Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Sign Of The Times

I have been feeling grumbly lately.  I recently thought of the words from a poem of Yeats, that an email pen pal helped me to look up to recall precisely:

"Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold..."

And then today (yesterday, now) I happened to email a response to a couple of friends overseas, in both of which I found myself expressing some of my grumpyness.  One of which went (after the party had referred to being "fascinated" by our election activity):

"Our "election campaign":

"I wonder how it looks outside of here.  I am embarrassed for my country in having a serial criminal and liar for a major candidate for the presidential office - and with all her complex of health issues to boot.  Are they showing the 'real' Hillary??  and telling about her various crimes???  I doubt it, if our media is anything to go by.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) in this country blocks most of that sort of thing here, because they are a part of the New World Order crowd who are doing their best to take over this country, and make it just part of a region of their totalitarian global state.  

"But I digress.

"No I don't.  I just opened up a subject that I'd better not get into too much here.  It just gets my dander up.

"At my advanced age, and all...1  

"And getting my 'dander up' also brings up the subject of [a relative].  She got confirmed for brain cancer, and was scheduled [immediately] for chemo.  I haven't heard from her for awhile; and I don't want to push.  I had emailed her a number of 'leads' on the Internet about alternative treatments for cancer; but she apparently is just going to do what her doctor recommends.  Probably in reference to any 'health' insurance she may have.  The medical-pharmaceutical-governemnt complex has this area all sewed up, like so many other areas.  It is SO maddening.  There are a NUMBER of good 'alternative' treatments out there for cancer - and for its prevention.  But will the industry say anything about them?  Not only they won't, but - have you heard? - quite a few holistic doctors and practitioners here in the U.S. have recently been killed for spreading the word about one such alternative treatment (a natural substance called GcMAF).  Fortunately the word is beginning to get out about all this sort of thing into the public at large - and about the dangers of vaccinations; another terribly sore subject.  But it is a slow, painful process.  

"And VERY maddening, to an old codger like me.  Who in his advanced age doesn't have as much patience for such shenanigans as he used to.  'If I Ruled the World' - there's an oldie, that you are probably au fait with.2  (Tony Bennet; he of '[I Left My Heart In] San Francisco' fame???)  Anyway - I hope these younguns get their act together, and start turning the tide on all this crap that is going down these days..." 

I post all this, because I have come to the realization, here at the end of the day'/beginning of the next day, that - 

all things must be 'in play' for the New to take over.  To be ushered in.  In proper timing.  And I am just experiencing the dying of the decrepit, corrupt old; and taking it for something that is dying in me, too.  Because I have been part of that old scenario.  And, am here to help usher in The New as well.

So: straddling both realms.  Worlds.  Creations.

And anxious to 

get on with it. Knowing, in my old bones, and perfervid brain, that 

it's time for the New to be birthed......

Things fall apart.  The centre cannot hold.

For a reason.



1 this was an 'inside joke' in reference to an earlier joke I had made in the email, about my pen pal's having been injured in a Pilates exercise at an "advanced age," with my being in the same boat.

2 this was a follow-on to my pal's having referred to the song 'Here Comes The Sun' as most probably one I was not "au fait" with, at my age...

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