Sunday, 25 September 2016

On Kabuki Theatre Acts

from ‘From the Theatre of the Absurd: Hillary Clinton Body Doubles AND Voice Doubles—-Rense & Fetzer [video]’ - BP - September 25

kibitzer3 says:
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Fetzer is a good man, has done a lot of good on a lot of subjects. But he leaves himself open to being laughed out of the scene and rubbished (a la Saul Alinsky ‘ridicule’ tactics, in his ‘Rules For Radicals’ workbook) when he doesn’t check out ALL of his charges, and one misstep can do him in. In this case, it is the ‘fact’ that the cell-phone camera shots from the audience in NC at Hillary’s rally there did not show her in them. But a poster on the Internet has pointed out that the Clinton camp apparently asks people not to have their phones set ‘forward’ (they show what is behind them, not in front of them) so as not to have flashes possibly ‘distract’ Hillary, also to say, so as not to have them possibly set off a seizure. Which of course exposes the fact that she is subject to seizures; but at least, let’s get all of the facts right, so as not to let the opposition scoff the WHOLE case out of the picture. (I don’t know if this ‘answer’ is a valid one or not, but it needs to be checked out.)

Also the claim (by both Fetzer and Rense) that the S.S. weren’t present when the double came out of Chelsea’s flat: that was obviously a photo op, to show ‘Hillary’ being strong and independent and unsupported for the cameras; the S.S. in fact being there just off of the original camera shot, as shown from another angle when she moved towards the van. So that’s not a big deal, to be made of. Stick to the obvious weaknesses, guys. Stay out of trouble with giving the MSM the opportunity to tear you apart on secondary issues. We need all the help we can get, to show this Kabuki-theatre absurd act for what it is, and scoff IT out of the picture. Not us truth seekers.

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