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As my post on the WND site, that I reproduced on this site yesterday (actually, early this morning), indicates, I have started coming out in earnest, now.  I wish to establish that I am ready and willing to lead the charge into the New Era for all Humankind, by leading The People of America in a march on their/our nation's capital, to a) convince the Usurper to leave the (thus-dishonored) office of the presidency; b) dissolve the sitting Congress, for having been a party to that crime; and c) to have America lead the world into its New Era; before calamity sets in, and we in this country, and inevitably in the world proper, falter at the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven - to say, more accurately, to the higher realms.  And have to start the laborious process of the unfolding of consciousness all bloody over again - and 'bloody' as in figuratively and literally.

It is too much to bear in the thinking, let alone the doing. 

So: where are we.

We are on the cusp of either major breakdown or major breakthrough.  I am an advocate of the latter.  So, I am outing, and offering, myself.  And when I say that, what do I mean, and who do I mean??  

I mean only to identify myself as an incarnates soul who feels drawn to the role of helping, in a major way, America fulfill her destiny.  Her grander destiny, as 'a shining city on a hill'. Not as a failed state, as political dissension tears her apart; in civil turmoil, leading inexorably - and quickly - to outright civil war.  Very soon, now.

Modesty has prevented me from saying much to the subject until now.  That, and my sense that it wasn't quite the time for my 'coming out' in earnest.1  But "Affairs are now soul size," as the playwright said; and it is now clearly time to start making the case for a positive outcome from the scenario that is beginning to present itself, in more graphic, and lurid, details.

I speak of such facts as how the current federal government has bought, and readied for use, an overwhelming amount of ammunition, and prepared other war materiel, to be used domestically - against its own citizens.  The 'cover' (besides 'natural catastrophies'; which disappeared some time ago as the reason for FEMA) is the idea of an economic collapse, and consequent unrest in the populace.  The reality is that that sort of crisis has been planned; not just planned for.2  Make no mistake: all the pieces are in place for a lockdown of the American people - for the rationale for a declaration of Martial Law, and the introduction of a police state, on a people just a little too 'brainwashed' about 'liberty', a little too enamored of their 'rights' to go quietly into the good night of 'what's best'.  The greatest good for the greatest number, its proponents hold.  Also known as collectivism.  Whereas 'individualists' hold that the individual has rights that are "unalienable".

Sod that, in the New World Order; where power grows out of the barrel of a gun.3

Well. We'll see about that.

Oh, not about the truth of that observation.  The presenting, physical-level truth of it.  But the larger truth, of what life is more truly all about - ah.  Now that's a different story.

Now to come into its power.

As People Power.

And help us see that 'they' are 'us'.  

Are only relative terms.  

To see - really get - that 'they' are 'us'.  And 'we' are 'they'.  Just not in this given moment of, and in, time.  

So, it's senseless to go to war with ourselves.  Our selves literally.

And I'm ready to go to Washington and make that stand.

Do my job there.

And then come back home.

I have a lot of reading to get back to, when I do.  I have just ordered a bunch of (interesting-sounding) books by Glenn Beck, e.g., that I haven't had a chance to get to yet.  And some other, older stuff is still waiting for me to get around to.4  Including a bio of James Madison, quote, "in his own words," e.g.  I never did understand much about the War of 1812.  It wasn't covered in my high school eleventh grade 'US&G' class.  That is, United States History & Government.  I'm not sure if they even still have that in high school these days.  It seems as though a lot of kids, and now grownups, don't have a very good grounding in that subject.  Or they wouldn't be so ready to throw it overboard, and sail the modern seas without understanding their legacy.  And the world's legacy, of a well-functioning, constitutional republic - government of, by, and for The People.  Not the powerful special interests.  Well; they crept in here, of course.  A they will. 

Though, no more.  That day is done; those days over, as we now sail a different sea, than we ever have heretofore.

At least, in our recorded history.

But that's a different story, from this short statement of mine, about where I'm coming from, and where I wish America to go from here; and where I see myself going from here, upon completion of my duty to my country, of birth, and heart.

As for the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

Who is a Liar and a Deceiver.

Is he 'the Anti-Christ'???

I don't know anything about that sort of thing.5  All I know is that those sorts of qualities do not mesh with, cannot exist in, anything that purports to be of the nature of a - let alone the - 'kingdom of Heaven'.  To say: of the higher realms.  Such qualities will not gain you access to, and positively will bar you from, the realms of higher consciousness (which Humanity is now being asked to reach for - and allowed to reach for - en toto; in an Act of Grace).  They are the realms of the higher qualities, like Joy, and Peace, and Harmony; and above all: Love.  So, the man who these days calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is not of, does not represent, those realms. He is, rather, part and parcel of the nature of the 'principalities and powers' of Deception.  

Not a quality to emulate.

It may get you far.  But no further.6  

And me?  Who am I; and can I be trusted??

Tune in to the question(s).  But if you are going to tune in properly, you need to try to clean out your pineal gland of calcification; of obstruction, between you and the higher realms.7  In order to do that, you need to clean in particular fluoride out of your system.  And in order to do that, you need to employ the likes of iodine; and of course, to stop imbibing it - in toothpaste, your tap water, and in all foodstuffs processed with water.8  Beyond those suggestions, I would recommend that you consult a good naturopath, or an M.D. of the caliber of the likes of Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola, Russell L. Blaylock, and Jonathan V. Wright.  

As for the question, it may help some to know that I called in 1961 for the elimination of money, as part of the next step for humanity; and walked my talk - literally, by walking (mostly) from the L.A. area to Washington D.C., to deliver my message to the president, and to whomsoever else there and along the way would care to listen.  So I have paid my dues, as it were.9  

But we all have work to do. Let's be about it.  The day is drawing closer when something is going to trigger the ball to drop.  And we need to beat it to the rock solid level of our lives.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.   

Now about to experience Ascension, to another, higher level of consciousness.    

Why am I so hopeful, given the power of these terrestrial forces over humanity??

Because they can't hold a candle to the Light of the Creator. 

Indeed: have their power - their very being - only by 'the grace of God'.   And they know it.  And are, deep down, resentful of it.  

Choose your quality, to live your life by:

Spite.  Or Truth.

Your choice.

As always.

In this Creation, at least.      

If you want to create your own Creation:

Learn how.

Which starts by releasing the lower qualities, and emotions.

Like, say: 

Untruth.  And Deception.   



1) And also, G. Washington didn't seek out the leadership of the Revolutionary Army.  He was sought out - and my thinking that there would be a similar process at work, here.  (More on that subject - of inspiration/intuition - in a moment.)  However: here we are.    

2) Do I really need to go into all those sorts of details?  Of how TPTB set up events, to further their cause, of takeover, and people control??  I'm sure that I don't.  It is all just too, too obvious, by and in our day and age.  The British and French sent to war with one another for financial gain; the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor, bringing on the Spanish-American War for similar purposes; the torpedoing of the Lusitania, to get the U.S. into what became WWI, and the (orchestrated) attack on Pearl Harbor, to get the U.S. into what became WWII; the declaration of South Korea being 'outside of (the U.S.'s) sphere of influence,' thus enticing the Red Chinese to back the North Koreans in what became the Korean, er, Police Action; the Gulf of Tonkin phantom 'incident'  that set up the Vietnam morass; and, crowningly, 9/11, that set up that whole appalling chain of events.  Appalling, to the average citizen.  Wonderful, to the perpetraitors…   

3) And the 'gun' of government.  
     Liberals don't believe in individual rights.  Only group rights.  And those come from the power of government over people.  Also known as despotism.
     How demeaning it must be, to be looked on as a category, rather than as a person...
     As for the subject of guns; which is a vital part of this whole scenario on the books of takeover (or attempted takeover, at least):
     One of my home state senators, Dianne Feinstein (whom, incidentally, I knew at university as a very sensible person; and destined for such as thing as she has created for herself.  High public office, that is to say; and to say no more to that subject), is going to introduce legislation in early January to prohibit a lot to do with 'assault weapons' (a misnomer; but the idea is there, of automatic - or semi-automatic - weapons available to the public).  She is sick and tired of all of the public shootings.  Aren't we all.  But as I said (somewhat paraphrased; I didn't keep a copy of it) in an email to her, upon hearing of her intentions: "Unless the federal government will stop causing The People to be legitimately concerned about their liberties - in spying on all our electronic and other communications without probable cause; in keeping tabs on us via vehicle and facial ID; in keeping us from access to foodstuffs outside of the control of the state; in causing drones to be flying all over a WHAT??!! country - you are barking up the wrong tree in this matter.  It's a matter of priorities.  Get your priorities right, and things will fall into place better, from there."
     Of course, it would appear, the Democrats indeed are getting their priorities right...
     - and the Republicans (at least the Establishment Republicans) right with them.
     Oh how money talks.  And ideology whispers in one's ear...  

4)  I should have in my place one of those plates identifying itself as A Round To-it.  It's the story of my life  I have gone through I don't know how many personal libraries in my life, and then jettisoned them when it was time to move on, including some books that I hadn't gotten 'around to it' yet; bought for their availability when I did.  Ever.  If.

5) All I know about that general area, i.e., about Christianity, is that there is something decidedly wrong with the New Testament.  It is not true to historical fact.  There is considerable evidence to that effect.  
     In the '50s there were some German scholars  who were into Bible exegesis, and in particular the New Testament, who made a compelling case for another story.  At least it was compelling to me; who had just dropped out of university - after 'a spiritual experience' - to go searching in earnest for capital-t Truth.  My quest led me to the New York City Public Library, and a year of haunting its main Reading Room, reading all I could get my hands on regarding things of a, roughly, spiritual nature: all of the 'holy books' of the various religions; Madame Blavatsky & Annie Besant; William James's 'Varieties of Religious Experience'; Edgar Cayce; Spiritualism; Ouspensky, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff; ESP, UFOs - you name it, I probably read it.  Of the time, and through the succeeding years.  And fortunately, the research into such things as the origin(s) of Christianity has developed considerably; to the point where any halfway serious seeker of truth will have to come to the same conclusion that I have, and these researchers have: that we have been sold a bill of goods on the matter.
     Which brings me back around to Obama, and his bona fides.  Or to say, the lack thereof… 

6)  All depending, of course, on how many friends one has 'in high places'.  As, e.g., with Obama's liberal cohorts in Hollywood; to come up with the likes of the film on Lincoln, and thus set up, in the public's mind, Obama's own putsch for power, in first suspending, and then eliminating, the U.S. Constitution - the key block to the road to power of the forces on both the Left AND the Right who want to establish each their own versions of a New World Order.  
     Contrary to what 'they' will tell you: Neither is better, or worse, than the other.  The fascist version - with 'their' penchant for war - will just kill you faster, is all.
     But the socialist/collectivist version will kill your spirit.  And that could well be the worse death, than outright physical departure from this vale of tears.
     Now about to experience another outcome, than these dystopian versions of potential timelines.  Another: because enough souls rose to the occasion.
     Join the - right - crowd.
     While you still can.  And not be cooped up in a FEMA camp.  For as long as your Keepers want to bother.

7)  Your pineal gland is like a glorified eye/sensory device; antenna.  In truth: the Third Eye of ancient lore.

8) This business about Fluoridation/fluoride, and its people-control properties, is a long story.  Do your homework.  You will be glad that you did.
     And so will we all.
     (A Google search should do you, in this.  Although I have heard that Google has gone over to the dark side.  I hope not.  They have provided humanity with an excellent service.  Here's hoping they will stay true to their calling.)

9) The collapse of the world's monetary system actually being part of the solution, rather than being simply part of the action; on the cards just to set up the moves towards a dictatorial NWO, from either the Left OR the Right.  



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