Thursday, 31 January 2013

Of Guns & Butter

Comment to article at titled 'A Total Gun Ban?  Purposely Vague Language in Gun Bill Leaves Room For Interpretation' - Jan. 31

Stan Stanfield 2 minutes ago

I think it's a matter/technique of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. The feds at the end of the debate can say 'Oh okay then, we won't ban such-and-such a type gun, or [magazine]'. But if they get their foot in the door with universal gun registration, that's all she wrote - and apparently the NRA has drunk the Kool-Aid on that issue.

The message from the citizenry needs to be loud and clear to our reps in Washington: NO UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION. This registration business is an individual state matter, in a federal form of government such as ours. It is PRECISELY what an authoritarian regime wants. Hitler, Lenin, Mao - it doesn't matter what kind of gun you have: it will be rounded up. Centralization of information = total confiscation.
Don't let them get away with this putsch for power. It's time for We the People not only to say No. But HELL NO.


...and an allied comment.  This one to the same site, an article titled 'Hagel, Kerry & Brennan: Men Who (Frighteningly) Agree That Terrorism Is 'Misunderstanding'' (from an article originally at Canada Free Press by Daniel Greenfield; same date):

Stan Stanfield a few seconds ago
Good observations in this article. But I would be careful about thinking that the Obama crowd is up only to, quote, "day care centers and grievance commissions" as answers to capitalism. They want it wholesale. To say: Their mission, as per Frances Fox Pivens's desire (she of the Cloward-Piven Strategy fame), is to abolish poverty altogether, by the communist 'equality' tactic of giving everybody an equal income. And then there would be no more strife, you see. Everybody would be equally miserable. Except for those leftists who love the idea of positioning 'equality' over 'liberty'.
It's the same with the gun control thing. Their answer, and desire, is not just to control the types of weapons available to the public. They know the argument that 'if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns'. Their answer, and desire, is to abolish private guns altogether, and only let the state have them.
The Brave New World state.
And THEN there will be universal peace, and joy, and love, and fulfilment, and fuzzy huggy toys.
Maybe the latter, in such a society. Where they have failed to look outside of their materialistic box to see what life is all about; have bought the idea that the meaning of life exists in and for itself only.
That, then, there really is no meaning to life.
Except Power over others.
And who has it.


P.S.  And my last comment on this subject, for today/tonight.  This from Tea Party C.C. blog  titled 'Police NOT Obligated To Protect Citizens'  - Jan. 31: 

Excellent post, Ralph.  And extremely well timed.
We are not in the kind of world where we can do without self-defense, against either private individuals or the state.
I will be very happy when we get there; to say, to that spiritual state of consciousness.
Until that time - and it may not be that far off - I have two bits of advice to the public:
1) Stand Your Ground.  And
2) No Universal Gun Registration.
Particularly as to the latter bit of advices: Do NOT tempt the authorities to confiscate all your guns, by giving them that foot in the door.  Which they want.
I don't long wonder why...


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