Friday, 14 December 2012

Somewhat At A Loss For Words

I have just finished watching a series of 7 videos of a 'forensic profiler', name of Dr. Andrew G. Hodges, dissecting Barack Obama, based on his own words - from his own first autobiographical book, various speeches since assuming the office of the presidency, and some presentations.  The  series is called 'Forensic Profiler Deconstructs Obama's Controversial Birth And Muslim Childhood' (it was posted on Cdr. (Ret.) Charles Kerchner's blog).  Dr. Hodges has written a couple of books on this matter; the first, regarding one's 'Super Intelligence', about 'this matter' in generic terms - of one 'giving oneself away' on a subliminal level - and the more recent one specific to Obama, entitled 'The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury'.

Yes, one needs to be very careful in this general area, of trying to analyze someone from their public 'profile'.  But a lot of what this 'expert' has to say rings true, for me.  And the case he makes is that Obama is a very troubled, and wounded, person, trying to let the public know that about him, without saying it in conscious words, rather unconsciously.

After watching these videos, I have compassion for the man.

What I would like to do - confession time here - is help him get off the hook, by saying to him, gently, "I'll take over now," and letting him get the mental help that he needs; while I help America fulfill her destiny, as 'a light unto the nations,'  in leading the world's way into its New Age.  Its Golden Age.  Its Great Turning.  Which Obama can't do, being conflicted with his lifeline.

For whatever all reasons, this man was destined to be in that position at this time - in that terribly conflicting situation; as an illegal president of the nation, undercutting the Constitution of the United States, and which he knows full well that he is doing.  And in a way, has been appealing - to the media; to an 'opponent', like Donald Trump; to whomsoever - to help him out of the situation that he has gotten himself into.  Has been put into, by whatever all forces command these sorts of human events.

I don't pretend to understand it all.  All I know, is that Humanity is now facing a major Change.  A major Opportunity; full of Hope - to break free from its past, and enter uncharted territory.  Part of Obama knows that; and wants to help America, and the world, get there.  But he is - as I say - conflicted with his past, and is feeling in over his head.  And that is because the future is not one either of the classic Left or the classic Right.  And he doesn't know how to get there from here.

I could tell him.  But that won't solve his problem; help him deal with what is on his personal plate.  He has other matters to attend to.  Matters relating to his gestation period, and birth, and subsequent dysfunctional family situations.  In other words: karmic matters.

See, now that we are 'here' - where Obama helped us to get to; in developing to a head conflict between the Left and the Right in human politics; and thus the energy clash of 'thesis' and antithesis', leading, now, to the Opportunity of an historically concluding stage of final Synthesis - America and the world need help from other sources; 'higher places', as it were.  That's where people like me come in.

We were born to the job; of taking the world into its Ascension stage of spiritual development.  Where we now leave the 3D drama behind - the age-long historical timeline - recognize it for what it has been, and ourselves for what we have been in it - both as players on that stage, and as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' of separation and duality - and graduate from this school of 'hard knocks' and into the next level/dimension/frequency/sphere of the ongoing exercise, in 'exploration into God' - into returning to our ultimate Home, in total Unity with our Father/Mother God, the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  And in this next step of that process, we need to merge elements of our 3D experience into our 4th and 5th Dimension destination.  Thus, there is a straddling period, as we move, e.g., out of the current financial system (before it collapses anyway, from its 'internal contradictions'; another story) into a new system of exchange (which eliminates the profit motive, and the huge disparities in 'income' on the planet, and into a sharing of goods and services with each other - and giving of our best in the process - out of a higher motive; out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning), and eliminate the world's reliance on fossil fuels for its energy needs, with various free energy devices just waiting in the wings to be activated; and so forth and so on1 -  an era that Obama is not involved in helping humanity move into, beyond the position he did take, of leading the charge into this new, improved version of human society from the Left.  Those positions are now to be released, as 'the new' comes into being.2  And that requires new leadership.

For which I offer myself.

And part of which involves the recognition of our Galactic and Celestial 'neighbors', who have been cheering us on silently from the wings, and are here to celebrate with us our coming of Age. (Their entrance more directly onto the 'stage' of our experience has been called Disclosure; aka Contact.)   And part of which also involves the inevitable fact that some souls will not be spiritually ready for this transition into this new; and will have to be released, to go to another 3D place reserved for them - to continue to work on their soulular development - while the rest of humanity moves on up the spiral stairway to the heavens at this special time.

And just in time, by the looks of many things going on on dear old Gaia; Who ascends with us.  Or rather, we ascend with Her, as She, too, goes through Her metamorphosis into Her fuller expression of Her Self, as a sentient being clothed in the body of a planet.  As we have been sentient beings clothed in the bodies that we have taken on, to engage in this process.

The process, of God meeting God; and welcoming the Return.



1 until we take fully on our Light bodies in this transition, and no longer need food and such fuel anyway; functioning rather on a higher level of being.  Wherein and whereby, for example, we can travel instantaneously - wherever we want to go - by thought power (there is no time beyond the 3D matrix; All is Now); and can choose to eat certain foods, if we wish; but that is simply out of memory of 3D life, is not the way we access energy in our Light bodies.
     But all of that will be uncovered as it needs to be.  For now, we have to release the present imperfect stage of development, and move into the Synthesis stage of the operation.
     Call it Operation Ascension.  Happening, as we speak.

2 It will become clearer that 'the Democrats' and 'the Republicans' - the 'left' and the 'right' of politics - both have had elements of the final stage of human development embedded in their essences, but neither had the whole; being part of the process, not the end result itself.  The Right could be best be characterized, perhaps, as the champion of the individual - free enterprise, and all that personal development stuff; and the Left could best be characterized, perhaps, as the champion of the collective, emphasizing the spirit of cooperation over competition; as we Humans move out of separative consciousness into unitive consciousness.  But in the 'correct' way: honoring the individual, as a sovereign entity, with a soul.  Not overwhelming the individual by a state power.
     The future runs on Love.  Not Force.  The latter being precisely what we are now leaving behind. That day - that period, and place, of experience - done.
     It's time for the Upper Grades.

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