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,,,And The Subject That Will NOT Go Away

The New Civil Rights Movement: 'Birther: lmpeach Chief Justice Roberts For Swearing In Obama, Because, Nuremberg' -  David Badash - Jan. 7

kibitzer2 - Jan 8

 There is a real travesty of justice being perpetrated on this blog and in its comments (except for the intelligent response from David Farrar). Are you for justice or not? It cuts both ways, folks. Listen up, lefties, and come to the debate with some common sense, not this over-and-over-again obfuscation of the issue that is used by the Left in this matter. Who's kidding whom in that performance?? 

The issue is not whether [Obama] is a 'citizen' or not. It is whether he is a 'natural born citizen' or not. That is a higher bar of citizenship set in the Constitution for a candidate for the office of the presidency, and no other office (with an amendment later including that of the office of the VP, since that person may succeed TO the presidency). It was set that way in order to rule out a candidate who could have dual loyalties or allegiances by virtue of not having TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS. 

Being born 'of the soil' (jus soli) is also a factor in the definition of the term, beyond the critical factor of being born 'of the blood' (jus sanguinis). But the key issue is the parentage one. The definition of a NBC was very clear to the Framers of the Constitution (as attested to by many sources), and has been affirmed by various Supreme Court decisions subsequently. And if someone here is going to try to throw the 14th Amendment at me in response: don't. It doesn't talk about a 'natural born' citizen; just who is a 'citizen'. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, whether either the Left or the Right wants to admit to it or not. (The establishment Right has obviously avoided this issue for its own reasons. Watch this space, as to who the Republican Party tries to put up for those offices, with this breach in the barriers of the Constitution. The barriers to unconstitutional government.) 

This matter should have been dealt with long ago. It has been obscured from view by just such agents and sophistries as the above blog. Why do you people think it is of any value to hide the truth of the matter, behind obfuscation and attempts at ridicule?? It WILL out. Let's get with it, and deal with it. Because I assure you, it is not going to go away. There are still many citizens left in this country who believe in, and will fight for, the Constitution. To say: who don't believe in arbitrary law. Another word for which is tyranny.


2) Comment to huff post blog 'Birthers Suggest Impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts' - by John Celock - Jan. 8:

1 second ago ( 9:51 PM)
I don't understand why so many of you on the Left are having such a hard time understanding the definition of a 'natural born' citizen, as opposed to just a citizen. Or DO I understand, and you are just playing a game??

Read my lips: a natural born citizen, as opposed to just a citizen, is one born on the soil (jus soli) of two citizen parents (jus sanguinis). The point of putting that higher bar in the Constitution for a candidate for the office of the presidency - and no other (it has subsequently been added to the requirement for a candidate for the VP office, since that person may accede to the presidency) - was to make sure that the candidate had no possibility of dual loyalties or allegiances. The definition is in the historical record, for anyone who wants to look it up. 

Now, why do I have the feeling that no one on this thread wants to do that???...

You're only fooling yourself, folks. Get real; and let's get this matter cleared up, and stat. The country is drifting too damn close to the shoals of tyranny, by opting to ignore this extremely important constitutional matter. A matter that will NOT go away, because of that very extreme importance. We have a Pretender in the office. That state of affairs must not stand. The hell to pay is coming closer.


...I am getting so tired of these people on the Left continuing to play this game.  Which is close to not being a game anymore.

Talk of civil war is brewing.  To say: It's on the burner.

Justice must be served in this matter.  And soon.  As I said in my closing sentence just above...

It is not for Obama to lead the world into the New Era.  He is part of the karmic rounding-out of the Old Paradigm.  Of the End of History.


P.S.  I have been reading some of the responses over at Huffington Post to my post on that thread.  For the most part, they are juvenile, and not worth bothering about (except to marvel at just how juvenile they are.  What a dumbing-down has taken place in this country).  But a couple of them had some merit.  Which has led me to realize that many on the Left simply DO NOT know the details of the argument for the Framers's definition of a NBC.
     Without going into that issue in any great detail here, I'll just point anybody who is really interested in the matter to an excellent site, for a comprehensive background to it: see

P.P.S.  A reply to a response on my blog at huff post.  First, that response:

novapsyche   January 8, 2013 at 11:10pm

The term "natural-born citizen" has never been fully legally resolved. As others have pointed out, if what you said were true, McCain would not have been eligible for the presidency, despite being born to two American citizens, as the Panama Canal Zone where he was born was never considered part of the sovereign soil of the United States.

McCain's Citizenship Called into Question

As for President Obama, his mother was a citizen; wherever he happened to be born, he would be considered a citizen. He was born in Hawaii, which was a state at the time of Obama's birth; thus, he would be considered a citizen by that test as well. He is a citizen doubly over.


A decent, legitimate response (unlike others here). My reply:        [coming up to midnight, local time]

1) Yes, there was/is some question about McCain's NBC eligibility status; regardless of the Senate passing a 'Resolution' on it, which was legally/judicially meaningless. If he had been born on the US. base in the P. Canal Zone, there would be no question of his NBC status, for he was born of 2 U.S citizen parents on government/military business outwith the U.S. proper. However, there is some question about where, exactly, he was born. If he had been born in the P.C. Zone itself, rather than the U.S. military hospital, there could have been a question. Maybe it was this issue that caused the Republicans to keep schtum over Obama's NBC status. And also, their very possible desire to drive some of their own Pres & VP candidates through that breach in the constitutional barrier. (Very likely: both parties tried a total of 8 times from 2003 to 2008 to get an amendment to the Constitution on this NBC issue going through Congress. They failed every time even to get it out of committee. So they obviously decided to try an end-around on the American people. Big mistake.) cont'd
0 second ago ( 3:40 AM)
2) Please get clear: just being a 'citizen' is not enough for those 2 offices (& those 2 offices ONLY; for good reason, as I state just below). To be a NBC, one has to have been born of 2 U.S.citizen parents - not just 1. The whole point of the exercise was to make sure that the person who would also be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the new nation would not have dual loyalties or allegiances (and ESPECIALLY not to Britain, from whom they had just fought a war of independence). cont'd
1 second ago ( 3:41 AM)
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The evidence for this definition of a NBC is solid. I won't go into all those details here; I'll just direct you to a very good, comprehensive site for answers regarding all this: puzo1.blogspot.com

The judiciary in this country has been terribly remiss in not allowing this matter to be argued in court on its merits, rather, over and over again dismissing it on technicalities - and leaving it up to the various plaintiffs to appeal their cases all the way up to the justices of the Supreme Court, and leave the SCOTUS with the hot potato, not them. It's a farce; but that's the way they have chosen to play the game. It speaks terribly of the level of justice in this country. But there you go. We have certainly learned that, about 'us', as a nation, in this matter.

This matter, of justice not having been served. Yet.

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