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Somebody Needs To Pay

Comment to blog at Western Center for Journalism titled 'Somebody Needs To Pay For My 15 Kids'  - video posted by Daniel Noe - Jan. 12  (w/his succinct comment: "I'm speechless…")
(a young-looking black gal has 15 kids by at least 2 fathers, and the last one of those still around - the father of 10 of the kids - has just gone to prison.  And the mother is expecting 'somebody' to pay for her 15 kids…)

Bay0Wulf says:
Simple Question…
These kids should all be taken away from her, she should be declared an unfit mother and all of the finances coming from the “Common Weal” should be taken from her. She should be prevented from having any more children. Not necessarily through medical means but by being told that if she has any more children, she and she alone will be totally responsible.
  • kibitzer2 says:
    January 12, 2013 at 7:13 pm
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    You’ve got it, BayOWulf. The rot set in in this country when females were starting to be paid to have children on the taxpayers’ dime. Aid to a family momentarily faced with hard times is one thing. But the AFDC program of years ago apparently had no proper oversight to it, and led to females being able to have kids on the taxpayers; voila: the single-mother phenomenon, with its mentality that ‘the government will pay for them’. Coupled with the Cloward-Piven strategy of the far left – i.e., to bankrupt the capitalist system with a huge welfare class (created for that purpose) in order to collapse it and replace it with socialism – the bleeding-heart philosophy has just about accomplished its mission.

  • The answer? Two-fold. 1) Rally opposition in your states to any feature of the TANF program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) that allows for additional kids (i.e., after the legitimate emergency situation being responded to) to be born on the dole; and 2) Starve the Beast. Insofar as one is able to: Stop paying taxes, until the government (state and federal) comes to its senses, and stops this monstrous scam, of people using innocent kids as leverage to steal from some to give to others. And the sooner the firm intention is established to stop this trade, the sooner that distorted mentality ceases, with the message loud and unequivocally clear: No female has the moral right to have babies that she can’t take care of properly; i.e. in particular, not to be born into poverty conditions. 

  • It’s called tough love; and it’s well overdue to be applied in this country. Before the Far Left gets so strong politically (all those welfare-class votes) that they cause a civil war to break out. Because hard-working middle-class America is mad as hell and is not going to take this ideology-driven crap lying down.

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(I can't figure out how to get out of this paragraphing of the material below in the same formatting as that immediately above.  It is additional material for my blog.)   
  • The country really needs to get clear on this matter, and draw a halt to it.  A  low-conscious mentality - that 'the government will take care of you' - has been allowed to grow up in the country, that needs to be stopped in its tracks.  And it's not just the liberals's fault.  This is the sort of thing that they do; it comes with the territory.  The Republicans should have gone to bat for a saner social 'order' than this years ago.  It feels as though they just decided to ignore the problem, in order to keep the Left quiet, while they got on with their middle-class and upper-class lifestyles.  That's not what a republic needs from its citizenry.  It needs vigilance on such matters.  After all, we have had the benefit of years of experience; of the lessons of history, on this very matter.  Which was very obvious to the Founding Fathers; and was why they took such pains, to craft a constitutional republic - NOT a democracy, for the fledgling nation.
  • I wasn't fully aware of these sorts of matters while growing up, came to 'the party' later on.  My first 'brush' with the welfare 'thing' was when I was in junior high, and our band had a gig one day at a strange place.  It was a big complex of cheap-looking apartment blocks way out on a far edge of town, where we had been invited to entertain at some celebration or other.  I asked somebody,"What is this place?", and was told - as I recall - that it was "low-cost housing".  Oh.  Whatever that was…well; it had to be for families whose fathers didn't make much money at their jobs.  I wondered what kinds of jobs that they had, that it didn't pay them enough to be able to live in more decent accommodation…
  • I didn't get the full whammy, however, of this welfare business, until many years later, when watching a film, starring Gene Hackman, about a cop in New York City on the trail of some drug smugglers.  At one point he went into a bar, in the middle of the day, filled wilt black men, and the action caused them to scatter.  I forget what that was about; but what I was about, was wondering, What's going on here?  Why are all of those black men in a bar in the middle of the day??  Why aren't they working somewhere???…
  • I was a little later than Siddhartha Gautama, I think, in becoming aware of the world around me.  I just didn't know this stuff - that there were generations of blacks (and whites) who had/have been living on welfare.  Of black females (and whites) who had/have been having babies on the dole.
  • To say: On the taxpayers's dime.  
  • I just couldn't believe it, when that truth dawned on me.
  • Why had the taxpayers been standing still for it for so long???
  • Years later I was glad to hear - while living over in the UK for many years - that there had been some 'substantial' welfare reform under the Clinton Administration.  Something called 'workfare'.  That was certainly an improvement: not just paying people not to work.  And, I hoped, not just paying females to have babies while living on the dole.  What an outrageous situation that was, to me: females forcing kids to grow up in poverty conditions, because they could get money - from 'the government' - for having them.  Thus creating a permanent welfare class. 
  • I didn't know about the Cloward-Piven strategy then.  Or the whole larger 'thing', about the Democrat Party creating a permanent constituency for themselves.

  • And the whole business of stolen elections also came a bit later on in life for me.  I think the first time I ever was really aware of such a thing was the JFK election, with all the talk about how the Democratic Party Machine in Illinois had stolen the election for him.  I had heard something about Tammany Hall in high school US&G class, I think it was - some high school class, where we started learning about the details of America's political history.  But I thought that that sort of thing was only about such as union bosses getting out the vote.  I don't recall when I first heard about, became aware of, tactics like 'vote early and vote often,' and 'the dead voting', and stuffed ballot boxes, and such.  It could well have been during that 1960 election.  I was 26 years old that year.  A late bloomer, to all this sad, sad business…
 I take it back.  I knew something about 'dirty politics' - at least, the expression - in high school, when I was a representative at Boys State the summer before my senior year.  That was a project of the American Legion to send selected high school boys from all over the state to the capitol, Sacramento (this is California), and have them hold elections amongst themselves for the various state offices, and then actually visit those officials in their workday lives.  I ran for Lt. Governor, and experienced some wheeling-and-dealing against me that I later reported to the local ALgroup that had sponsored me - when they invited me to speak to them one evening and give them a report on my experience - as the aforementioned 'dirty politics'.  It caused a silence to descend in the room; and there were no questions for me when I wrapped up my few well-chosen words - and apparently a couple of ill-chosen ones - and opened the floor for any such.  Apparently I opened the floor for my mom as well - or at least, that was her hope - who suggested, in our car ride home, that that comment of mine was perhaps not the best-chosen thing I could have said.  But I didn't care.  I call 'em as I see 'em.  

And the same with advocating that 'the government' stop paying females to have babies on the taxpayers.  The incidences of welfare babies will dry up very fast, once it gets clear to all concerned - which includes illegal aliens; engaging in this outrageous 'anchor-baby' business - that Uncle Sugar is no longer in that business, and means business in it, regardless of how big a stink the Left tries to raise in this cutting-off of a key feature of its socialist takeover strategy.

It's time for Change, alright.  Big Change.  Fundamental Change.  And it doesn't involve cynical political ploys, that trap people in poverty conditions.  That day is over.

And with it, I, and everybody else, can release the parts that we are, and have been, playing in the 3D drama that has occupied us/our attention for time immemorial, and get on with the real business at hand.  Which is Ascension - out of 3D consciousness, and into a higher state of consciousness, that will allow us to BE at a higher state of our potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - the latter to be no more, as we move up the stairway to the heavens; to the next realm up, where begins our experience of Unity consciousness.

But until The New kicks in, and as long as we are still residing in 3D: 

I will call'em as I see'em.  



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