Thursday, 17 January 2013

As Things Heat Up...

...a word of caution, and direction.

from Patriot Update: '47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control' - Jan 17  (orig. from     (Reminder: I  am kibitzer3.  On other sites: kibitzer2.)

Nottakenyan 2 hours ago

America needs a real president------------------------not some Kenyan half-breed!!

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  • IDAHO TED Nottakenyan 2 hours ago


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    • mdblanchard IDAHO TED 2 hours ago

    • I DO NOT want the fake shot. I want him revealed for the fraud that he is and publicly humiliated, tried for treason and imprisoned for life! That way he will have to live the narcissist' torture of knowing he wasn't smarter than the world. Those complicit in this con (believe me there are many) can all hang and be left for the vutures to devour !

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      • John F mdblanchard an hour ago

      • Exactly! A dead president soon becomes somebody's martyr!

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      • madmemere mdblanchard an hour ago

      • Conviction for treason does not bring a "life sentence" - -it brings execution, as does espionage (as in spy), sabotage, etc. If he is proved to be NOT a US citizen, then espionage applies!

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      • Barbara Kurtic-Fugate mdblanchard 2 hours ago

      • Too much money involved. Money, The root of all EVIL!!

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        • KennyB Barbara Kurtic-Fugate an hour ago

        • Its the love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself.

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          • kibitzer3 KennyB 2 minutes ago

          • More precisely, the problem is usury - the making of money on money, rather than in providing goods or services, and thereby the taking of one's eye off the ball, as it were: 'the ball' of money being properly a medium of exchange AND THAT ONLY. The providing of something of value, in exchange for something of value.

          • There is no value in debt. That is a mug's game. If humanity hadn't bought into that game, we would not be in near the trouble that we are in today. We could be simply exchanging goods and services with one another, as brothers and sisters on planet Earth, living in harmony with one another and with Gaia herself. Some differences would undoubtedly have crept in, since that is the nature of 3D existence: a realm of free will, in order to learn lessons, and grow therefrom, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. And so perhaps the introduction of usury/interest-bearing money was a necessary prerequisite, for us humans to discover just how far out of balance we could get, from alignment with our Source, and what the consequences of that imbalance and disharmony could be. 

          • We have certainly learned that one; to the point of threatening our own survival as a species, and in the course of it, threatening at a minimum our near dimension of existence as well, with the terrible toys that we have developed, and the irresponsible ways of being that we have cultivated. A not very good harvest. But we're getting there. 

          • And just as soon as we release interest-bearing money - and its partner in crime, fractional-reserve banking - we'll BE there; with the consciousness that it takes to do so.
            The consciousness, of living in harmony with our loving Creator Source; and passing that quality, and those kinds of qualities, onto those others of Us around us.

          • For the truth of the matter of life is that We Are One Another; just playing, and exchanging, parts in the drama the details of which we have created, in order to learn lessons, and grow in spiritual stature. For, life is a school. And the purpose is to graduate.

          • Not get stuck in the lower grades thereof. The grades, teaching us that - in the greater truth of the matter - We Are One. Now individuated sparks, fractals, holograms of the One Divine Source; on our way back Home. As in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

          • And what a festive occasion THAT will be......

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        • Scott Alan Buss Barbara Kurtic-Fugate an hour ago

        • Money is not the root of *any* evil any more than guns are the root of violence. It is the love of money (and the love of anything above God) that is the root of all manner of evil.

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        • John F Barbara Kurtic-Fugate an hour ago

        • There ya go - blaming an inanimate object for the problem! Just blame greed! Greed for power, control and, yes, wealth! Money, in and of itself, is worthless (especially OUR money )! Only what Man does with it makes it valuable!

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        • edc Barbara Kurtic-Fugate an hour ago

        • No, the "love" of money is the root of all evil.

                                         (...and so forth, in this vein.)

So: A word of caution.  Keep a cool head.  And look to change the basic picture.  Not just consequences of it. 


P.S.  One consequence...

from Tea Party Command Center: 'Site Policies, Sandy Hook Theories and Herding Cats' - by Nat'l Director, Dee - Jan. 17

(she closed down comment on Sandy Hook because she is devastated by the story and wants to be in solidarity with the parents, feeling ''conspiracy theories' about it are a distraction from the fight for Liberty and Freedom...)

Permalink Reply by susan rajchel 1 hour ago
Have you seen the videos of the Parker man laughing and then getting himself ready to take on character.  He did not know he was being filmed before he turned into a grieving parent.  the media has not allowed much to be seen but their statements have all turned up to have different scenarios especially the gun in the trunk The one they are banning now that was not even used. I have watched,researched and listened to all reports of the shootings all over the country, they all have the same mo except this time the evil ones sunk beneath the level of satan by going after toddlers and children. I call congress, petition get on radio shows besides post.  you are a good person Dee but the media is controlled by the Corporation elites.  You cannot believe anything they say, it is all propaganda. We have to post the truth so you can get the realllllllllll truth out,I grant you some is stretched but only God knows and hopefully our prayers are heard and he delivers us from this tyranny.

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Permalink Reply by National Director, Dee 51 minutes ago
Do we not have bigger fish to fry???
Permalink Reply by Zorek Richards 37 minutes ago
Yes we do. And there is ZERO evidence that any of the SH theory is true outside from a badly edited video on youtube. Its funny people will claim the media is out to get them, but when they see a youtube video..its like "Yeah...thats true."
Welcome to the internet folks.

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Permalink Reply by tbPatriot 1 hour ago
RESPECT = Response Executed Serenely Pleases Everyone Communicating Truthfully
lack of respect is generated in our society by those who banter wildly without truth.
the society lacks this respect due to the gloating and bloating of the politicians and media mouthpieces who blend a partial truth rather than speak the truth through logic.
the morals of our society have been replaced by immoral apeasement so that we do not attempt to correct the immoral path as it drains the respect from our culture.
1 Peter 3:15 English Standard Version (ESV)  “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,”
Permalink Reply by Daniel C. Brown Jr 58 minutes ago
Dee . With all due respect. Do you remember Colombine ? Do you remember how we saw it. Did you see the vt shooting. Or the court house in Atlanta. Remember? When I saw this one. I told my wife. I swear on all bibles . I said. SOMETHING WRONG. I said , this looks fake. She ask why. I said it looks to clean. Even Obama and his fake tears.just don't look at one of the u tubes. Look at the Hollywood one to. Look at the one that shows the same girl with Obama that's post to be dead. I don't put nothing pass this president. If this was a worst case sernaryo. And its planned and carried out . Just how sick is the progressive? They will do anything. Steal election. Steal the nation. Destroy this nation. My eyes are OPEN. THIS MIGHT BE MY LAST ONE . He uses the media., holly wood. Unions. The right to free speech . Our liberties. Our rights to bare arms. Obama has no right des don't republicans don't .progressive don't . It's our rights. Not there's to take away. Even the tea party can't either. Just don't believe anything from ABC . CBS . PBS . NBC . They lie and hide to cover up Obama .and yes if you look up some of the guys in the u tube .their in the actor guild? So many lies. Obama to me looked like Hitler with them kids.its sad. Because it stinks to high heaven.

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Permalink Reply by National Director, Dee 50 minutes ago
Do we not have more things to work on than your theories?  Seriously??  They want to grab guns....move forward...
Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
Dee, with all due respect: listen to yourself.  "They want to grab guns..."  And a Sandy Hook is precisely how they're going to do it.  If everything about that event was clear and aboveboard, and made sense, fine; leave it.  But it's a story that won't go away, because it doesn't hold up under closer inspection.  Anymore than 9/11 did.

These are ruthless people that we are up against.  We need to get up to speed with them.  Or they'll swamp us in their wake.

Please quietly, carefully, look at all the anomalies in the story that have been surfaced - including the fact that the DHS was running an exercise in the area on precisely this subject, of 'Emergencies Involving Children'.  Shades of 9/11.  Shades of the 7/7 subway attack in London.  And on and on.  The aunt of the little Parker girl spoke on camera in tears about how little Emilie was such an example "to her big sisters".   The only trouble with that story is that a family photo that someone uncovered shows that her two sibling sisters are younger than her.  The list of uh-uhs goes on.

I, we, hear how you are devastated by the story.  Please do some checking, to see why so many people think that that is all it is: a story.  Created by experts in this sort of thing.  (See Aurora.)  In order precisely to disarm American patriots, and establish a totalitarian New World Order.  Don't let them succeed, Dee.  You of course can post whatever you wish to; it's your site.  But beware of the Kool-Aid.            


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