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A Folly In The Making - Or...

I would be remiss in my duty if i did not post something like the following letter.  My duty, as a 'spiritual being having a human experience'.  And as a fellow American citizen.  Sorely grieved by what is happening in and to my country of birth.  This 'shining city on a hill,' that it has been characterized as.  And as it was set out to be.

Dear American People; of We the People fame, heading, at the moment, for infamy, as an inglorious end to such high promise at the beginning of this experiment, in self-governance; for the world to emulate.  Or not; as the case may still turn out to be:

It came to my attention, a little belatedly - for having lived out of the country of my birth, and heart, for many years - that you have an illegal president heading your ship of state.  Who may even be as well an illegal alien, for all you, and we now (with my having been called back home at this hour of its special need) know of his background.  Of his true birth circumstances.  Since the copy of a document that he has presented to you, purportedly to clarify his birth credentials, has proven to be, in the eyes of experts, and all those who have eyes to see, a forgery.  A fraudulent piece of fluff, blown into your eyes with all the power of his commanding personality, to keep you from looking more deeply at it.  And with the power of all of his acolytes in this atrocious affair, in encouraging you to see the emperor's new clothes.  

And so you don't really know his true bona fides.  He could be, after all, a legitimate candidate for the most honorable, and powerful, office that this imposter, this silver-tongued orator, this con artist, currently occupies.  As being in point of fact, after all, a, quote, 'natural born' citizen, as the term was understood by the Framers of the Constitution - and never subsequently amended to the contrary.  As delineating a citizen at the minimum with two U.S. citizen parents.  A special requirement for that particular office, and that particular office only (the Constitution subsqueenly amended to include the VP office); so that the erstwhile president - any candidate for that honorable, and powerful, office, who would henceforth become as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces - would not have dual loyalties or allegiances.  

And so even on the surface of the document that he has presented to the nation as supposed proof of his birth circumstances, he does not qualify for the office, in claiming a non-American citizen to be his father.  

One can only surmise what went on in the minds of the leaders of the opposition political party in this country, for them to stand down, in the face of their duty, in the vetting of the opposition's candidate, and in the face of the obvious, and call the ringer and his political party on the crime that they were committing, in putting this man before the American people as a legitimate candidate for that particular, and special, office.  All of that will hopefully come out in the wash of the nation's dirty linen that will occur when this terrible injustice in its history is over and done with  But for now, the work at hand is to put right what has been put wrong. And that means, that the man at the helm of the American ship of state must go.  For, at a minimum in this whole tawdry affair, he has committed a crime - a full-out felony  - in the coverup of his true origins, and in the related obfuscations that he, and his associates in this conspiratorial crime (think RICO statutes to be applied), have committed.  And so he must go, if only for that reason alone.

I reiterate, with all the force of my being: This crime must not stand.  And I call on all those with eyes to see in this nation to rise to the occasion, and do their duty at this time, in exposing this wrong to the full view of the American people; that they may do what is the right thing to do.

Or not.

Their choice.

As we now experience a separation of what has been called the sheep from the goats.  Only in this case, a special kind of sheep.  Not 'sheeple' (of which there are certainly enough these days; in this country, and in the world.  But the time's they are a'changing).  But the kind that follow their true shepherd. And their true inner calling.  

To align with the energy of a new day dawning.  Which is calling them further Home.  On a well-trodden path.

Not for them to be lost in the brambles and thickets of the old world.  Which has had its day in the sun.  And is now to be heard of no more.  Except by those who are responding to a lower, baser note at this separation time, than the one that is murmuring gently, lovingly in their ear, to make the right choice.  And join the exodus from the dying Old World, into the New; aborning before our very eyes.

If we but have eyes to see. 

So; in sum. 

This state of affairs must not stand.  Or there will be hell to pay, when the day of reckoning comes.  Which it will.  In one form or another.  Because we live in a just universe.  And injustices, such as this one, will have their day of reckoning, even outwith the days of reckoning on the level of the human drama.  For besides that fail-safe day - the day of the outworkings of the life process; what we humans have called karma, and the karmic process - there will be the day of reckoning of The People, who will be goaded by tyranny into a state of being mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore. 

For tyranny is inevitable, down the road that the American state is currently taking.  Which is the road towards arbitrary law.  For if you leave the confines of the Constitution, in this American case - that is to say, the law of the land - you are no longer living by the rule of law; but rather by the rule of men.  Men, and women, who can, then, do whatever they desire to do.  Or to say, whatever they can get away with.  As they - and you - are doing today; with an illegal president - a president in name only, with no legal standing; a de facto president, then -  at the helm of your ship of state.

And woe unto you, America, for that state of affairs.  You appear, largely, to know not what you are doing.  But you have no excuse to do so.  You have all of your planetary history to tell you the most likely outcome.  So you have no excuses, to keep you from the inevitable consequences of your folly.  

Mark your current course well.  You are on a course to disaster.  

Come out from under that dark cloud; and into the light of the New Day - and Age; and even dimensional realm - dawning for all humankind.  

At least, those who are ready to drink of the pure waters of our Creator Source..

Not the Kool-Aid of aspiring tyrants.


P.S.  A fitting 'filler' here, I think.  From later today:

'Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?'…do I sense (a) change in the breeze? - [ Jean; at her '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth' site] 
posted on Jan. 19; by Vicki Divoll, Op-Ed Contributor at the NY Times, publ. Jan. 16 - on FOIA requests for info on what Obama's legal advisers are telling him about his power to run a kill list of Americans overseas (or domestically, for that potential matter).  Vicki is a former general counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence land former deputy legal adviser to the CIA's Counterterrorism Center.  I wonder why she's no longer at either post…anyway: Good for her.  And good for the NYT for carrying this op-ed.  

One Response to Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President? . . . do I sense I change in the breeze? ~J
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  • kibitzer3 says:
    January 19, 2013 at 12:58 am
    Well spoken, Vicki. 

  • Maybe we can get some bipartisan movement on this issue. After all, some Republicans are against presidents who think they are too big for their constitutional britches, too. In fact, I think we would find that most of them are. So hands across the aisle, Congress; and let’s stop this drift towards an imperial presidency in its tracks. 

  • Before we leave the play-acting behind, and get on with the REAL business at hand.



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