Friday, 25 January 2013

Ol' Heartless Stan, On The Warpath Again...

Why?  Because the Resident Obama administration is making major moves now to implement the radical leftist plan for a socialistic takeover of the country, by, first, eliminating the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights.  Today there was also e-newsletter comment (at Natural News) on the government's attempts to outlaw raw milk sales, and private gardens, and implement mandatory vaccines, and block home schooling...and on and on it goes, including, of course, the gun grab.   I'm getting sorely disgusted.
     Yes yes; it needs to come to a head.  But still...

...anyway: this, from Western Journalism, blog titled 'Brawl Erupts At Food Stamp Office' - Daniel Noe - Jan. 24
(N.B. The video - of a brawl among blacks at E. St Louis DHS - was blocked by Google/YouTube.)

kibitzer2 says:
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This is all simply the logical result of the nation allowing the concept of ‘entitlements’ to develop. As long as ‘welfare’ was understood to be a hand up, not a hand out, the mentality around it was not too bad; although it should never have been called ‘government money’. It should have been called, and thus considered, what it is: taxpayers’ money. But once people started considering welfare as an ‘entitlement,’ it should have been reformed immediately, and that mindset stopped in its tracks, and people thus conditioned not to depend on it, rather, have to turn to their immediate extended family or church for support; being made to understand that it is theft to take from some in order to give to others (whereas to give of one’s own free will to the needy is a virtue). Unfortunately, the Cloward-Piven strategy came into the picture, as the far Left determined to bankrupt the country through such means – in order to pave the way for their socialist, ‘redistribution-of-wealth’ takeover – and generations of welfarites grew up in that corrupt consciousness [climate]. Result: riots in food stamp offices, and the like.
It’s always easy to play the Monday morning quarterback game; but I really need to say that the main mistake in all this messy business was to pay females to have babies. To give a hand to a family that falls on difficult times momentarily is one thing (although they should always be checked out for family help first). But no female has any business having a child that she can’t [afford to] take care of properly – and especially not when many taxpayers can’t even afford to have their own children, and are being responsible citizens in not doing so.
A little tough love can go a long way. But first things first: We must eliminate this concept, this mentality, of ‘entitlements’. (Note: Social Security is a true ‘entitlement’, because it was paid for by the recipient during his/her working years. But welfare, and phony disability claims, and food stamps, are not properly ‘entitlements’. They are temporary assistance [at best].) And tell the liberals and brainwashed who object, quietly but firmly, that the gravy train doesn’t stop here anymore; and ask them if they have considered moving to Cuba or Venezuela??
Warn them not to try Russia. They learned their lesson in this regard. The very, very hard way.
…and this, afterwards:

Vectorup says:
I know this is a touchy subject, and I will try not to Rub any one the wrong way. I’m sure food stamps are a Great help for people who are out of work, but it seems that the majority of people getting food stamps are NON White. Here is My Beef about all this.
NON White people get food stamps to feed their 18 head of Chillins for OVER a month, and White people just barely get enough to feed one maybe two people for a couple weeks. Yet if a White person is receiving Help from the state, the Father of the children are Forced to pay child support, or GO TO JAIL. I would love to see the tables turned, so the NON White receivers of state help, start PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE, or GO TO JAIL.
On a trip to Arkansas one year, I found myself Out of work, and needed to ask for state help. The state was Happy to help me and give me food stamps, However, I had to PAY FOR THEM by working off the Value of what they gave me.
I believe that if someone receives help, that CAN WORK, and has no ailments that keep them from being able to work, that they should also be forced to WORK IT OFF by doing community service, instead of laying all the burden on the Tax Payers.
  • Betta says:
    January 24, 2013 at 9:20 pm
    “but it seems that the majority of people getting food stamps are NON White.”
    It seems that way to you because it is only the nonwhite they show, and as a result everybody thinks more blacks get food stamps. This can’t be further from the truth. In reality, there are more whites getting food stamps and welfare than any other segment of society.

    • kibitzer2 says:
      January 25, 2013 at 3:00 am
      Fair enough if this is true, Betta – and if so, indeed that video could have given a wrong impression of the facts.

    • But the essential facts remain the same: this country has gotten off on the wrong track regarding all this welfare business; and ‘business’ seems to be a correct word to describe it. Temporary assistance to really needy people is one thing. Welfare generations is quite another. I have remarked elsewhere on this thread: the country should never have gotten into the business of paying females to have babies who couldn’t afford to raise them properly. That has just created a welfare class, and mentality.

    • And stop it, and you also stop a lot of the illegal alien business going on. No taxpayers’ money to unqualified persons. Full stop. And it will.

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