Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Message For Today

Sunday 23 Dec. ab. 12:15pm

An interesting message - from wherever - I finally1 woke up with today:

"If you have been victimized long enough, and are ready to move forward, do so at this time."

Victimized???  I don't feel like I'm a victim.  Not that I know of…and then shortly afterwards, sitting on the can, and finding myself remembering (images/memories) times earlier in my life/on my current path when I didn't 'perform' very well, didn't behave to my fullest potential, and cringing about each one - as I find myself doing often; a pet idiosyncrasy of mine ("Stupid, stupid.  How embarrassing;" and I shake my head at the memory and make a little self-disgusted sound) - I thought, in the light of my morning's 'message', that it may all have been invoked - by me - in order for me to know what it's like not to be/feel at one's highest, so that I could understand humanity better; sympathize more - empathize - with them and their plight, of being cut off from their spiritual roots, to varying degrees (depending on their advancement along their personal path) while in this dense 3D environment.

So: my message - to myself?? - on/for the 3rd day of the 3-day 'Ascension' window, of the 21st-22nd-23rd of the 12th month of 2012.  The Winter (Northern Hemisphere) Solstice of this year itself: the 21st;  2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11 being the 'number' of Illumination.  

(Nothing in particular happened for me on the 21st.  Or the 22nd.  Last night, the soles of my (stockinged) ) feet2 felt somewhat warm.  But that could have been occasioned by my having read of other people's physical experiences over the past couple of days, one report of which was about the soles of her feet being very hot overnight.

Also, I have been a touch nauseous a couple of times the last day or so; another reported symptom of 'Ascensionitis'.  But again, energy could have been following thought.)  

Thus, things still to unfold.  But a 'gift' from one of the blogs that I follow: one of the posters to a blog from yesterday gave a link to an article on crop circles, which I just got around to checking out today ( and which divulged the information that there have been some 'crop circles in the sky' in the last few years, that then came about on the ground/imprinted in a field.  The examples given being including of the solar system as it would be on Dec. 23, 2012 (the first of these was in 2003).  Now, why the 23rd, rather than the Solstice itself on the 21st???…

So, I still maintain an open mind to all this.  Besides my own inner feeling: that I did not incarnate at this time to waste my time.  That I am here to help bring in a New Age.  The New Age.  Ringing in the new.  A new, post-money era.  Where we live in harmony with each other, and with Gaia, our home away from Home.  And I have subsequently found some people talking about Gaia and Us moving up into the 5th dimension; where that sort of consciousness prevails.  No; Is….

So.  We'll see.



1 I have found myself sleeping later into the mornings these days.  I used to get up betw. ar. 9 &10:30; then it started to be betw. ar. 10:30 and 11:30.  (Going to bed anywhere betw. 12:30 and 2:30; once after 3am.  Reading through my emails - of which I take too many -  or doing some reading in one of the many books/magazines that I have 'going'.  I like information.)  But the last couple of days it has been more towards noon.  And other 'New Agers' have reported sleepiness as well at this particular time.
     Our human systems are supposedly undergoing at this time a change from 3D carbon-based to crystalline-based solar Light bodies; also from 2-stranded DNA to twelve-stranded.  The latter our real birthright, before it was altered.
     Don't ask.  The telling would take too long, here.

2 it's cold at night these nights, and I have no heating, except the good old 'layers' system; that I learned about first-hand living in the north of Scotland for many many years


P.S.  And subsequent to this posting, I have come to realize that yes, I am a victim; in the sense that We Are a victim, and as I identify with Us/Humanity.  As was put in another blog, that I came across this late afternoon:

"Syria is a victim. Iraq is a victim. Afghanistan is a victim. Palestinians are victims. They are victims of totalitarian terrorism by the Globalists and Zionists."

To say: We are all victims of a world so caught up in a particular economic system that we can't see the forest for the trees; that has created so many injustices that it is all coming to a head - fortunately.  And so, now I can see more clearly what my message of this morning was - could have been - all about.  And so my answer is:

Yes, indeed: I, as one of Us - and in my identity as the I that is We (as in how We Are All One) - have been victimized long enough, and I Am ready to move forward; and choose to do so at this time..

And I am sure that I speak for us all, in that regard.  All of us, that is to say, who are ready to move out of the Old, and into the bright-lit uplands of the New; where those who seek 'power over' give way to those who live by 'power with', in alignment with the Love that the Whole Thing is powered by.

And what a difference such a New Day will make.


And P.P.S.  I personally like what Alan Cohen said to this Dec. 2012 Solstice business, on its eve (about which he didn't expect anything "dramatic" to happen; being, with Ram Dass, more in The Now business):

'Over millions of years of reaching for more, the human race has arrived at a point where we are ready for better."

Just so.  Which comes - causally - from within.


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