Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Takedown of America: Still On Target

On September 12th - less than 2 months before the November elections - the House Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing titled 'the Obama Administration's Abuses of Power,' in which the chairman of the Committee, one Lamar Smith - a Republican - in his opening statement listed a number of examples of what he saw as the Obama administration's veritable abuse of power.  And not once did he refer to the elephant in the room.

And I see that Obama is widely getting kudos for his handling of the 'fiscal cliff' matter.

Sometimes I more than sigh, and actually lose it, and want to shake, not just such people as are/were on that Committee, and in the people's Congress en toto, but the average tuned-out American, and say, "Do you really not understand the issue here?  It doesn't matter what kind of a job that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is doing as a de facto president in the office.  He is occupying that position illegally.  And if the rule of law is still to mean anything in this country, he must vacate the office, and thus let the Constitution still stand.  Tattered though it may be, it is still the law of the land.  And must be respected as such.  Or we are in the realm of tyranny.

"Slowly recognized as such at first.  And then - with the resultant breakdown of any sense of law and order - comes anarchy.  And then comes the iron fist of the state, to take over.  Imposing Order out of Chaos.  The slogan of those powerful people who want to run the world their way.  Not the way of the Creator."

And if I were to be asked, what did that way look like, I would say.  Which answer includes the elimination of the current financial system and its replacement with a system of exchange of goods and services that runs on Love (the details to follow the proposal); people likewise raising their consciousnesses to be what could be called Earth stewards; the recognition, through the spiritual mechanism of reincarnation, that We Are One Another, and, taking the next step in awareness from there, that therefore, indeed, We Are One - sparks, fractals of our One Divine Source; the Most High; the ineffable All That Is.

Saying, in sum, that it was time to rise to our better natures.  That a New Era was upon us - upon all of humanity.  That we Humans were about to embark on an adventure on a different sea, than the old, lower-consciousness one of dense 3D.  And it was time for us to face up to that time, and Opportunity.

And in order to do so, we need to fill our lives with the higher qualities - of the likes of honesty, and truth, and peace, and love, and joy.  And leave behind the lower qualities - of the likes of dishonesty, and deceit, and anger, and lust, and resentment.   And yes: of revenge.

I don't want to see the man who calls himself Barack Obama - the U.S.'s de facto president - willingly leave the office of the presidency that he has purloined, out of revenge.  I want to see him leave it out of respect for the law.

And then we can release the old ways of being.  Come together, as the One that we are, in essence.  Acknowledge - to ourselves, and the others of Us - the roles that we have been playing,   And then get on with the true business at hand.

Of creating a better world.

A far, far better world, than the one we now leave behind.

If we're up to the task.

Those who can: Do.

Those who can't - or at least, not quite yet: You're not going to hold the rest of us up.

We're going up.

With you.  Or without you.

Your choice.

As always,  In this Creator's creation.


P.S. A comment on Tea Party Command Center blog 'Issa Praises Inclusion of 'Fast & Furious' Provisions in 113th Congress Rules Package' - Jan. 1

I've been wondering what happened with the fast n furious investigations! I hope and pray all will be brought to justice, duckwalking in orange jumpsuits.
Don't hold your breath, M16ark58.  It is obvious by now that the Obama administration is trying to establish a 'unitary executive' basis for an imperial presidency, and they don't recognize the Constitution as having any jurisdiction over them - they are, or at least want to be; are in their minds, a law unto themselves.  So, this could go down to the wire.
Let's hope it does, and that Issa doesn't back down.  He will be doing the country a favor by bringing this matter to a head - the larger one, through the specific one that he has jurisdiction over. 


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