Monday, 12 September 2016

On Things That Go Bump In The Night - And Sometimes Also In The Day

1a) from ‘Dobbs - Clinton Health Antics Reveal Her Fear of Truth, Penchant For Deceit’ - Rick Wells - September 12

Stan // September 13, 2016 at 12:31 pm // Reply (act. September 12)
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Thank you for calling her out so clearly, Lou.

There is not a thing we can trust about Hillary. She is a liar to her hilt. She needs to be exposed totally, tried, and sent to prison for her many crimes; but especially [for] her compromising of our national security through her mendacity and avarice while serving herself as the nation’s Secretary of State.

But perhaps her greatest act of prestidigitation has been her miraculously transforming herself from the time that she went into her daughter’s apartment to the time that ‘she’ came out, the spitting image of health and vitality, and, er, forty pounds lighter, different color hair, and slightly different nose and ear lobes and finger lengths. But hey – that’s our Hillary! Aren’t we proud of her!


Looking forward to some enterprising blogger ferreting out the name of that body double. Or to say, almost body double…

Hillary and Barry - what a pair.  Almost as bad as Hillary and Slick Willie.  Aka Bonnie & Clyde.

As for Barry…

‘Hey, Rube - I mean, Hey, Mister.’


‘Wanna buy a pig?’

‘Might.  Let’s see it.’

‘Got it right here.’

‘But it’s in your poke.  Let’s see it.’

‘See how round it is?  And how heavy it is?’

‘Well, that’s fer sure.  Looks pretty round, alright.  And pretty heavy.  So - I’ll buy it.  What do I owe you.’

‘How about - ‘

Your country.  Hick.

…and on that note (sort of):

1b) from ‘Clinton Blue Sunglasses Are Used to Prevent Seizures - It’s Not Pneumonia’ - Rick Wells - September 12/13 
(Dr. Ted Noel making further comments on the Hillary ‘Affair’.  Still thinks it’s Parkinson’s.)

Stan // September 13, 2016 at 1:36 pm // Reply (still September 12)
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Too bad the good doctor didn’t comment on the facf that another way for a person to lose fluids is via diarrhea; and on the very possibility that Hillary is incontinent at both ends, as it were, and is wearing catheter devices under the obscuring pantsuits. 

Which brings up another point about this ‘event’: Another
video taken from a different angle than the one shown here, of her standing waiting to be helped into her van, shows, when she starts to move – attempts to start to move – something metallic-looking falling out of one of the legs of her pantsuit, that, according to some commentary, made a metallic sound when landing on the pavement. But there has never been a follow-up on this matter, that I have been able to find, either on our controlled MSM, or alt media. 

One can only hope that this country can get itself back on track, as a beacon of hope for the world. Or we have blown that important mission, and responsibility. Too mortifying to contemplate.


 from ’Napolitano Exposed The Government And Was Fired!  Now Obama, DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Comey!’ - Project Clarity - September 11
(The good judge at his best.)


Trump would be smart to nominate the Judge for a Supreme Court position.

Reply 13

Indeed.  It would make a whole lot of us feel a whole lot better, if that were clearly the case. 

It would bring things to a head.  But sometimes, things need to get worse before they can get better.

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