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Somebody Needs To Do Something About This - Part II

A couple of days ago I posted a blog entitled 'Somebody Needs To Pay', about a youngish black woman who has 15 kids from at least 2 different daddies, the last resident in the house of whom has now been sent to prison, and the mother is expecting 'the government' to pick up the tab for her rent and their upkeep, education, etc etc etc.  It reminded me of other things that Somebody Needs To Do Something About.  One of them involves the curious matter of the Sandy Hook affair:

from teaparty.org: 'Biden: W.H. readies 19 executive actions  on guns' - Jan. 15

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University
I am still waiting for some journalistic, or congressional, action on investigating the curious discrepancies in the Sandy Hook shooting story: the boy used a rifle, no, it was found in the trunk of the car; he was alone, no, there were reports of more than 1 person involved; a particular little girl was one of the announced victims, no, she was in the photo op with Obama; some parents - or people identified as parents - acted strangely, with the suspicious emphasis on 'acted'; etc etc. Whatever happened to investigative journalism in this country? Someone needs to interview all the teachers and at least some of the pupils regarding what they saw/heard/know about this affair. Something's not right about it; and here it is, being used to put more restrictions on the American people to defend themselves against a potentially tyrannical government. The American people need to demand answers to these serious questions. How about it, teaparty.org: organize a petition for people to send to their congresspersons asking for answers to these (and other) serious questions regarding this matter to be forthcoming?:


And something else that Somebody Needs To Do Something About:

from 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?: '9/11 Conspiracy Finally Solved!  Names - Connections - Motives' - Jan. 14

kibitzer3 says:

I can hardly wait for all of this stuff to come out in a Truth & Reconciliation process.
I say the latter, because we don’t really have time to play the vengeance game. We need to get on with the business at hand. Which is to rise above all this sort of thing, from ever happening again, and move into the New.
But we DO need to know what has been going down on our watch. It’s all lesson learning. The bottom-line lesson: What immature erstwhile creator gods can get up to, when they lose conscious contact with their Source, and think they are king of the mountain. No; me. No; me. No……
There is no ‘me’ and ‘you’, friend. There is only ‘us’. Fruit from the same tree of Life. Experiencing a semblance of separation, in order to prove ourselves to our Self.


I could go on - including many of the other mysterious shootings going on in America, involving young men who seem to be under some sort of mind control, or just zombied into violence from their meds.  But I actually reached the bottom line above, in pointing out that We Are All One, sparks of divinity from the same Source; and with that recognition - and with the larger, cosmic scheme of things coming to fruition at the same time - it's time to draw a close to the illusion; to the illusory process - i.e., not ultimately real, rather a 'stage' of play-acting - that we have been involved in, in the 3D matrix that we have been embedded in on this planet.  This beautiful planet, now undergoing its own ascension process (in a working-out of the ancient spiritual maxim, of As Above, So Below).

As we leave this 3D vale of tears, and fool's gold, behind - inherit our spiritual birthright - and move up in consciousness to the next step on the stairway to the heavens.

At least, those who can reach that step at this time.

For some, that step may be too big a stretch to manage.  About which, the 'Somebody Who Needs To Do Something About This' is You.

But please don't falter, on the threshold of this major Step, into a Golden Age.  For that is the purpose of the whole exercise.  Not to get stuck in the exercise.

For why would you want to continue merely to play parts in a drama when you can leave the play-acting behind and go for the real thing - the real You???

Think absout it.  And then join the move Up.

But - and as always:

Your choice.

P.S.  And one more in this category.  About it: It speaks for itself.

from WND: "Is This Man The Next President?' - Joseph Farah gets behind non-establishment GOP candidate for 2016" - Jan. 15 

Peter Mutua Alexander Gofen 3 hours ago
Gofen is a birther , a Russian emigrant and a staunch supporter of another Russian birther olive taits, One can understand why these imbeciles are so full of hate......Simple in USSR they could NOT utter a word against anyone , BUT in the good old USA , they can piss on everyone under the guise of the 1st. amendment.

President Barack Obama won the election by beating Romney.  Gofen and Taits , you dont like it .......too bad.
Get used saying President Obama for the next .....1,460 days (4 years)to your chagrin.(How sweet to see you both have sleepless nights)..I am loving it!!
Gofen and Taits are SORE LOSERS.,

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  • kibitzer3 Peter Mutua a few seconds ago
I'm not sure why you are using a left-wing epithet to describe Gofen, Peter unless you are simply a Saul Alinskyite at heart and don't have a legitimate position to stand on in a dialogue on the matter. Personally, I call myself a constitutionalist; and that's what I get that Alexander Gofen is: someone who respects the rule of law. You've heard of it?? 

The Constitution calls for only a 'natural born citizen' to be eligible for the office of the presidency. Any half-way decent check on the definition of that term at the time it was included in the Constitution will show that it was primarily about loyalties/allegiance: that the person who would become also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the Republic would be born of two U.S. citizen parents, so that he would not be in conflict in that regard. Obama should have been called out on his ineligibility for that office - and that particular federal office only, with that requirement; for the reason given above - by the Republican Party in the 2008 election. Apparently they had their own subsequent illegal candidates in mind, and did a deal with the Democrat Party to keep quiet on the matter. But the members of Congress are not the sovereigns in this constitutional republic. The People are; and the Constitution is the law of the land. You may not like that, Mr. Mutua. But that's the way it is. Your man is a usurper, a liar, [and] a cheat. He is also a consummate actor. 

He may be acting like a president. But he is not the president, except in de facto terms. If you think that calling him on that fact is being a "sore loser", I'm really not sure that there is any hope for you, Mr. Mutua. But you seem like an intelligent person; I have to presume that you are just a troll. So why don't you run along and play your troll games somewhere else, and let us constitutionalists get on with rallying to the cause of its saving - before it's too late, and the Usurper has taken the country along with him under the umbrella of anarchy - i.e., destroying the rule of law - as a step towards despotism.

Which we are already well into, under this man's illegal hand. So we just don't have any more time for your form of nonsense, Mr. Mutua. We have a nation to save. Begone with you. Before you REALLY ruffle my bald-eagle feathers.


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