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But Where's The Rest of Him

To judge by my bookshelf, one could well think that I am a big fan of Glenn Beck.  'Glenn Beck's Common Sense'.  'Broke'.  'Cowards'. 'An Inconvenient Book'. 'The Overton Window'.  'Being George  Washington'.  The Original Argument'.  'Agenda 21'.  'The Jefferson Lies' (Foreword by Glenn).  But one would be wrong.

It's true that I appreciate his take on things, and find him a valuable voice on the alternative media, speaking 'truth to power,' as it were.  (And I did get them for half-price, on a holiday special.)  But I am terribly disappointed in him for buying into - or at least appearing to buy into - the left-wing, Alinskyite 'Rules for Radicals' meme of being 'beyond the pale' professionally if he questioned the eligibility of Resident Obama, and thus got smeared with the 'birther' pejorative label.  It's as if he cares more about his image than he does about the truth of things.  And if that is in fact the case, it is - would be - fatal to his true, or at least projected, image, of a seeker of political truth, and a taker of no prisoners in the course thereof.  He is - would be - a prisoner of his own taking.  Of his hubris.

It would appear.  I don't know the full story of why he has refused to take on the Usurper, on this fundamental, constitutional, rule-of-law issue.  Perhaps he gave the matter an early, perfunctory look-over (as apparently was the case with some of his then-cohorts at Fox News), and concluded that there was nothing there.  If so, he is half the man he could be.

Where is the rest of you, Glenn.

And the same goes for, applies to the current resident, de facto president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Did you get the trigger, NSA?  Obama??  Or is 'birther' sufficient enough of a trigger these days, to land on your Review list???

Which, of course, is part of the issue,  Glenn...

And meanwhile, I will admit that I'm enjoying the read in your novel.  You certainly seem to have the picture.

If only a part of it.


N.B. For those of you who are new to the expression, 'But where's the rest of him': It comes from the title of a book about Ronald Reagan during his California governership days, which in turn came from a line he uttered in a film.  In it, he played a serviceman wounded in action, who lost his body from the waist down.  He is in a hospital bed when he discovers the awful truth, and utters the to-become classic line.  It was used by the author of the book - whose title was 'Here's the Rest of Him' - to indicate that there was a whole lot about the conservative Reagan that 'the public' - especially his political backers -  should know about; his early support for FDR, etc. etc.  

Hey - what was it that Churchill is supposed to have said?  'If you're not a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative when you're 40, you have no head'???...

(Yes, yes: apocryphal, I know.  But the essence of the sentiment is part of western political thought.)



'Orly Taitz Report on 1-3-13 Sacramento Election Challenge Hearing' at Obama Ballot Challenge, George M. - 4 Jan.
before Judge England, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court of the U.S. Eastern District of Calif.

"The arguments given by the defense were outrageous at best. AG of Ca did not say much, most of the argument came from the US attorney…
"US attorney stated at the hearing that there is no requirement for the US President to have a valid birth certificate and a valid selective service certificate and a valid Social Security number, that the U.S. Constitution does not state that the president is supposed to have valid papers.
"The judge nodded and told me, indeed the U.S. constitution does not require the US President to have valid IDs…
"I asked to allow me to put on the stand my witnesses: intelligence officer Pamela Barnett and former employee of the National Security Agency, expert in typesetting, typewriting and computer graphics with 57 years of experience Paul Irey, who would testify that the alleged copy of Obama’s birth certificate is a computer generated forgery. The judge refused to allow witnesses to testify. I told the judge that yesterday his deputy wrote an e-mail, which I posted on line on my web site, it was seen by millions of people, where she stated that witnesses will be allowed to testify, I relied on this and brought witnesses. The courtroom is full fobservers [sic], who are anxious to hear witnesses testify. It cost me a thousand dollars to pay for the air fair, hotel, $150 for production of exhibits, the judge said no. I told him that I am a civil rights pro bono attorney, that I made all this effort based on a permission given by him through his deputy only a day earlier, but he said no.
"So all I could do, was to take out the exhibits, which were large, the media could see the exhibits thad I showed that the birth certificate was a clear forgery, that one cannot type something with a type writer and get letters of all different sizes and shapes and different fonts, it can be only done by a forger, cutting and pasting letters and words from different documents.
"I showed him that it is impossible to have a white hallo around words if you only place a document on the green safety paper. this is possible only with computer manipulation, with an application called unsharp mask. I showed a birth certificate of Susan Nordyke and showed how Obama’s BC was out of sequence and that the name of the registrar is different from the name of the registrar in Nordyke’s BC, which was signed during the same time. The judge did not care...
"I reminded him that he has affidavits from the law enforcement: Sheriff Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, Investigator Coffman, the judge did not care.
"His last iron clad proof, as he took upon himself to act as an attorney for Obama, was that Obama lives in the White house, he is the president and this is the proof.
"I told him that the fact that he was elected in 2008, when we did not have all the evidence, does not mean that he should be confirmed now, when we have all the evidence of forgery in his IDs. The judge said: “who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? President Obama, that means he is the president.”
"Chief judge of the Eastern District of California is de facto saying: it is ok to be a thief and a forger, as long as you can forge and steal and not be caught because there isn’t one honest AG or Da or US attorney or a judge to compel production of the original documents and prosecute you for fraud, forgery and theft, then you can continue keeping the stolen property forever…
"It seems that during Obama regime the only ones who get protection from the law are the criminals, the law abiding citizens are completely deprived of all of their rights, the only thing they have to protect them, is ammo. Just a year or two ago, during the Arab Spring, when people of the Middle Eastern Countries realised that they have no civil rights in their corrupt regimes, they revolted and threw off their dictators, corrupt judges on the take, corrupt law enforcement on the take with the rest of the regime. Without an honest judiciary I am afraid this will be happenning [sic] in this country in the near future."    [Author's emphases & coloring throughout]

A sad day for America.

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