Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why Things Are The Way They Are

Why isn’t there any litmus paper available in supermarkets or drugstores, so that people can check their own -  

Oh.  I think I’ve answered my own question: Because TPTB - in this particular instance, the medical-pharmaceutical complex; or more precisely, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - doesn’t want people (The People, that is, in our form of government; the rightful sovereigns) self medicating.

Why not?  

Well, because they may get it wrong, you see.  A little knowledge, and all that.  So The Authorities need to save them from themselves, by forcing ‘the (little) people’ to come to them, and their prescription pads, for every little thing.  Well, except for the equivalent of Band-Aids.  Although the most they have to offer people is the equivalent of Band-Aids.  

Knowing whether your own urine is acidic or alkaline, so that you can know how to adjust your diet accordingly?  Self-medicating.   Can’t have that.  Knowing what foods to consume to head off cancer??  Big self-medicating issue.  (‘Don’t you understand how much money can be made off cancer???  Get your natural products out of here.’)1  Or high blood pressure?  Or diabetes??  Or…Or…Or………

As I mentioned in a recent blog, I have already had a round with these, our erstwhile masters, back in 1972, when the federal authorities were trying to keep The People from self-medicating themselves, by limiting the dosage of individual vitamin C tablets that they could purchase OTC.   They wanted to limit it to 60 mg. strength, as I recall; which is about the amount of vitamin C one can get from a single orange.  Anything stronger than that, and you would have to go to a doctor to get a prescription.  But then, allopathic doctors are not well trained in nutrition - it’s the competition, you understand - so you might not be able to get such a prescription that way anyway.  (‘Oh, all of that stuff is a bunch of quackery.  Now, I can prescribe a nice little earn- I mean, a nice little drug, that will do the trick if you get a cold…’)  

They are in the business of saving you from the dangers of self-medicating, you do understand…. 

I could go on.  But you get the idea.  We are living in a terribly corrupted culture, wherein and whereby our erstwhile masters will save us from ourselves.  And line us up for their exploitation of us, like good, obedient slaves of and to their system. 

What am I saying, really?  I am saying, really, that this sort of thing will always happen, when people are left to their own devices, and - some always being more ‘equal’ than others - trust their keepers to take care of them; because Big Brother knows best.  Because souls cut off in the 3D matrix from their Self-knowledge - that they are facets, fractals, aspects of God - will be governed by others who lust for power, and to keep the cattle complacent, and under their thumbs; tolerated, as long as they are useful to their masters.  And then discarded when they are no longer so.

It happens every time.  Every go-‘round of the cycle.  Because souls, cut off from their self-awareness, think that they can live ‘off their own bat,’ come to goodness without acknowledging what makes there even be a Good.

Because individuals begin to think that they can ‘do it’ without God.  Go their own way without regard to the consequences of their actions.  Think - in short - small.  Like the primate that Homo Sapiens Sapiens has for a template.  Can only see what’s right in front of him.

Go figure. 

And then a Point comes when The Play has run its course, on the 3D playing Field.  And so - for example - I’m going to put all of you allopathic quacks out of business, as we return to a natural - and to say, logical - approach to health.2

How do you like them apple seeds, Doc??    

N.B. Reference herein regarding natural cancer treatment and prevention is to The Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer, as propounded originally by Prof. John Beard, an embryologist at the University of Edinburgh, in 1902, and as championed by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Sr. and his biochemist son (of the same name) starting in the early ’50s in California.  The concept has to do with the idea that cancer cells are actually natural cells of the body, particularly involved with pregnancy (eating into the lining of the uterus for the developing fetus to attach to), which are kept ‘naturally’ in control by a combination of a pancreatic enzyme (trypsin) and a vitamin (B17).  A deficiency of either can cause the normally occurring trophoblast cells to proliferate and form tumors.  The whole ‘naturally’ ingenious story can be found on the Internet, and by an easy read in the book ‘World Without Cancer’ by G. Edward Griffin.

I came across this thesis in around 1970, when attending a health conference (sponsored by the National Health Federation) in San Francisco; and almost got more deeply involved in the ‘politics’ around it, with the federal government covering up positive results from one particular lab test of the vitamin B17 ‘theory,’ involving its concentrated form (developed by the Krebs team) in a product called Laetrile.  But fate intervened, in the form of my having already been outraged by the government’s treatment of The People like cattle over the business of both a) trying to limit the dosage strength of food supplements that we can buy OTC (as referred to above), and b) trying to make me apply unconstitutional ‘Safety and Health’ practices in the business that I was the assistant manager of at the time (as referred to recently in these pages), and my life took a different turn.  But I have kept my eye on this whole business of the cover-up of ‘holistic’ cancer cures and treatments, and prevention, ever since.3 

And have a particular axe to grind with the federal government, because of this particular issue, regarding my own family.  

And look forward to Justice being served in this particular matter, as well as many others. 

For us to move on.  And Up.

Out of this hellhole.


1 And I note that just recently a holistic practitioner in the UK - with the same sort of mentality going on here, and having the same kind of government, to say, with the same sort of linkup with the drug industry - is in big trouble with ‘the government’ because she ’prescribed’ apple seeds and apricot kernels in moderation to her clients for their vitamin B17 content, and the authorities are trying to close her practice down for it.  Quackery, you see.  Need to save the public from quacks.  And from themselves.  Self-medicating being a no-no, you see.
   You do see, don’t you???… 

2 And thus go Back to the Future.  With the so-called Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, having noted the truism: ‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.’
   Who also noted that other major truism in this arena:
   ‘First, Do No Harm.’
   Forgot them both, didn’t you, Doc.

3 And most recently, with the deaths by unnatural causes of a number of alternative doctors and practitioners over their publicizing of a logically-sounding natural cancer treatment called GcMAF.  Which story also involves how our immune systems are being compromised by a substance being added to vaccines.

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