Sunday, 16 December 2012

Obama Must Go

December 16th.  Five days before what many people consider to be a major day in the history of humankind: 12-21-12.  December 21, 2012, according to the world's basic calendar.1  The Mayan Long Count calendar 'thing'.  The Galactic Alignment 'thing'.  Numerologically speaking, a Master Number: 11; standing for, connecting with, the quality of Illumination.  

I took a walk today, for the exercise; otherwise I wouldn't have bothered going out.  A cold, gray, misty, totally overcast day in Southern California along the coast.  I walked downtown, to the center of town, and then turned around and came back, on a loop; going on beyond my turnoff a few blocks further to a store where I buy my ice cream, having finished up my 'stash' last night.  I was in luck; they were having their periodic sale, of two cartons for 6 dollars, rather than the regular price of $4.49 each.  That should have cheered me up some - and normally, would have.  But I have been weighed down by a matter that is keeping me from celebrating the little things in life, and the larger one, coming up - as I say, according to many people, tuned into these sorts of things - as we speak.  For the only 'illumination' that I get - that I have; that occupies my mind constantly these days - is that Obama must go.

He is, when all is said and done - no matter how popular,  or honey-tongued, or 'inspiring'  - a usurper.  Is illegally in the office of the presidency of the United States.  And to make matters worse, and on him: He knows it.

And may even be an illegal alien, for all we know.  Also known in some circles as an 'undocumented worker'.  Some left-wing circles; whose inhabitants excuse such fudges on the Truth of matters if in doing so it is compatible with their guiding philosophy, that the end justifies the means.  

A word on that 'philosophy', and also on how it all relates to the Obama 'phenomenon': of an illegal president, and many citizens knowing that, but choosing to walk around the issue, and ignore it, like a load of dog dropping on the sidewalk of their life; or a case of the emperor's new clothes: people ignoring the truth of the matter, out of - what.

Out of, it would appear: fear.  Fear of the consequences of calling the man on his crime.  That, taking precedence over the more theoretical - to their way of (skittish) thinking on the subject - consequences of not calling him on it.  

But we need to look at that; if we are going to be able at all to look at ourselves, ever again.   Consider.

You can't run a country based on fear of what some segment of the populace may or may not do if it doesn't get its way regardless of what's right or what is wrong.  You have to do what is right in the matter.  And what is right in this matter is not to give in either to denial or to the threats of demagogues, trying to stir up trouble.  

Now, I know that the Left has championed, as part of its relativist philosophy - having declared God dead - the concept of what is called 'situational ethics', i.e., that there is no absolute right or wrong, it all depends on the circumstances.  But it does not.

Lying, cheating, stealing - these are wrongs in themselves; are low consciousness qualities.  Sometimes, one may think, they are 'right' if they are employed to 'good' ends.  But that is to live by the philosophy that the end justifies the means; and that is the philosophy of every tyrant that ever strutted the stage of life down through the ages.  I  implore you, American Citizen: Don't go there.  That is extremely dangerous territory.  Once started down that road, it is painfully difficult to stop.  Don't give in to such siren songs in the first place.  You will inevitably crash on the rocks of compromise with your personal integrity.

Which is all that you have, to carry you into the New - the New World, now beckoning us.  Whether you relate to the idea of a Galactic Alignment - a reset point - or not .  For the old forms of life on Earth are crumbling, regardless.  We see it all around us; in particular in the form of the monetary system, no longer 'fit for purpose'.  And in the terrible pollution of our environment, under the current way of doing things.  And war, and the rumors of war; with the sorts of weapons at humanity's command these days.  And.  And.  And…

I don't need to spell it out.  We indubitably are at a Turning Point.  And we need to turn to the Light, if we are going to 'make it'.  And I assure you, that  the Light will not countenance such qualities as lying, and cheating, and stealing.  Those sorts of qualities cannot exist in the Light.  They only exist in places of darkness.

Relative.  Or not.

So, the crux of my message:

Obama is embodying qualities that will not withstand the Light of Ascension.  It is another's job to take America into The New - to honor this nation's founders, and then to release those bonds willingly, with respect, in order for her now to fly; like releasing the sandbags that have kept America anchored in the rule of law, as we now metamorphose into our new form, for our, and all of humanity's, New Era.2

I volunteer for that job.  With the support of those willing now to make this step into that New Order of Things.

And those who don't choose to join this major Opportunity, will just have to wait their turn.  When they qualify, with the right qualities imbued in their being.

It is each person's choice.  And responsibility.  No one else will, or can, do it for you.

The time of such choosing is Now.  


1 in relation to the concept that energy follows thought.

2 I have to admit that I have little patience with left-wingers.  They have the gall to argue for the Constitution when it suits them, yet they are the big wreckers of that document, in  trying to turn it into 'a living document,' as they call it.  A meaningless contract, in other words.
     And yet, it was also a right--winger who called it "just a damn piece of paper".  So, hypocrisy is as hypocrisy does.
     And having said all this: When humanity aligns with its spiritual purpose, and brings the higher qualities of consciousness to bear: it's a whole new ball game.  A 'ball' game, that both the Right AND the Left have had an intimation of, in their terrestrial perspectives, and political positions. The Right, in honoring the individual; and the Left, in honoring the collective.  We go Up in both categories of being.
     It's the way we do it that matters.  And makes it even happen.


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