Sunday, 27 January 2013

Resistance To Tyranny... Obedience to God

a portion of the Comments thread to a blog entitled 'Only Rebellion Can Save America' by Lawrence Sellin - Jan. 27 - carried on Minute Men

Delores109  Cleia Cavalcanti  8 hours ago
Obama wants a Revolution. You have one mind. Give him a Revolution. Judges are observing what Obama is doing, and he has lost two cases, two consecutiive days. Honest Judges respect Our Constitution.....THE RULE OF LAW. We are fighting with our minds. Are you an illegal trying to stir up a Revolution?
Delores Smith

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    catman  Delores109  8 hours ago

    Two cases in four years. Not exactly a stellar record now is it? As for honest Judges, They are in the minority, the very low minority. We have listened to this usurper and phony since 2007 and put up with his actions against our Constitution since 2008. How much longer do we wait for it to end. Every day he gets bolder and bolder. If this continues the "sheeple" will accept all this as the new normal. It may be through a revolution that we gain our country back and again rule by the Constitution as our forefathers intended. This country went to war against the King of England, the most powerful country in the world at that time........and we won. IF we were to go to a revolution again I could only hope and pray it would be quick and as bloodless as possible, but that may not be...........How many true patriots are there out there throughout this land??? How many would be or are willing to give the last full measure of devotion to this country ??? Who will lead us in this fight for survival ??? Many questions and so few answers !!!! It is indeed a sad time in our history. May God be with us and bless us.

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      Guest  catman  6 hours ago

      The moment the citizens of this country attempt to overthrow any sitting government in Washington, the UN and NATO will swoop in from Canada and Mexico and Black Helicopters with Blue Helmeted Thugs will make the fictional theme from the movies "Red Dawn" into a bloody reality. This is what the "New World Order " has been waiting for. This is why NATO still exists, and why America still funds it.
      Our Constitutional Republic will be a myth.
      Try to picture Black helicopters full of Blue Helmeted Troopers, establishing "peacekeeping" districts throughout the country, mandated by a UN peacekeeping resolution, passed and supported by NATO members, Russia, China, and of course, our friends in the Middle East.
      I live in AZ. We hear through the blogs about FEMA Camps stocked and stashed somewhere in the Sonora Desert. Urban Myth?
      Hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo, thousands of MRE's stached by the DHS. Scary story?
      We are a Red state, well armed, bad attitude towards DC.
      We would be the last of the holdouts.
      But it's a stupid idea, do the math.
      We got the guns, but they got the numbers, as the old saying goes.
      At least for now.
      I'll do my battles at the ballot box, thank you.
      While we still got one.

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        EMIRCITNA  Guest  5 hours ago

        SIMPLY PUT; Today's "ballot boxes" have no bottoms and are mounted over a trash can! ~ So much for your chosing the "ballot box" to do your battles with, my friend!
        "The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud."
        ~ Lynn Westmoreland, Congressman (R), GA

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          John  EMIRCITNA  32 minutes ago

          You only complain when your side loses. If Romney would have won, there would be no talk about any voter fraud. Look it up, every election there is fraud on both sides. That is the world we live in.

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        Stan Stanfield  John  2 minutes ago

        And it needs to stop, John.
        Two wrongs don't make a right.
        That world needs to end, and a new one begun. One that has learned from the mistakes of the past.
        That's what life has been all about.


        • This, after watching this afternoon the video of an interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi by Alex Jones, where they got deeply into the dangerous stage that things have come to, in this country in particular and in the world in general, regarding the far Left's takeover of the U.S. federal government, and what they are aiming for.  Which is the collapse of the system and country as is (see the Cloward-Piven strategy), and its takeover by the planetary elite, who will be above the state of serfdom that everybody else will be put into, a la Red China - which is being positioned to take over in this country, and protect the assets (in a debt-for-equity swap) that it is and has been taking over here.  Like oil and gas resources; free trade zones (which brook no competition); the works.  The nation, in short, is being had, in being turned into a mere shell of its former self.

          We patriots are not amused.

          And so the Left, knowing that, is goading, goading, goading us into action.  

          Because too many guns with clout are getting out there to the public, before that window can be closed.

          When the fireworks will definitely begin.

          If not before.

          And before the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience comes clearly into the picture. 

          And changes the plot significantly.

          And, like the fabled Cavalry of old, saves the day.

          For a far, far greater outcome than is dreamt of in the philosophy of erstwhile tyrants.

          Who are going to be very sheepish, indeed.

          ln their own eyes.  And in the eyes of those whom they would have turned into mere sheep, to be sheared at will.  By the all-powerful state.

          Hallowed be its name.



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