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Our Generation's Reichstag Fire In The Making

I have been trying to follow the trail down the rabbit hole in the Sandy Hook affair, for where it leads to.  It is quite a muddle.  What actually happened there??  We don't know; we're not being told.  Oh, we're being told things.  But they don't add up.  Except to obfuscation.  Apparently on purpose.  And that's most disturbing.  Especially for what that caper is being used for.  In a word: gun control.  In a further word: Overthrow.  Of the American republic.  And the establishment - the intended establishment - of a totalitarian New World Order.  Of either the Left or the Right: it amounts to the same thing, for the average person caught up in it, as a slave to it.  A number.  Not a sovereign.

Some simple steps at first.  Executive Order steps.  (Which, of course, increases the power of BHO to run things in the country; increases the appearance, the impression, of a powerful central figure, running things.  Shades of the likes of Hitler...)  But notice: The Democrats are trying - gently, gently; step by incremental step - to eliminate the filibuster rule in the Senate.  That will negate, in one fell swoop, the Republican senators' power to stop extreme legislation - or at least to force it to have a closer look brought to it; in conjunction with the House, with differences to be ironed out in the consultative process between the two chambers of the Congress.  Where anything can happen.

Especially if something is going down in the country, to force a hasty response.

I get into a bit of this subject in the response I made this evening to a blog on the exohuman.com site, titled 'EMP: The Next False Flag?'  ("The USAF is claiming insurgents have hacked into their predator drone controls...Are these threats real, or are we being prepped for pre-planned events?")  Immediately under the article on EMPs is a video of Mike Adams at infowars.com titled 'Mike Adams warns of another false flag on way'.  His take is that TPTB are planning on a big event to kick off their intended takeover of the government./country  My comment:

"I think Mike is right. regarding such planning.  TPTB seem to be going for broke.  Sandy Hook has so many disturbing anomalies about it - and they've gotten away with it.  Not allowing the bodies or the crime scene to be seen; no security camera shots; etc. etc. etc. I smell fish.

"The public proved its gullibility quotient when the perps got away with 9/11.  The FBI collected all the security camera shots at the Pentagon - except one; which actually shows just enough of a nose of an approaching missile that it has been sold to the American public as the emperor's new clothes...and speaking of clothes: at the Pennsylvania field so-called crash site of Flight 93, there was, to paraphrase an eyewitness: "Nothing.  No bodies, no clothes, no suitcases, no plane engines or fuselage or wings...nothing.  Just some guys walking around; and some smoke."  Some smoke, all right.  Blown into everyone's eyes.

"And they got away with it.  Including WTC7 collapsing at freefall speed directly into its own footprint...I'm saying that the American people are about to reap what they sowed, by not paying attention/by trusting their government.  Something that their Founding Fathers WARNED them about...It may be a race, between a major false flag op, or an incremental gun grab.  ObamaCare - a federal 'healthcare' system, encompassing every American individual - will have everybody's medical records centralized for the first time, so anybody with the slightest mental 'taint' - treatment for depression, say - will be banned from being able to register (such records now federalized/centralized) for a weapon; likewise anybody fitting a new profile for a potentially mentally disturbed individual, like a 'birther' or Ron Paul supporter or 'prepper' (now officially demonized by the Sandy Hook op), or returning Vet with a record of having voted Republican...I kid you not.  This is the sort of thing that the Left is trying to make go down these days.(1)

"These people are not playing.  They are going for keeps.  They know that a financial meltdown will not look good on Obama's watch - even though it affords them the emergency excuse they want for him to declare martial law and accomplish the takeover - so they need to make their move asap; in any event, before his term in office is up.  The financial meltdown could be the trigger.  But a more powerful one - one allowing for a quicker takeover - would indeed - as Mike Adams says - be a false flag op, to be blamed on the right-wing gun nuts.  So yes: Look for our generation's Reichstag attack.  And in spades this time.  A nuke in a major city?  An EMP pulse in the center of the North American landmass??  A bomb of whatever size in a major sporting event; like the Super Bowl???  Such madness should not be put beyond these people.  They don't think the way normal people do.  They think in a possessed way.

"Thanks for helping us keep an eye on all this, Exohuman.  And keep your eye particularly peeled in the next little while.  While many of us hold the vision for an increase in consciousness to fill the human energy field, to head off such an outcome.  And usher in a New Age.

"The New Age.  Which is the other side of the coin that Humanity is now in the act of flipping."

So.  We have at the least a couple of potential timelines: One heading linearly into relatively imminent disaster. And one heading Up, into a new level of Being, potentially for Humanity as a whole.

Each person's choice.  As always.

A touch more on the Sandy Hook affair, and then I'll let that one go.  For now.

A site that has done some good legwork on the 9/11 caper (manned in the main by a keen-eyed and -minded 'forensic economist', with the able assistance of a pilot whose friend was killed in the Pentagon explosion, and who will see to his avenging; who have 'followed the money' to a gaggle of perps mostly, but not exclusively, on the Left in politics) continues to keep an eye on a particularly dark-minded gang who know the ins and outs of making money and scoring personal socio-political points on assassinations and snuff films (both of which the 9/11 attack accomplished. For the latter aspect of that atrocity, see the 'Naudet Brothers' set-up shot of the first tower's explosion).  Their site is titled Abel Danger, and their take on the Sandy Hook affair looks into the curious business of the Medical Examiner not letting the parents see their children' bodies; also that the public, via the compliant mainstream media, wasn't allowed to see the crime scene; etc. etc.  Their take on the affair: Prisoners in a nearby prison did the assassination deed on contract (which is paid for by a federal program, set up by one of the main perps involved in the 9/11 caper as well, the sister of one of the guys behind Abel Danger);2 and others - the ones behind such capers - not only get their political ends met by such activities, but make money on the deal, via spread betting arrangements, that the Abel Danger site goes into in detail.  (It's all similar to the 'dead peasant life insurance' caper that was involved in the 9/11 atrocity.)

I append this last bit of sordid business, to let my readership know that there is a considerable amount of dastardly stuff going on these days, far beyond a normal person's comprehension.

To which, I will just say, and in closing this blog; that

1) there is Justice in the universe; and that

2) God will not be mocked.  



(1) Or classified as a 'potential terrorist'.  The latter definition including Constitution/Bill of Rights carriers, and Second Amendment advocates; and various state militia members, not formally sponsored by their state governments.
     And just so, the reason for the article in the NDAA signed by BHO in late 2012, to be able to hold such designated persons in indefinite deterntion, and without trial.  Yes: American citizens, in domestic circumstances.  The foot in the door being the flexible wording of the definition of a potential 'terrorist'.
     Not to overlook similar anti-democratic measures in the Military Commission Act signed into law in 2006 by that other dictator in the making, George II.  Who, let us not forget, famously referred to the Constitution as just a "damn piece of paper".
     Is there something about the water in Washington, D.C., that the American People don't know about???...

2 This same MO, of using prisoners to carry out assassinations and then getting them safely back to their home base via governmental transportation, was used in Arkansas by the Clintons during Bill's tenure as governor.  It's all on the Internet.  Google Arkancide.
     As for snuff films: See the Abel Danger site for some appalling, horrendous, and outrageous examples.  Not for the weak-stomached.
     What people will get up to, when they lose the vision, of what life is really all about...


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