Sunday, 27 January 2013

Down To The Wire

We come now right down to it.

To crunch time.

Firstly: Is it to be the law.  Or lawlessness.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has agreed to hear the case of, in a phrase, Obama v. the Constitution.

May the more legal competitor win.

For this is not about personalities.  It is about the rule of law; or the lack thereof.

It is about Truth.  Or falsity.

And if you are going to go into a civil war-type scenario, climate, would you rather have Truth on your side, or falsity??

Yes; truth can be selective.  But there is also objective truth.  And in this instance, the objective truth is that the current occupier of the office of the presidency of the United States is an illegal occupier.

He may even be an illegal alien, for all that we know; since the birth certificate that he has provided to the public. ostensibly to prove his bona fides for the special, and particular, office that he occupies, does not hold up to scrutiny.*

I have marveled at how so many aspiring prestidigitators on behalf of the man who in these latter days calls himself Barack Hussein Obama have continually counseled the public to 'Look here, look over here - don't look at the pig in the poke itself.  Look - here's the bill of sale.  It has been signed off by all manner of people, so of course it's the real thing.'

Well; in point of real fact: It's not.

So, now we come down to it.

At last.  A legitimate, full hearing before the Supreme Court.  Scheduled for February 13th, I believe it is.  (Who cares about mere details...13th, or 15th.  Citizen, or natural born citizen.  Close enough.  Right?...)

What do I expect of the Justices of the Supreme Court??

I would expect them to do their job, that the karmic peculiarities of life have assigned them to do  To apply the law as it is.  Not as they would individually make it be; or might like it to be.  But as it is.

And of course, the two Obama appointees to the Court need to recuse themselves from these proceedings.  Or be recused; for potential conflict of interest.  So it is down to seven scholars of the law to apply it fairly; to say, in a judicial manner.

Let's see how they handle their august responsibility.

To the law.

To say, in this American instance:

to the Constitution.

To the Constitution.

Before it disappears into the sands of time.

As Humanity moves up onto a new, higher level of Being.

Of consciousness.

From its roots, in its third dimensional experience.

Of making such decisions as this one.

For Good.

Or Ill.

For Right.

Or Wrong.

For Truth.

Or Falsity.

The latter of which sort of quality cannot exist on said higher level, plane, dimension - frequency - of Being.

So it is the sort of baggage that needs to be left behind.

And the sooner, the better.

For we have some work to do; before we make the actual full Ascension itself.

With Gaia; as our home base, in our new 'constellation'.

Those of us who make the grade.

And the rest?

Ah.  Well.  We need to simply Leave them to Heaven.

The Next Time around for them.

Not the equivalent of the First Time - the Zep Tepi - as for the rest of us.

Who have lived our ultimate 3D lives in accordance with, and in alignment with, such qualities as


Your choice.

So it is not just the seven Supreme Court justices who have a major decision to make at this crowning time.

Crowning, of life in a third dimension matrix.

Now going Up.

For some.

Please choose wisely.

We would hate to miss you, on the trip.

The ongoing Journey.  Starting with the next step.

Your next step.



* His mother was not of age to confer automatic, and simple, U.S. citizenship on him at the time of his birth.

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