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AKA The Game Of Separation Is Over

My title refers to the title of a blog of mine of the other day, wherein I said/claimed that 'The New Age Is Here'.  I'm glad to see that others think so, too; and are minded of what it takes to fully move into and land in it.  For example, there is this comment, posted today, from, supposedly, Jesus, via John Smallman:

"Seeing that all are one it is now impossible for you to continue the game of separation and abandonment that has occupied you for so many lifetimes..."

Hardly an orthodox statement from the 'known' Jesus; but then, why talk about orthodoxy when one is quoting channelled material??? :-)   In any event, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as one of the founders of my old spiritual community (in this lifetime; at least) used to say; to paraphrase, here: If there is value in something, take it in, regardless of its source.  And there is considerable value in this statement, judging from all the evidence that there is in about the proof of reincarnation; and therefore, about the proof of a Plan to life - that there is considerably 'more than Man', as it were.  That life has Meaning, beyond just in and for itself only ('red in tooth and claw,' and all that evolution mumbo jumbo) .  And judging from the direction that such as life-wisdom seems to be taking individuals - that is, from their life experiences; what they have obviously gained from them - that direction would appear to be 'up' in consciousness.  In awareness.  Ultimately - to say here, in third dimensional experience - to the awareness that, at the very least, We Are One Another.  Just playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama apparently of our making.  And from that launching point, to conclude - realize - that, in point of fact, We Are All One.

Of One Body.  One Entity.  One Beingness.  Of One Something.

As 'Jesus' went on to say,  in the above communication: from that point of consciousness, of awareness, therefore accepting all others as "divine aspects of ourselves".

Part of - facets of - expressions of the Oneness of All That Is.

Obviously wishing the highest for Itself.  Experiencing Itself, for that purpose.

And just so - that is to say, with the consciousness, the awareness sparked off by that reincarnation 'tool', that fundamental fact of material life: that it is not all there is; and that in fact, We Are All One - comes the development of unity consciousness.  Which is, according to those who have studied, and tuned into, these things, a characteristic of what is called 5D - fifth dimensional 'life'.  Awareness.

Where, not only we are heading.  But where we actually are.  Now.

Just awakening to it, individually.

Aka self-realization.

And so - here we are.  At the end of one era.  And the overlapping beginning of another.  Where those really into the transition are feeling a huge desire for humanity at large to 'get on with it'.  And so, e.g., while some are feeling the edge of the tsunami, and talking about a new monetary system to replace the old one crumbling before our very eyes under the advancing wave of the future, some are saying, 'Excuse me; why are you talking about such as a basket of commodities to replace the dollar?  Why not just get rid of the old altogether??  We don't need 'money', as it has been known.  All we need - to trade with Ourselves - is a heart at the center of our social order.'  To say: The New Age to be based on Love.  The Love of the Creator for the Creator's creation; and our gratitude and love in return, for life with meaning.

'Oh but we're not there yet.'

Oh but we need to get there.  Time's a'wasting.

In the sense - the very pressing sense - of such as talk, real talk in America today, of civil war.

Which the federal government seems to have been gearing up for.

Not only 'as we speak'.  But as many have spoken, and grumbled about, for some time now.  Over all the indications of despotism that have been going on for some time - signals emanating from the federal government.  Indefinite detention without trial for those even 'suspected' of terrorist activity (like people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars; and returning Vets; and 'birthers', and 'preppers, and militia members; and...)  Federal control over what foodstuffs you can grow privately and sell or trade to others, including what you can use water for on your property.  Mandating vaccines.  Drones flying all over a once free country...

All, symptoms of disorder.  Of brain disorder.  Of believing that we are different from each other; and some of 'us' need to control others.      

Clean out your pineal glands - which are our antennae, and links, to 'the sacred'; to the further levels of ourselves, and the All That Is.  And let's get going.

Duty calls.

Loud.  And getting louder.

Ladies and gentlemen -

brothers and sisters; of The One (separate only in duality consciousness, i.e., whilst in 3D):

It's time.

And may the heavens continue to shine benignly on our enterprise.

Which - as the playwright said - is our "exploration into God".*



* It's worth it to give this quote in its entirety.  It's from Christopher Fry's poem 'A Sleep Of Prisoners';  and the whole phrase is:

'Affairs are now soul size.  The enterprise is exploration into God.'

Just so.

And just so, with the name of his poem.


P.S. Posted on this very subject this early a.m., over at '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?', to a blog titled    
'RT: Warning shots: Gun violence lands US lowest life expectancy among rich nations' - posted Jan. 10:

  • Larry Cox says:
    You make a lot of good points.  [N.B.  This comment was to another poster's contribution to the 'debate'/conversation.]
    Do you have an answer to your own question: Why can’t we stop living in FEAR?
    It’s a really important question and the right answer – in my view – would be really important too.
  • kibitzer3 says:
    The reason we can’t stop living in fear, Larry – well; the primary reason in my book – is that we still think of ourselves in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’ – i.e., that we are separate from one another. Only when we move into a state of understanding that We Are One – that the wheel of karma has caused us to come back over and over, just playing different parts, in order to gain awareness and raise our consciousness – can we move through this valley of the shadow of Death that we are in, in spades now.
    It’s actually very simple, once one gets the hang of it, and is willing to release their ego (and endure its death screams, as it were). Reincarnation = We Are One Another; ergo, We Are All One. Of One Body, Entity, Being; through us emanations of Itself, experiencing Itself – for a Purpose, obviously. It’s no great leap to assume that the Purpose is to Grow, to higher and higher levels of Beingness – precisely what we facets of that Whole are doing on our souls’ paths. Which are individuated paths at this 3D level of duality; but which are now butting up against unity consciousness, on the next level OF consciousness – the 5th Dimension (the 4th being an emotional-body/Astral level). To enter the 5th dimension, then – where lies the answer to all our 3D problems – we need to give up our ingrained, and increasingly antiquated, notion of being separate from one another. Of being us’s and them’s.
    It’s not a leap (after all these incarnations, it should be more of a relief). It’s just a decision. But it’s a decision that we sorely need to make. Soon. As our life circumstances – that we created – require us to move on. To say: Up.
    Where neither moth nor dust doth corrupt.


    I had made another, briefer comment earlier on, that the above expanded on:

    kibitzer3 says:
    As long as we are still in the matrix, playing various parts, people have the right of self-defense from bad guys, either in the form of the collective – e.g., governments – or as individuals.
    And just as soon as we leave the 3D matrix – of consciousness – behind, we can leave behind the props that go with it.
    First things first.


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