Friday, 4 January 2013

Stand And Deliver

I was a bit harsh yesterday on 'the welfare class'.  More accurately, on welfarism.  To say: on dependency.  On the cult of dependency.  Of turning one's power, and autonomy, over to others.  I would like to explain why.

It involves spiritual matters.  And here, let's get clear on definitions.

For example, there is the contemporary cry, 'God is great!'  Well; indeed.  But there is God, and then there is God.  And infinitum; possibly.

I am saying that there is - would logically be - a God of this, the perceived, universe.*  An Overseer, or even possibly Creator, of the apprehended universe.  But there is, according to much reasonable reckoning among scientists these days, more than one universe (called parallel universes).  And then beyond the 3D physical realm(s) - according to much evidence, including amongst (not limited to) Near Death experiencers - there are densities - dimensions of sorts - within densities/dimensions/frequencies.  Rising in degrees of consciousness.  Do they all have 'gods'?  Overseers; Administrators??  And at the top...the very tip top.....???...

It's time that we began to think multi-dimensionally about this matter/these matters.  And 'rose to the occasion' of our growing consciousness, and apprehension of such matters.  

Including of so-called evil; and ongoing spiritual evolution.  And I'm going to enter the realm of assumption here.  Bear with me, as I make my case.

Darkness exists so that the Light can increase.  So that the Creator of at least the present physical universe can glorify Itself, and all of its constituent parts.  Meaning Us. Individual pieces of the Hologram; each containing the Whole, and the Whole containing each.  To say:  We fractals of the Whole are each extremely important to the Whole.  As we 'grow', so does the Whole grow.

So, do not waver in your personal development, of consciousness-raising.

And that's fundamentally why I am so incensed when individuals are led astray by others, into not developing themselves; their consciousnesses.  Their individual piece of the Whole.  In being seduced into physical dependency, that then becomes mental, and moral, dependency.  On their current life partner.  Or religion.  Or the state.  To do their thinking, and living, for them.

Rather than them being responsible for themselves.

For their piece of the picture.  Of the Whole; of which they are a part.

An important part.

Even a vital part.

Claim it.


The channeler of the spiritual community that I lived in for many years - up until just recently; and now am out in the world on my own - was (relatively) famous for encouraging, even admonishing people to "claim your Christhood Now".  That was her way of putting 'it'.  Based on her religious, and spiritual, background.  But the essence, in whatever religio-cultural tradition one grew up in, or has adopted, is the same.

Dont' get hung up on the words.

Deliver the message.



*  I won't here go into the subject of 'tribal gods', and so forth; 'gods' of a lesser nature.  Most probably from galactic, or even intergalactic, visitations in the past.  
     Zecharia Sitchin has gone into this in interesting detail in his series of books on the Sumerians and their 'gods' - aka ancient astronauts; and 'Those Who From the Heavens Came'.  Worth looking into.  Explains a lot.  Especially their (all too) human emotions and attributes.  Wars, and all that.  Clearly not from the higher realms.      

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