Thursday, 31 January 2013

There Are Definitions, And Then...

...There Is Sophistry

There may be hope yet.  Hope, that is to say, for the American Republic.  Hope, that is further to say, for the Constitution; and therefore for the avoiding of civil war.  And hope for the optimum Next Steps for all of humanity.

I will explain, in a bit of a roundabout way.  First stop: the purloined presidency.

Left-wingers have either bought into sophistry in the matter of the legal definition of a 'natural born' citizen - naively believing that their sophistic philosophers on the law have the definition of said category right - or they are deliberately, with malice aforethought, ignoring the truth, because they have  bought into the even more sophistic, and therefore more dangerous, notion that the end justifies the means: the philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.

Why they would buy into that notion I don't know.  Nearsightedness, I would guess.  Mere expediency.  For that instrument - that weapon - is a two-edged sword, can cut against them as well, once they have unleashed it from its scabbard.

Which is the role that the Constitution plays in these sorts of matters, keeping such power away from the tyranically-minded.  Which Barack Hussein Obama has certainly proven he is, with illegal administrative appointments and Executive Orders and such.

The latter matter, of executive orders, particularly has gotten out of hand (and undoubtedly thereby had a role in the general exceeding of his executive authority).  I don't here speak only of Obama in this slippery-slope business, towards the outcome warned about by Lord Acton, in his observation that 'Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.  The tool is supposed to be for a particular administrative purpose of the executive, dealing with executive-branch matters.  It has become, in usage, a way for the executive to assume power of the legislative branch of government.  (As in Obama's going around the will of Congress regarding immigration issues.)  That overreach needs to be stopped in its tracks, and the Congress to get off its supine position and take the matter to the judicial branch of government for adjudication.

Proper adjudication, hopefully; and the Supreme  Court's recent striking down of Obama's overreach in the matter of 'recess appointments' is a sign that maybe the current Court is up to the job.

Even though it has been noticeably shy with respect to the matter of The  Constitution v. Barack Obama in regards to the correct, to say constitutional, definition of a 'natural born' citizen.1

A test of the Court's fortitude, and legitimacy, will be with regard to the matter also coming before it of Obama's Attorney General defying the will of Congress in regards to the so-called 'Fast and Furious' matter.2

As these sorts of constitutional matters go - to say, those involving the executive - they are coming fast and furious, indeed.

And about time.

And almost over time.

The preferred outcome, from a constitutional perspective?

Obama has not only been slapped down for executive overreach.  But for ineligibility to hold that particular office in the first place.  And the nation is thereby saved from a civil war.3

Learns all the lessons it can possibly extricate from this exercise.

This exercise, in the use of free will, and the learnings that can come therefrom, in particular regards to the fact that actions have consequences.

And then joins the ascension, already going on of individuals, up to a higher level of reality than the 3D matrix (construct; projection) that humanity has been embedded in for time immemorial - and for long enough.4

Where, first of all, the monetary system that it has been using is allowed to destruct - which it is in the process of doing anyway, as we speak5 - and the world evolves to a system of exchange whereby The People share goods and services with one another - and give of their best in the process -  out of a higher motive than the age-old, less mature, one of profit; out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  And having acceded to  such a stage of consciousness development, we move from old forms of energy production to what are called Zero point, or free energy devices; and 'evolve' in other social ways as well.  All of which creates a climate, a state of being, of Abundance.  Out of which also grows a climate of peace, and joy, and other of the higher qualities.  As we leave the Old World behind.  And inherit the New.

Which is engaged in the process of Ascension as well.  And on which we will, in good time, move out of Time - to say, the strictures of the illusory 3D matrix we are currently still embedded in - and into what is called the 5th dimension realm, where we no longer function in the state of limitation that we do now, and, for example, use replicators to 'adjust' energy to manifest our food; until we no longer even need, or want, to do that.

Having fully assumed - cognized - our real bodies; made out of Light.

And begun to explore the wonders of the Creation.  On different levels.  And parallel universes.  And such.

Exploring the realms of what we have inherited, by no longer being 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Rather, having moved - at last - beyond the human part of 'us'.  And moved fully into the Higher Self part of us.

And Us.

For, We Are All One.

And All IS One.

And all we have to do, to embody that truth, is to figure out how to get there.  And then do it.

And that Way is to leave behind our childish things.  Our toys.  And immature qualities.

Like, say: lying.  And cheating.  And thieving.

And become our true Selves.

It's all - when you come right down to it - a matter of definition.

And acting accordingly.



1 And don't kid with me on this.  I'm very clear what the Framers of the Constitution meant by this term.
     I was there.
     In spirit.  If in no other form.
     And further, to say here that this is not, ultimately, a religious 'thing' either.
     It is a spiritual one.

2 The Obama administration, via the so-called Department of Justice and its Attorney General,  allowing weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartels; ostensibly merely to track them down in their usage, to find out where they are coming from - which the AG already knew - but apparently in reality to try to make a case for a gun grab on the American citizenry.
     Just as this AG was involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, for the same purpose.  But that's another story in itself.
     With roots that go back all the way to 9/11, and THAT intentional atrocity.
     With the nest of vipers who have been controlling things being no respecter of political parties.
     And who will be dealt with accordingly.  That is to say, in part: in a bipartisan manner.

3 To those who say that we will get a civil war either way, I reply: But the Left does not have the Right on its side - literally speaking.  (Figuratively speaking is axiomatic.)  I am saying that Obama and the Left are responsible for the confrontation.  Not the average American citizen, defending his or her country from takeover.
     To the reply, to this placing squarely the cause and fault of the current major confrontation, that the nation needs to change anyway, by hook or by crook, I say: Let's have all the facts of the political matter of our time, and karma, and Truth, out in the open; and then let's see where we go from there.  I think the Left will see that their way, though it is A way, is not The way.
     I am trusting that reason will prevail in this matter.

4 As for the proof of/evidences for this sort of thing - roughly speaking, this 'thing' of a spiritual dimension to the picture of life on Earth: Why should I do your homework for you on the subject?  As I did for myself.  Subjected it to detailed scrutiny.  And I'm not talking about religion.  I'm talking about spirituality - the existence of a greater reality than just the physical realm - and the proofs thereof.
     Sit in your scoffing if you choose to.  But I have a question: How can you live your life without knowing what it's really all about???
     Especially with all the evidences already widely extant that it is about far more than just 'the physical'.
     And as Gandhi said: 'We do not live in order to eat and sleep.  We eat and sleep in order to live.'
     For a purpose.

5 Intentional or not is another issue.  But part of the same scenario going on; of The Taking of America 1 2 3.


P.S. And as for those who try to use the excuse that The People elected Obama to that office: (a) this is a constitutional republic, operating under the rule of law - NOT a 'direct democracy'; and in any event (b) there would appear to be plenty of evidence that many people on the Left voted early and often for him; and engaged in other nefarious voting activity, all of which would be the real reason why the Left didn't and doesn't want voter photo IDs.  (Note: Romney won every state that required such identification.)
     As for the Right: its M.O. on this sort of thing would appear to be more sophisticated than all that 'community organizing,' 'streetwise' stuff: their primary activity would appear to be concentrating on the use of wonky electronic voting machines.  So the Right doesn't get a pass from me on this appalling voting-irregularity business either - the very core of democratic principles.  As opposed to authoritarian regimes, of either the Left OR the Right.
     O America - how you have fallen, in and into the hands of the unworthy.

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