Friday, 25 January 2013



I woke up today angry.  It was about a name.  The name was: Harrison J. Bounel.

Who is, or was, Harrison J. Bounel?

Answer: No one apparently knows.  For this name is, apparently, an alias.  An alias, used by one Barack Hussein Obama.

The name appears under the same Social Security number (and home address in Chicago) that the man who these days calls himself Barack Hussein Obama uses.

The Social Security number that appears to be a fraudulent one.  Because it can't pass the country's E-Verify system.

And in point of fact, there are a number of Social Security numbers that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama has used.

We are, then, talking about identity fraud.

identity theft.

Which has led to an impostor sitting in the White House.


You are letting someone be your president who has been living a lie.  Has been living his life under a stolen identity.

The real question here is not what is wrong with him.

The real question here is what is wrong with you??

Will the real Harrison J. Bounel please stand up?

Oh.  That's right.  He can't.  He's a phantom.

But his Social Security number can apparently stand up in courts of law in the United States, as the Social Security number of a man who now goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.  And who has had a number of names in his life.

And Social Security numbers.

And has a Selective Service registration card on file that has proven to have a fraudulent date stamp on it.  And so a felony has been committed right there.

And who has posted a birth certificate that has also proven to be fraudulent.

Got that, America??

A forgery.

Not worth the paper it is poorly printed on...

This is a tawdry affair.  It must not be allowed to go on.

The man is a liar.  A cheat.  A thief.  And to crown it all: a usurper of the honorable, and thereby dishonored, office of the presidency of the United States.  It is unseemly.  It is an insult, to the office, and to the people of America who wish to live under the rule of law.  Not under the rule of a tyrant, and tyrants.  Who are beginning to make their move, of takeover of the country, in many ways.

Gun control.  Voting theft.  The latter including trying to break the United States down, from its basic roots, as a constitutional republic - One Nation, Indivisible - via a policy of multilingualism.

My wakeup call today was exacerbated by a mailing, for my breakfast reading, from the U.S. English Inc. group, outlining measures that are being implemented to force the country into a babel of languages, and cultures.  Into, then, giving up its sense of identity; leading to giving up its borders, and its 'traditional' rule of law - the Constitution - for another set of rules.  More amenable to socialist takeover -

This must not stand.

This is My country.  And that of American patriots, proud of their heritage, as a free and independent nation, with free and independent citizens.  Free from oppressive governmental control.  Individuals, sovereign in their own right.  Not mere chattels of the all-powerful state...

A lawyer fighting all this -  this usurpation of the nation going on, particularly via the Usurper in the Oval Office - finally has her day in court, in mid-February, in a hearing of her case before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Her case, against the legality of Resident Obama to hold that office, and against fraud in the voting rolls in the State of California.  We'll see what kind of decision they make.  On this issue.

And their soul's progression.

Before any further steps in this regard.

This regard, of setting things right in this country.

And therefore, for the world at large.

Waiting, for a better outcome, than civil war, from the deconstructing of the American constitutional republic.

For which some of us citizens still stand.

And will.  Until a better, more perfect union on Earth unfolds.

Not a worse one, than the one we have at present.  Via a United Nations with power from the top down - to say: from the ego level.  Not the transcendent level.

Which awaits us.

If we are up to it.

And we certainly will not be, if we enthrone such qualities as lying.  And cheating.  And theft.

They are of the Old World.

Not the New.

Get with the right agenda, People.

Or face the consequences.

Of following a Deceiver.

Whose Light is of a deceptive kind.

The deceptive kind.

Certainly not of the Most High.

Wishing us well.  As we practice - put to the ultimate test - our free will.

And trusting.  That we will make the right decisions, at this crucial time.

To go Up.

Or fai the test.

And have to start all over again.

Which would be a terrible pity.

Make the right decision, in and for your Self.

For pity's sake.



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