Tuesday, 29 January 2013

God's Rule Or Man's Rule

First of all, to get into this subject, let me say that I have a bone to pick with liberals in many instances.  The main one being their treatment of the Constitution as a wet noodle, to be manipulated at will, rather than the essentially free citizenry being protected by its constraints on the government - as Obama observed back when he was in the Illinois state legislature, and was interviewed one day on a local radio show.  He talked about this 'issue' from the point of view of the  Constitution being lacking.  'It just says what the government cannot do to you,' he said in paraphrase; going on: 'when what it should say is what the government should and must do for you'.  And therein hangs a tale of our time and place, now - indeed, of our day and new age.

Can we cut to the bottom line in this debate, and instead of arguing over what the meaning of 'is' is, so to speak - over, that is to say, definitions of words - just pose the real issue.  Which is that the Left wants to do away with the Constitution per se, first by making it 'a living document' subject to the interpretation of activist judges, and then to do away with it altogether in a move to 'direct democracy,' i.e., majority rule and that's it.  With demagogues leading the way into their advertised bright new future.  So basically, the Left - in cahoots, a bit ironically, with the banking and corporate establishment; who will be the actual rulers of the roost, in the accomplishment of their long-planned-for New World Order - wants to take over the country in a coup.

And my position is: Over my dead body.

And the Left's position is: 'That can be arranged.  And in point of fact, is being arranged as we speak.'1

To say, to the Left (and to its puppet masters behind the scenes): If you are going to take over my country, you are going to have to take it over me - literally.  For I will stand in your way.   And say, as gently as I can manage in the circumstances that will develop:

Your way  is not the way of the future.  The way of the future is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  And that is not into statism.  Even if your guiding philosophy is the Marxist one of establishing the total state in order in the end to let the state wither away - with the New Soviet Man birthed from that seed - that 'way' would not end the way your philosophy would have it end.  For it would enthrone Force as the ruling energy on the planet.  Not Love.  And so would keep humans divorced from their true Selves, and believing that the illusion was the reality.  And that level of  consciousness - of awareness - would just perpetuate the current paradigm.  

And the current paradigm is now to be superseded, in a move up in consciousness to the 5th dimension, out of the 3D level that we have been stuck in - incarcerated in - for so long.  For long enough, now.  

That move to be made by those individuals who can manage it.  So you see, in the end it does come down primarily to the individual.  Not the collective.

The latter needs to grow out of (the honoring of) the former.  Not the reverse; as the Marxists might have it, in forcing the individual to submit to (the will of) the collective.

You do not get an orange from its juice.  You get its juice from the orange.

And from the Seed inside, that they both come from, in the end.

And the beginning. 

Both of which we are now facing.   

Choose well, friend.

Much depends on it.

For you.

And for us all.

As individuals.

On our journey Home.

Having rounded the last bend, and heading down to the Home stretch.

And a stretch it will be.

Especially for some.  

Who have mistaken the illusion for the reality.

And think that their identity - their essential identity; their true identity - is as a member of 'the collective'.

The hive.

Whereas the true reality is that you don't advance, in the spiritual nature of things, as part of a group.  You make it on your own merits.2

Hope to see you there.

If not:

perhaps the next time around.

The good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise.

Or you end, not in a Flood.  But in a Fire.

A Fire of your own making.

Because you didn't pay attention, to what was going on, and what you were a part of.

As an individual.

When you were still an individual.

Not a number on a list.

Required to keep your perhaps straying thoughts to yourself.

Or else.

As takes place in Communist China.

As we speak.

As we speak, of God's rule.  Or Man's.

Take your pick.



1 via gun controls and intended confiscations; millions of rounds of ammo stockpiled for the DHS and other federal agencies, including the TSA, which is starting to set up checkpoints now on our highways, and soon, possibly - under the cover of a declaration of Martial Law, accomplished either by hook or by crook - even on our city streets; drones flying overhead in the formerly free country, initially for innocuous-sounding surveillance, but easily converted into killer drones - with Obama having been allowed to run a kill list, on 'terrorists,' or even potential such domestic terrorists, and having been authorized, by a supine Congress, to incarcerate citizens without due process or access to a lawyer and in indefinite such detention; the list goes on.
     You can't say you weren't warned.  What did you think that business of his was all about when, during his initial run for the presidency, he announced to his adoring following that "We should have a national police force just as strong as our military"?...  And what do you think this business is, as recently reported, of his vetting potential military officers to see if they would issue orders to fire on their own citizens??  Or the even more recently leaked information that the Air Defense system on our southern border is to be 'stood down' on or by March 15th of this year???
     Ostensibly for budgetary reasons.  But there goes, in one fell swoop, the nation's early warning and tracking system.  Of, say, low-flying airplanes on drugs courier business.  Or even other kinds of airplanes, and missiles, of an attacking force.
     Not to mention how Obama and his administration are keeping the Red Chinese - our main creditor nation; and power - sweet by letting them buy up assets in this country in a debt-for-equity swap (including oil and gas; particularly crucial items to any national security issues).  And establish so-called 'free trade zones' here, by which they are guaranteed no competition...
     The country, then, is being sold out from under our feet.
     The window of opportunity to save our nation as it has been is closing.
     As we speak.

2 This is the essence of Western Civilization that we're talking about, remember; the primacy of the individual, and 'inalienable human rights,' and all that.   Where a person can't be imprisoned because of his or her religious or political beliefs; and so forth, in the luminous category of such rights.


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