Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Bottom Line

God spoke to me too
Eileen.  And the message read -
The Most High said:
You are Mine.
Must save itself:
To prove itself
To itself
And to its Source
From whence it came.

And I, their Leader
Will follow
With no shame.
But with pride
In my pride
From whence I came too.

For you see
We Are One
And what is done to You -
And by You -
Is done to Me
And by Me too.

And now our work is done
On this level -
This special level -
Of the stairway to Heaven:
The first rung.

That song now sung.
The song
Of Sol a Man.

That Creation
Returning now
From whence We came
For the First Time.


P.S.  And while on the subject of God; this, occasioned by a rant from Larry Klayman on wnd, re: 'Why I Am A Defiant Zionist'  - posted Nov.30 (in response to the U.N. vote on giving Palestine state observer status).  My response today/on 1 Dec.:

Larry, Larry, Larry: You are a good man, have done a lot of good works, and will continue to do so, for that is who you are.  But your Jewish brain is getting in the way of your rational mind.
Take another look at the whole picture.  Not just from your current narrow Zionist perspective.
There's a larger world out there, Larry.  And stop with the nonsense about whose side "the real God in heaven is on".  I assure you "the real God in heaven" has no love for war.  That was a tribal god of one faction of warring tribes in that part of the world; who all need to come to their senses, and join the modern world, with modern understanding of humanity's roots in various superstitions, and of a fantastically greater Mind behind the whole of Creation than one that would have love of war.  Rather, would have love of the kind of progress that the heart brings.    
Calm, rational reason, Larry.  That's the ticket to the future.  Not old sores, and wounds.  Been there.  Done that.  Time to move on, and up.    


--  Dec. 1
  • Alexander Gofen
    "There's a larger world out there" - a nice islamic world there - and already here - and soon everywhere... We all just submit nicely and listen false peace agitators, dhimmies and islamic agents of influence, and everything will be all right.

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  • avatar32.jpg
    What a joke. calm, rational reason. How can you have that with most of the Arab world wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. You can't reason with them. Get real man.

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  • noavatar32.png
    And, WHY do they feel the way they do, Rick (and Alexander)?

  • Nothing happens in a vacuum.

  • A journey needs to take place there.  The older generation seems paralyzed in their positions.  It is therefore up to the younger generation to start engaging in dialogue. And tempus fugit.

  • We are moving into the 2.0 version of this world anyway.  And just IN time, by the looks of it.

  • To say: hasn't anyone explained to you yet that We Are All One?  And this Middle East business is just part of the drama that humanity has engaged in, and is about to leave behind??  Because it's time to???

  • Ask the younger generation; they'll tell you.  Because it's what they came in for.  Chose, to come in for.  To help in the transition.  Let's let them get on with the job.  And join them, when we wake up, and leave the matrix that has been created for us, to wallow in all those low-consciousness emotions that low-conscious entities thrive on.

  • Claim your higher self, friend.  You'll be glad you did.  While you still had time to.   

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