowledge.  

Knowledge, that we can also get from 3D beings more technologically developed than us, who have been visiting Earth, and leaving various calling cards.  

But I don't want to get into all that here, either.  Just to begin to construct a picture.  

A picture of a larger reality, that we are a part of, than what our scientists have given us to 'chew on' heretofore.  

And morsels of which we need now to digest.  If we are going to find our way out of the maze - the dangerous maze - that we have created for ourselves.  In not looking beyond just the dimension that  we have found ourselves in, for our answers, as to the way out.  And as to what it's all about.

What's It All About, Alfie...                           

…and you've heard as well of the song 'Don't Sleep On The Subway, Darling'?  Here's some good advice for you: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, dear ones.  There's hope yet.

Which the atheists certainly can't give you.

For them, nature - life - is red in tooth and claw.

Survival of the fittest.  Dog eat dog.

But there is something more under the sun.

And something new under the Sun.

In our day.

And you can count on it.

To lift you up.

Way, Up.

As in Ascension.

All in good time.

Good, time.

Because once you know - really get - that 'you are not your body'; that there is something ineffable about you, beyond the vessel that You have incarnated in, to have and learn lessons in; really get that this all just a play, an illusion on a 3D screen - 'you can't go home again'.  That way.  You know - really and truly get - that everything has changed, for you.

And that's when you become involved in - really involved in - Ascension.  Out of the wheel of rebirth.

So now: it's your turn.


Oh - and P.S.; as to what we "actually know":

And then there are the crop circles.  (And even, marvelously intricate and perfectly geometric, in the snow...)

And then there is the little matter of the monetary system - having gone global; and so having reached that stage of historical development - about to collapse (under the weight of its 'internal contradictions,' as the Marxists prophesied)...

All in all: it's Transition time, folks.  To a New Era.  Regardless of whether you believe in a larger, non-linear reality being involved or not.

And you can take that all the way to the bank. 


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