Monday, 26 September 2016

Hillary, Appearing Alive

The word is that Hillary - who has been called the Wicked Witch of the Left; but whom I call Her Royal Highness.  She must be of royal blood; she appears to be above the law.  And therefore must think of herself AS the law.  Much the same as the Usurper in the Royal - I mean, the Oval Office now - is appearing live tonight somewhere.  Presumably.

Catch her.  Before she falls over.

P.S. Thank you, ICE.  You may have just iced it for The Donald.

P.P.S. The woman is a serial criminal and inveterate, appearing even compulsive, liar.  (Speaking of appearances.)
     I wouldn't have anything to do with her, if I were you.
     And I AM you.  As the YOU of you are me.
     But that's another subject.  But
     Coming up.
     Hold your horses.
     But don't hold your breath.  There's a little housecleaning to be engaged in first.  Of all the corruption in America.  For America to lead the world into
     The New.
     And thus, fulfilling its potential.
     But certainly not with the likes of
     Her Royal Highness.
     the Usurper.
     Who needs to have a great fall.
     And I don't mean in terms of season.
     It's a different kind of season, now.
     But all in due course.

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