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Pet Peeves Now To Be Left Behind

(comment at Natural News: 'Sanjay Gupta and Tom Ridge warn about psychiatric drugs in mass murders' - Dr. Peter Breggin - Jan. 14)

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  • Thank you for your info, Barry. I'm sorry to say that even as 'up' on the effects of fluoride as I am/thought I was, I hadn't heard of your book. Appreciations for the efforts at public alerting you have made in this regard. 
  • It's such a damnable situation. I read Dr. Breggin's book on Prozac in the early '90s, and assumed that with that sort of info available and out there, and with his name clout, things would change. Little did I know of the power of the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - at that time. The same with the outrageous side effects of vaccines: Any halfway intelligent society would have cleaned up these [sorts of] matters long ago. We have been warned for years: Don't trust the government to be looking out for your best interests. It is looking out for the best interests of the vested interests. A revolution is long since overdue, that will put holistic health practitioners like Mike Adams and Russell L. Blaylock and Joseph Mercola and Jonathan V. Wright in the driver's seat. Both main political parties are hopelessly corrupted. They both need to go, 
  • It's time for Change, all right. Big Change. Real Change. Lasting Change. Humanity moving fully into the Light, and out of the valley of the shadow of Death that we have been existing in long enough.
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I am delighted that at last someone is taking note of the fact that fluoridated psychotic drugs make people into killers.

In 1999, I wrote a book called Fluoride: Drinking ourselves to death? in which there was a whole chapter on this phenomenon. No-one took notice; nothing happened.

In December 2012, I published part of that chapter on my blog at It's the only post which no-one has replied to.

If we don't get fluoridated drugs off the market, these abominations will continue. It is not gun ownership that is the problem, it is the greed of Big Pharma and the casual way in which medical practitioners dole out powerful drugs willy-nilly to all and sundry. They are the ones who should be censured!
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This is such a major pet-peeve area of mine, this medical one.  It's felt to such a degree in my being that I could well have been a staunch member of the Hippocratic-oath fraternity - the pure strain of the tradition - in the long ago  It has been such a betrayal of the honorable profession of Medicine, this corruption going on in our time.  Justice must be served; in this area, as in others. 

It is my fervent belief that it will be done.  But how long will it take,for humanity to move out of 3D consciousness, and into the New; the Golden Age prophesied for it??  It IS coming; I can feel it in my bones; as can others,  But it hinges on...what all, precisely, I know not.  I'm not privy to inside info in this regard.

All I know, is that give me the reins of leadership in this country, and one of the very first things to be changed is - will be - this one, of the focus of health care.  Away from the allopathic model - of reliance on drug therapy, and its philosophy of imposition of treatment from the outside onto the body; in a form of sorcery-working - and back to the likes of Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, and herbology, and naturopathy, and homeopathy;* and forward to the likes of what is being called 'energy medicine': all ways to work with the body, and its flow of energy.  

And the way that will come about is with the elimination of the carrot-and-stick profit motive as the 'motor' of the social vehicle, and its replacement with the 'internal combustion engine', the motivating energy, of Love: people sharing goods and services with one another out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

And I'm certainly not talking about socialism, or its Big Brother, communism; both of which curtail our individual free will.  I'm talking about the elimination of the state, and the enthroning of The People, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

Now engaged in the transition from the 3D, human realm of seeming separation, to the 5D, spiritual realm of unity consciousness.  

A huge degree of frequency/vibrational energy further on our way Home, to total Unity with our Source; the All That Is.  About to provide us, in our field of Being,  with the likes of free energy devices for our energy needs.  Before we move completely into that New Era field of higher consciousness, where we won't need such devices; capable, then, of just thinking/visualizing our way to where we wish to go.

But first things first.  First, let's clean up our nest, of such inferior things, expressions of our consciousness, as provided in profit-motlive-based medicine.  And tune into our true needs, and abilities.

Which also requires us to eliminate the effects of, and continued use of, fluoride in our society.  Google 'cleaning your pineal gland' for advice in this regard.  The pineal gland being our antenna for contact with the higher realms.  To even get that there is such a thing.

Another story; for another day.

But soon.  Or Change will be upon us before we are even properly prepared for it.

For Time waits for no man.



* For you allopaths, and sorcerers' apprentices, who believe that homeopathy is nonsense, you need to catch up with modern scientific info about water, and energy.  Hint: Water has memory.


P.S.  I want to acknowledge something here.  To get into it, an explanation: I have been shivering at nights for some time now.  I am living in Southern California, and near the coast at that; but even here it can get cold at nighttime.  (I have been sleeping with my clothes on, and double socks, and my Irish knit wool beanie on.)  I haven't bought a space heater (I live in a cheap flat, w/no central heating), primarily because I have tried to feel some degree of solidarity with a lot of people, who are suffering from the cold this winter.  I have felt that it is the least that I can do, in sympathy, and into empathy, with them.  But the cold has been getting just too much - setting in immediately upon the setting of the sun; and it has been distracting me from trying to concentrate on my reading and writing.  I had been hoping that it wouldn't get any worse, as we arrive at the halfway mark in winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  But last night, it just got too much, and I went out to a nearby cut-rate store and bought a fake-fireplace-looking electric space heater.
     It's called, for whatever reason, a stove heater (the top doesn't get hot; ???   Well; yes, looks are deceiving, in life); and looks very much like the dang thing that our building (former hotel) that I lived in back in the spiritual community that I came from earlier in the year, was forced to install in its Lounge, inside the fireplace that we used to enjoy as the real thing in the winters; all because of some blankety-blank new fire regulations.  Don't get me started on all that.  That's another story anyway.  But I just want to say, here and now - for this purpose - two things.  1) I did a DIY number on it today (minor requirements), and this evening it is working a treat.  And 2):
     The capitalist system has, and has had, some good things going for it.
     Now if it wasn't time for the something new under the Sun that it is......            

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