Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Turning Point

First of all, a posting on a blog at Tea Party Command Center titled 'Social Security Disability Program May Hit Shortfalls by 2016' - blog posted by TPCC Nat'l Director Dee - Jan 27:

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And the Republican Party Congresscritters - who are the ones who are supposed to have been and be looking out for the public's pursestrings - were where during all this corruption going on in this sort of program??

Is that what is called going with the flow; which is what some expert consultants are telling the Republican Party that they should do more of in order to get elected???  By the increasing number of people who are living off of the hard-working taxpayers????

I say Starve the Beast.  (There are ways to keep your income from being automatically deducted on you.)  With representatives in office like the ones that have been in there, Joe and Jill Taxpayer need to start looking out for themselves.  Saying, loud and clear: No more freebies, Folks.  At least, not on me.  Try the Federal Reserve.  They seem to have a Money Tree in there.  But this window is Closed.    


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Speaking of congress-- I want to put the word out that Sean Hannity has a program on Sunday night on Fox. His program this week is called " boom town"  Every one needs to watch it, it's about the spending in Washington, not by congress but rather the elite in Washington.  15 cents of every dollar that goes into Washington stays in Washington. Americans pay about 2.4 trillion dollars into Washington as taxes each year, 15% of that stays in Washington.
Watch the show it may help answer why we have a dis-functional government in all three branches.


But this posting of mine doesn't convey nearly the anger I felt, and feel, regarding this sort of subject.  Frankly, I just never realized how bad things had gotten in this country while I was away.

I had heard a little about some welfare reforms under President Clinton, in the mid-'90s, along the lines of 'workfare not welfare', and was glad to hear about that.  Finally, people would be given some self-dignity, in doing some work for their handouts.  But this current article opened my eyes to the fact of how badly the Disability Program was being mistreated.  I hadn't realized that 'druggies' were on it - and apparently, without much treatment oversight to their situation, if any.

Why should a person who has contemplated drug use, or been on drugs, be given the message that the taxpayers will pay for their 'disability' indefinitely???  

This is crazy.  Has to be clearly an abuse of the intention of the program.

Unless that intention was part of the Cloward-Piven strategy from the beginning: in order TO abuse the program, in order to bankrupt the nation, in order to pick up the pieces and weld the resulting mess into a socialist, totalitarian New World Order.
Whatever the real intention behind this business, of drug addicts being given special privileges, it's almost as bad as the scam that the taxpayers have allowed of their tax money going to pay females to have babies on them.  One after another after another.  

As I have shared before in these pages: Helping families who need a little temporary assistance is one thing.  But no child should be paid for out of the taxpayers' hard-earned income to a female who is on such temporary assistance - on welfare.  She has no business bringing a child into the world that she can't properly take care of on her own; to say, with her partner.  And especially not if they are not married, and the father can just skedaddle from his responsibilities, with nary a thought to them - to the consequences of his actions.

You are corrupting people to do this sort of thing to them.  Making them dependent on 'the government' for life.  Shame on you all who have had a direct hand in this creation of a permanent welfare class; and all, to varying degrees, depending on your attempts to bring sanity to the situation, who have allowed it to continue, even after its horrendous socio-economic results have been out there to see for years and years and years AND YEARS.

This attitude - of 'entitlement'; of dependency - will NOT see people into the New Paradigm.  In point of fact, this attitude - and the corrupting influence behind it - is precisely the sort of thing that will keep people from entering into The New. 

'People' being sparks, aspects of the Divine; personally responsible for their spiritual development, as autonomous beings.  

Not in conditions of servitude to others.  

Whatever those forms of servitude may take. 


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