Monday, 7 January 2013

The New Age Is Here

…It's just a matter of embodying it, more.

Let's see if I can put this in its best, helpful package.

When I think back, I think it all started seriously for me last night.  Earlier in the evening I happened to come across a web site (cued to it by a comment on the thread of an e-newsletter blog that I follow) where a woman was being interviewed, by a guy, via audio, about something called 'The One People's Public Trust'.  I decided to sit through the whole 3 1/2 hours, because it dealt with a subject that I have a particular affinity for; to wit, and in a phrase: the New Age.  I have taken the subject seriously enough in my life to have gone to live in a 'New Age' spiritual community some 36 years ago, from where I have recently returned to live in my old home town, to see the 'phenomenon' in - whenever and however.  I had been feeling increasingly 'anticipatable' about it in my life (in the meantime, one just gets on with one's life; as best one can, to model 'the new'), but didn't have a clue about how it was going to happen.  I had been aware of the whole Mayan calendar thing about Dec. 21st of 2012, but that could or could not mean anything; I didn't hold out any particular hope for it being Der Tag, whatever that might mean in reality.  I will admit that I have had a sense, in my life, from my inner voice, as it were, of the importance of astronomical alignments in the affairs of Man - that suddenly everything could line up, in an As Above So Below way, as human affairs relate to the larger reality in which we are embedded, and are a part of - and we could be 'off and running' into The New.  Which would feature in particular a new 'economic' structure, or rather, a new structure to handle the distribution of Abundance, without money as it had come to be.  That feeling, awareness, had come to me years before (back in 1961, in point of fact), and was, in part, the inner impulsing that led me ultimately to go join that new age community, in the north of Scotland, in early 1976.  But that's all another story.  What's important for this one is to clarify that I was very interested in what the woman, and her interviewer, had to say about the subject at hand.

Long story short: He was querying her about the work of a group of people that she was involved with who had come together in the awareness that something was not right in the workings of the financial system in the U.S., which led to their uncovering the same state of affairs regarding the political system.  I knew that other citizens had come across the latter fact - that the U.S. had been quietly, surreptitiously made into a Corporation many years ago by a Cabal of very powerful individuals, mostly of international bankers and very wealthy families, who were, via the Federal Reserve System that they put in place in 1913, milking the American public dry, as chattel.  (Indeed, it was my developing awareness of this that helped inspire me to make the shift in my life to go live in a spiritual community, and leave 'society' to its devices; figuring that the public had to learn what they had to learn, but I didn't want to be a part of it.)  But I had never heard of this group.  I knew that something was going on, behind the scenes; that prompted various people to tell their Internet listeners to expect something big.  I have also been aware for some years of the talk about something called NESARA, that obviously figured into all this as well.  But nothing had come of that 'prosperity package' vision, so I had never thought too much more about it.  Until this woman referred to it, as part of her spiel, about everybody - not just those involved with various PP deals over the years - soon to be rolling in abundance.  

Two things in particular caught my attention about her 'presentation'.  One:  She said that 'it had already happened'.  (She was a little coy about her responses to queries about this factor; to the point where I almost - almost - stopped listening.  That was similar to how many people had been led, by so-called channelers and their sources (whose material I have followed, in the sense of 'listening in' to on the email internet), to put their eggs in the basket of a major happening on Dec. 21st., that didn't seem to have happened for most people - terribly disappointing many -  and who yet were being told to 'stay the course', and see what unfolds.  Yeah.  Riiight…)  The other was that her, and obviously her group's, position was based on a spiritual concept: that The People were the proper custodians of their wealth, because they were the sovereigns, based on being people.  Based on being the emanations of our Creator Source.  (She often used an interesting term in ner spiel: that they had taken their investigations "back to Prime".)  

That really caught my attention.  These people were not just being politically oriented, against the bad-guy big bankers, stuff them.  They were serious in their investigations, and conclusions: that The People were owed their wealth, because nobody had a right to stand between them and their Source.  That was almost precisely my long-held position, extending back to my 1961 epiphany about money matters; when I had concluded that a) We should be living as if there were a God, and not as if there were not, as we were doing, in particular in relation to 'social cohesion', aka the money system; and that b) we should be sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the profit motive.  Out of the highest motive there was, and could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  And here were some people, finally doing something about all that.  Great!

And then I made the mistake of checking in on another of my emails before I closed it up for the night.  For that was when I got rudely dropped back down into the reality of the moment: when I came across the report by lawyer Orly Taitz about her experience with a judge in Sacramento, CA regarding the Obama eligibility issue, which she has spent hours and hours and hours of her pro bono time on, and who didn't give her the time of day.  You can read it for yourself, as the Addendum that I attached to the bottom of my blog of yesterday, on this sorry subject, both of the illegality of Resident Obama - the US.'s de facto president - and of the appalling treatment that the judicial branch of government is giving to it.  To the point now of many patriots muttering seriously about civil war.  

Reading the report, I sighed, and felt the old 'injustice' flickers of anger rising in me - how dare this so-and-so be so outrageously arrogant, putting America's judicial system in such ill repute; very much like that other judge on the other side of the country just did, who made the same sort of 'argument': the so-called 'Santa Claus' judge in Florida, who said words to the effect that 'President Obama flies in Air Force One, he lives in the White House, he is the president;' as if that were any kind of legitimate judicial answer to the case brought in front of him, and being brought, all over the country, regarding the Usurper's illegality.

After a short reading of a novel that I have started, I tossed it aside, unsettled, and went to bed, disgusted with 'the whole thing', including the American people's lack of rising to the occasion, and defending the Constitution, and the Republic.  Some were defending the country from its despoilers.  But where were the bulk of The People that I so championed in my life; capable of governing themselves, not being subject to Overseers, and thus giving the world a standard to shoot for??? Shooting being where we seemed to be going…

…and all of the disappointment about nothing happening - seemed to not have happened - on Dec. 21st……so there is no hope after all, of a better day……..

I got up late this morning - as I have been in the habit of doing for some time, being rather a night owl; mostly reading through my emails (which I take more of than I can keep up with) - and after mid-day breakfast I got some reading in (I have a number of magazines and books going) before feeling a bit drowsy, and thinking to take a short nap.  I have, for some reason lately, been doing just that, in the middle of the day; even after sleeping well in to the mornings.  I tell myself that I must be doing some 'work' then; astral traveling, etc. etc.  Although I am getting older… Perhaps not wanting to admit to the latter, I found myself deciding instead to go out for a walk.  I do try to get out every day for such exercise - sometimes walking to town just for that, rather than for anything really needed at the store - but it's usually later in the afternoon; and by the time I get back, it's close to dinner time, and so it's all an efficient operation.  But this time - for whatever reason - I went out earlier than usual.  And in doing so, had the pleasure of passing a young black woman with her well-dressed, and well-speaking, young son.  To clarify: I live in a rather 'cosmopolitan' part of town, with a lot of black and brown faces.  (Not so many Orientals; they must be keeping more to themselves in some other area.)  So it was not unusual to be passing such a woman.  But something about her caught my eye.  At first I was a bit put off by the way that she had 'done' her hair.  But I stayed with the moment; and we smiled - warmly - at each other in passing.  Also, it was obvious that she was raising her boy with care and consideration.  I found it encouraging, considering all the horror stories about rampaging black youth, with nothing better to do than get in trouble.  I hoped that the father was involved in the picture; but, whatever.  We'll move into the New, regardless, I found myself thinking.

Ah yes: the New.  Seemingly as far away as ever, after last night's closing note of disillusionment…but that's not where my mind went, in the moment.  In the moment, my mind went right on to the thought: 

'For time waits for no man.' 

And then some time later, after I had returned from my walk in the sunny, warm day, I decided to fire up my computer and check my emails.  One I opened seemed rather anachronistic: it was a short video of some people who had gathered at a Mayan holy site to see the Dec. 21st solstice in.  Since nothing much had happened anywhere else, that I knew of, I almost moved on; but something kept me watching.  At the stroke of the local time for 'the event,' a guy started gently sounding a lovely-noted gong, and everybody fell quiet, in a meditative state.  The cameraman panned from the silent group, to show their setting; and his camera caught some lovely color streaming in to the site with the sun's rays.  And that was it; end of video segment.  I checked another email, and then felt drowsy again, and took an intended-short nap.  I found myself waking up to the thought:

'Get out in the sun.'

'What?' I thought (back??) to myself.

'Go back out in the sun.'

'But it's cold.  It must be cold out  It's cold in here.'

'Go on,  Go outside.  Get some sun.'

'Oh, all right.'

The inner nudgings reminded me of a time in my life when I was hanging out in the house one sunny summer day just listening to the soaps - this was in the mid-'40s* - and my mom, tired of having me underfoot (or for whatever reason at the time), told me to go outside and play.

Oh, all right…


Why I was prompted to go outside for a second time in the day - a most unusual occurrence - I didn't know.  But I thought, 'Okay  I'll check out the beach.  See how it is down there this time of year.  Might be a nice place to go and read a book.  Might not.  Only one way to find out.'

And then I got it, after sitting down there in the dappled sun briefly, and the coolness rising, and starting my walk back home, from the seemingly uneventful outing.

It's in the air.


The New Age.

Back up on the street level and continuing my walk home, I was reminded of the Gary Trudeau strip, at the fall of the Soviet Union, when he depicted the White House, and a couple of voices rising from within; the first saying, 'The Cold War is over.'  And getting the reply: 'Really?'  And the first person responding back, 'Yes.  We won.'  And getting the concluding response: 'We did?'

Yes.  We have.

It's just a matter of embodying it, now.



* the heyday of radio soaps, before TV came into the picture.  (About 1949 in Southern California.  I remember because - well;  another topic.  Regarding the Old Age scene..)


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