Friday, 21 December 2012

Words Fail

 I have just read in my emails where a judge in Florida stunningly ruled today in an Obama eligibility case - where the plaintiff was clearly within the state law to bring the case; so there was no issue regarding 'standing' - quote:

"Since the United States Government declares this man to be president, this court will not dispute it.  Case dismissed."

Let me run that explanation of a decision in a court of law in America through your head again:

The fact that the federal government says by its actions - or to say, more precisely, its inaction - that Obama is eligible to be president is more than enough for a judge in an American court of law to so rule.

And so the government is, ipso facto, on his shoulders.

Not in my book, Judge.  Or my reality.

Wars have been fought over lesser injustices, Judge.

And I do not find it difficult not to address you as Your Honor.

For you have no honor.

There is only dishonor here.

Including to the office of the American presidency.

And to the American Constitution.

To the rule of law, Judge.

The rule of law.

Without which, there is anarchy.

Which breeds tyranny.

Shall I spell it out for you again, Judge?  The ramifications of what you have just ruled, as to the reasoning by which you ruled it??

The United States either lives by the rule of law, or it succumbs to despotism, born of anarchy.

Anarchy being a state of no rule of law.

May the consequences of your decision rest on your shoulders, Judge.

No one else's.  Except those of your brethren in 'the law' who have, similarly, flouted the law that they had been invested to uphold.

But none so blatantly - so clearly; so without a smidgin of mitigation (as in at least passing judgment on the judicial issue of 'standing', or in consideration of the ruling of another court, as flawed as that judicial ruling may have been) - as you.

Who have ruled in a way that will live in infamy.

'I wash my hands of this injustice - er, matter.  Nothing to do with me.'

Ah.  But it did, Judge.

It did.

Because it came right your way.

And you failed the test.


Words fail.  Except when they enlighten.


Dec. 22:
Obamaballotchallenge: 'The judicial grinch who stole due process - FL Obama Election Challenge' - Dec. 22  -  George M
Larry Klayman (for plaintiff Michael Voeltz) up against Judge Kevin J. Carroll of the Circuit Court for Leon County, FL 

  1. 012030567e61b6600dd654b949b489b3.png

    We will not receive any justice from this criminal cabal that is the government.

  2. What is it going to take to physically remove the illegal usurper from the whitehouse?

  3. PeoplePower, 3 hours ago

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    Stay the course, Mr Klayman. Stay the course. 

  5. Let them dig the hole as deep as need be, to root them all out, when Justice is done in this nation. As it will be.

  6. As it will be.

  7. Stan, moments ago

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