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Still At It...

Am still troubled by the heist of America.  Came up with this today; posted at Oathkeepers, under a blog entitled 'BenghaziGate: Keeping One's Eye On The Ball' - Elias Alias - Nov. 14th 

(My comment Dec. 5th:)

Thank you for your info about treason.  And speaking of "the overthrow of Government," and "(t)reason ignored is abetting treason":

The man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is illegal, according to the Constitution.  (He may even be an illegal alien, for all we know.)  By being ineligible to hold that thus-dishonored office, he has dragged it down into the gutter, and the rule of law has similarly been disposed of.  He is acting like an emperor; and the American people are, by and large, following suit, as it were, by acting like he has a marvelous set of new clothes on.

So where is the MSM outrage?  Where is the refusal of the Republican Party to go along with this corrupt charade??  I'll tell you about the latter: it is in the crapper.   The Republican Party obviously did a deal with their counterparts in the Democrat Party, to say 'We won't say anything about this NBC business if you don't say anything about it when we put candidates of our own up for Pres or VP who don't qualify.1  A little nudge nudge, wink wink, and the American people won't know the difference between an eligible candidate and an ineligible one; or won't care, with their limited attention span, if we just let it die off their simpleton screens.'  Well, I've got news for you, boyos.  This American citizen knows the difference; and so do a lot of others.  And we're not going to be put off by orchestrated attempts at ridicule about 'birthers'; a tactic straight out of Saul Alinsky's revolutionary handbook 'Rules for Radicals'.  We aren't going away.  We are Americans; citizens of the American Republic.   You handmaidens of an incipient American Empire can go to hell.  And take your illegal office occupier with you; mesmeric Mr. Usurper in Chief.

The man is not fit for command anyway.  He left those four Americans in Benghazi twisting in the wind.  And if he wasn't directly responsible for issuing the stand-down order for their rescue, nevertheless the buck stops at his desk.  So he has doubly defiled the office.  Plus dishonoring it by administering a kill list.  Just like Hitler and Stalin...the list of his 'high crimes and misdemeanors' goes on...

He must go.  Must stand down; or be stood down.  Period.

And the latter scenario is where you Oathkeepers particularly come in.  You are important to the working-out of the former option.  But you are crucial to the latter.  Are you up to the job at hand??2

Time is short.  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

For if not now, when??

Time, for a march on Washington of The People, Assembled - led by Oathkeepers, and closely followed by Article Twoers and Tenth Amendmenters and Second Amendmenters and Tea Partiers and those Occupy Movement people who understand what is really going down from the Elite People Controllers, and those unaffiliated members of The People who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore - to stay there, in nonviolent civil disobedience, gathered for a redress of their grievances (with their ranks rotated as individuals need to return to their 'civilian' lives), until the Usurper vacates the office (under the pressure of signs saying, simply, We Go When You Go); also there to dissolve their Congress - for not doing its constitutional duty to keep an eye on a rogue Executive (and being an accessory to and after the fact of the usurpation that has taken place) - and to appoint an Officer OF The People (Art. II, Sect. 1), who will oversee an orderly transition of power back to the rule of law in the nation, i.e, its Constitution.  Which has been dragged in the dirt long enough.



1) Both political parties (mostly the Democrats) tried eight times between 2003 and 2008 to start a constitutional amending process going through Congress on this very issue, of the NBC requirement for the presidency.  They failed even to get it out of committee each time.  So obviously, they got together and - with their control of the MSM between them - decided to do an end-around of the Constitution, and The People; brazenly arrogating to themselves the power to pull the heist off.
     Will they get away with their daylight-robbery crime?  It remains yet to be seen. 
     And P.S. on this note: the Republicans are already gearing up to put some candidates forward for either office who are likewise not eligible.  If they get away with it: that's it.   That's all she wrote.  And the U.S.S. Constitution sinks ignominiously to the bottom of the sea of corruption.  Whereas now, she is still afloat.  Limping.  But not hulled.  Still capable of being put back in action.  By a crew good and true.

2) I say 'you' because, although I served for two years in the Army, I did not see active duty.  (Was a c.o., with a tour of duty in Korea, post-uneasy Armistice.)  And so I don't consider myself as fully qualifying for the the term 'Veteran' as it is normally understood.  
     But I'll show up for duty; all 78-year's young of me.  Itching for action.  As it were.


...but to show that I haven't reverted to some war-like part of me; this also.  From a thread to an article at wnd (WorldNetDaily) by Larry Klayman entitled 'Why I Am …A Defiant Zionist' - Nov. 30

Larry, Larry, Larry: You are a good man, have done a lot of good works, and will continue to do so, for that is who you are.  But your Jewish brain is getting in the way of your rational mind.
Take another look at the whole picture.  Not just from your current narrow Zionist perspective.
There's a larger world out there, Larry.  And stop with the nonsense about whose side "the real God in heaven is on".  I assure you "the real God in heaven" has no love for war.  That was a tribal god of one faction of warring tribes in that part of the world; who all need to come to their senses, and join the modern world, with modern understanding of humanity's roots in various superstitions, and of a fantastically greater Mind behind the whole of Creation than one that would have love of war.  Rather, would have love of the kind of progress that the heart brings.    
Calm, rational reason, Larry.  That's the ticket to the future.  Not old sores, and wounds.  Been there.  Done that.  Time to move on, and up.     

--  Dec. 1
  • Alexander Gofen
    "There's a larger world out there" - a nice islamic world there - and already here - and soon everywhere... We all just submit nicely and listen false peace agitators, dhimmies and islamic agents of influence, and everything will be all right.

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  • avatar32.jpg
    What a joke. calm, rational reason. How can you have that with most of the Arab world wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. You can't reason with them. Get real man.

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  • noavatar32.png
    And, WHY do they feel the way they do, Rick (and Alexander)?

  • Nothing happens in a vacuum.

  • A journey needs to take place there.  The older generation seems paralyzed in their positions.  It is therefore up to the younger generation to start engaging in dialogue. And tempus fugit.

  • We are moving into the 2.0 version of this world anyway.  And just IN time, by the looks of it.

  • To say: hasn't anyone explained to you yet that We Are All One?  And this Middle East business is just part of the drama that humanity has engaged in, and is about to leave behind??  Because it's time to???

  • Ask the younger generation; they'll tell you.  Because it's what they came in for.  Chose, to come in for.  To help in the transition.  Let's let them get on with the job.  And join them, when we wake up, and leave the matrix that has been created for us, to wallow in all those low-consciousness emotions that low-conscious entities thrive on.

  • Claim your higher self, friend.  You'll be glad you did.  While you still had time to.   
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