Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In Plain Sight

I think that we should take The Big O at his word.  When he says "We're going to fundamentally transform America," that sounds - given his socio-political background; which was largely hidden from sight during the run-up to his first election, and has largely been kept hidden through his second - like socialism to me, with the threat of communism right on the heels of its boots.1  And when he says "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide," that sounds like a very clear statement, too.  Oh - but wait a moment.  In that context, he also said that his administration was going to have 'transparency' as a major tenet.

As another politician recently famously said very publicly:  "Oops."

It would appear that the Obama (illegal) administration has plenty to hide.

Item.  The Fast & Furious affair.  Obama backs his Attorney General in keeping information from a congressional investigation into the potentially worse-than fiasco, that they are legally allowed to see.

Item.  The Benghazi affair.  Major questions, being stonewalled.  E.g.: What did they know and when did they know it.  And what was that CIA 'safe house', and weapons running, all about anyway, precisely.  And where does the Turkish administration of Prime Minister Erdogan fit into all this, and to what extent.  (Can you say 'Caliphate'???)

Item.  Some 800 FEMA camps scattered around the country.  Not that the Obama (illegal) administration will admit to that number; let alone to what they are really all for.

Or the huge number of coffins having been strategically placed around the country as well.  Or the hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition having been ordered by the DHS...

Outright question, Mr. Obama:2 What all are you hiding from the American people??

If the government is privy to some information about some natural catastrophe heading our way, that they are involved in gearing up for, in emergency and people-control measures, I urge them to let the public know about it.  We are adults; we can take it.  More to the joint: we deserve to know about it.  Or if there is some other reason for all this DHS activity, and subterfuge, going on, we deserve to know about that, too.

After all, it's our country.


Or have you forgotten that too; in your abandoning of one little thing, in your assuming of unitary-executive, imperial-presidency powers.

I refer to the Constitution.

The citing of which, I understand, is one of those things, and references, that has marked one in your administration as being in the class of, quote, 'terrorists,' or 'potential terrorists'.3  Like a person in a country taken over by a totalitarian government - of either the Left or the Right - in the 20th century, Mr. Obama?  Where millions - millions - were murdered, in said takeover???...

Oh - and by the way; that brings up another subject, in your nation of subjects: another 'little matter', this one the one of your DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano, wanting the K-12 youth of the (hopefully "fundamentally transformed") nation to study 'the science of cyber security'.  Just who is it that you are planning on our children to spy on, and the "fundamentally transformed" nation to be protected from, Mr. Obama?  Can one make an educated guess, at this point??

I think so.

And as to such a takeover of this free nation, where the people - as individuals, with individual rights - are the sovereigns, not the subjects of a state entity; be it royal or theological or oligarchical or emperor-like, with clothes or no:

I think not.

I could be wrong.  

Apparently: We will see.  To say: Will have to see.

The hard way.

Well.  It's one way of learning things.

I can think of better.

One of which is to learn from history.

Or be doomed to repeat it.

For make no mistake:

We have been here before.




1 Can you say 'Frank'?  And Barry's professors and friends at Occidental??  And his links whilst cutting his political teeth in Chicago???...

2 It's 'Mr. Obama' on purpose.  As he is - and by his own admission - an illegal president, and thus not eligible for the office, let alone the undeserved title.
     And how come there hasn't been a huge issue made of that by the so-called opposition party in this country.  To what extent is the Republican Party a party to all this subterfuge that has gone on, and is still going on???
     The People deserve some answers.  And stat.  Before Der Tag comes our way; as has happened in other countries, where the average citizens were likewise inattentive to their political responsibilities.  Especially up against determined ideologues.

3 Who can now, via the terms of the newly-renewed NDAA, be held without trial indefinitely, and without access to legal counsel.
     In America???!!!
     Yes.  In America.
     While the public - by and large - slept.
     Thinking such measures were only for the likes of the cultivated-for-the-purpose boogeymen al-Qaeda.
     For 'them'.
     Having forgotten - largely been made to forget - that 'they' are Us.
     That We are all the spiritual offsprings of our Father/Mother God, our Source, the Most High.
     Not to be treated like the cultivated cattle - the shearable sheeple - of temporal gods.

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