Wednesday, 9 January 2013

And Still The Responses Come...

…to my postings on the Huffpost site, of a blog on the subject of some right-winger calling for the Chief Justice not to administer the oath of office to the Usurper, or face calls for impeachment himself.  

Desperate times call for desperate measures, for some.  And it could get worse… 

What do I think of the growing animosity in the country, between 'Right' and 'Left'??  

I think it was inevitable, ever since the Left managed to create a sizable political constituency, via targeting (and creating) such categories of people as single moms (& other feminists), illegal aliens, the LGBT contingent,1 students incited/propagandized by a liberal educational establishment to demand their 'right' to an education, and other minority groupings.  People considered as voting blocs.  Orchestrated, to demand their 'rights'.  Not as individuals, to be as free from governmental control over their lives as possible - the kinds of rights found in the American Republic and its Constitution.  But as groups, to be given political power by that self-same, to-become former, government.  From which all blessings, and rights, flow…

Where do I stand in this growing confrontation??

Need you ask???…

There is a larger picture, and context, here, that we will get to - that we need to get to, to move this confrontation, of classic positions, to Resolution, as One Body and Being, to inherit a New Era for all of Humanity.  But in the meantime, this is how I look at it; from a position in particular solidarity with the very put-upon middle class.

Between the good-ol'-boy bankers' network on the Right, who use the federal government, to say the taxpayers' money, to bail them out of their increasingly reckless financial gambles that go south - and then add insult to injury in thumbing their noses at the same suckers by giving themselves nice fat bonuses for their nice fat-cat bodies and perks, instead of having the majority of the bailout funds filter mainly down to Main Street, where it's really needed, and deserved - to the slimy demagogues on the Left who want to hold the gun of government to the taxpayers' heads to pay for the lifestyle of their created constituency, on the Left's way to their desired reconstructed society and its 'redistribution of wealth' socialist scenario - with everybody dependent on the state for their welfare - Joe and Jane Average are getting it from both sides.  And they are rightly mad as hell about it, and should rightly say 'To hell with this nonsense, I'm not going to take it anymore,' and mount a tax revolt.  To starve the beast, that is ''eating' them out of house and home, and family institution.  

And they had better mount their revolt right quick.  Because there is a decided gleam in the eye of the Usurper.  As he makes his move to smother their ability to fight back against the government - against the kind of government that he wishes to impose on them; given his political leanings and background, as indication of his intentions.  His intentions, as a 'leader' now freed to a large extent from the chains of the Constitution; governing by the likes of Executive Orders, with a pusillanimous Congress at his beck and call.  Some yapping at his heels from the fringes of the Republican Party representatives of The People in the Congress, but nothing really to worry about.  The Mainstream Media will take care of them; sidelining them with snickering labels of 'birthers' and 'tea baggers' and such…the old Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' ridicule-your-enemy at work and play...

The battle between the so-called red states and the blue states is heating up, to near boiling point now.  And I don't think that the red-state patriots of the Republic as it was are sufficiently aware of the extent that the blue-state socialists for 'the New Soviet Order' are ready and waiting for them to make their move.  It's like the November 2012 elections: the Right was lulled into thinking that they had an excellent chance of taking back control of the country from the top.  Whereas the Left had quietly put their operation into place, and had the presidential vote nearly sewed up already in the early-vote arena of the battle.  Along with having quietly arranged for the eliminating of the military vote; and having taken control (through their servicing contracts) of many of the nation's electronic voting machines.  

The latter being the way that the Right stole the election of 2004.  (Think Ohio.)  And from which the Left learned much…It's one thing to organize the dead to vote, and get people out to vote early and often, and pre-stuffed ballot boxes, and such classic techniques of voting 'irregularities' .  But this electronic voting machine business; that's some good stuff…

And they were all ready to go with their theft of the election, before the rubber hit the road.  And not a word about it did the Right seem to hear, or even grow uneasy about, when they got no warning about the attack, from their designated leaders; who were apparently asleep at the switch of tactics of the opposition.  An opposition steeped in 'community organizing'.  


So much for a certain amount of karma, playing itself out.  But now, the pendulum needs to be stopped from swinging all the way to the further reaches of the Left.  Because there lie dragons. 

In short: The nation needs to be saved from itself, before it sinks into the hands of a dictator, and suffers such an ignoble fate, from the high expectations with which it was christened, to begin its journey among the nations of the world of humankind.  

I for one will not let it experience such an ignoble fate.

Indeed: I am here to help see it through these choppy waters that it currently sails in; to a far, far better outcome than that - than either the far Left or the far Right have planned for it, as the flagship of their fleet of nations succumbing to the siren song of their separate versions of a New World Order.  For the world to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.

But Up.       

More on which, anon.  Just to say, for now:

Don't buy into the sales pitch that the current resident of the Oval Office is giving you. 

He doesn't have the whole pitch-er.     

Listen to your higher Self.  You'll get your marching orders from there.

And so will we all.  Sooner.  Or later.

Your choice.

As always.


1) This is a particularly despicable story.  Not the political radicalizing of the LGBT community itself; but the creation of it.  All these gender anomalies that have been going on for far too long now - in the considerable amounts that they have been - are the product of a deliberate seeding of the environment with gender-skewing chemicals, and other measures.  Consider: the fetal brain is 'sexed' at a particular, early stage of pregnancy (ab the 10th week, as I recall), by the levels of hormones in its hormonal bath.  This is independent of the genetic sex.  Thus, male brains can be 'wired' into female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like trannies.  This outcome can be the result of damaged adrenals in either the pregnant female or the fetus or both; of gender-bending plastics - known as endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics - in the waterways; of simple stress (more homosexuals are known to be born in the wake of wars, e.g.).  But perhaps most importantly, is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus - or perhaps such regard has, indeed, been forthcoming. 
     Who would do such a thing?
      Our erstwhile Controllers.  Many of the powerful and wealthy families, in many countries, who feel that there are too many 'useless eaters' on the planet, and so wish to eliminate as many of them as possible - by any means necessary.  Which philosophy also includes wars.  And infertility agents in vaccines.  And.  And…
     We are being had, by experts in the trade.  Of the likes of eugenics.  And outright genocide.  
     It is no accident.  It is all part of their strategic, desired scenario.  Of People Control. 
     As for the development  of the LGBT community specifically: that has served a dual purpose.  1) the creation of another minority group, to undercut the existing order of things, in order to install a utopian socialist regime - a socialist New World Order (with the classic family unit replaced by the state); and 2) an undermining of baby-making.
     It's all in the literature.  Organized, and implemented.  While Many Slept.  And were deliberately put to sleep.  By fun and games.
     News time: It's no longer a game, folks.  And it's not going to be much fun, to alter this ship's direction.  But it needs to take place.  For it's on a deadly course.
     Which History has told us about.  Over and over and over again.
     But never as important as this time.
     This EndTime.

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