Friday, 2 September 2016

I Wonder...

I Wonder…

  I Wonder...

Where do seagulls go
            at night
            to roost??

                  It is
   a mystery
   to those who
   don’t know…

And it is the same
          with money.


We have all that we need
     within us
     and from the planet
     for everybody on
     the planet
     to share in
A nonsense.
It is worthless
And of itself.
               It only
Has the value
We give it. 
                  We could 
         as well
Exchange colored beads 
To make necklaces
               out of.
Such is the stuff
Of money.
Where does its value go
When it disappears
For the night
Or for forever
For that matter??

It’s all
In our minds.

Your mind
And become
From conditioning.
That it takes
           to be 

      And not
      of shit
I assure you.

But of riches

The riches
  the universe

  and beyond.

     As abundant
As all the grains
      of sand
On all the beaches
Of the planet

     ...where seagulls 
     disappear from
     at night
     they go
   the night

  and come back
          next day.
Like clockwork.





      is running.

          Got it


     my fine


...And speaking of my feathered friends:

from ‘Is It Time to Leave America?’ - Dave Hodges - September 1/2
(A short treatise on all the aspects of leaving the U.S.- why, and where to if so.)

Stan September 2, 2016 at 10:49 pm
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People from around the world still come to the U.S. for its built-in freedoms. That’s why the NWO crowd has targeted the U.S. for many years for takeover: Once the U.S. falls into their lap, the rest of the world is just a matter of a mopping-up exercise. A person will be safe nowhere from the monsters who are attempting to take over this world. Do what you individually have to do. But some of us patriots are staying it out.

Does that mean that I believe in violence, civil war? Not necessarily. Again, each individual has to do what they feel is right to do. But I personally prefer the ‘school of thought’ of civil disobedience. If we can’t clean up the voting systems in the country before the Nov. elections, and thus be able to count on an honest election, we patriots need simply to disable The Beast. No support to it, or for it.

Love your enemies, for they are the children of a loving Creator Source as well. Just don’t support them, in their misguided efforts, to be as gods, before they have the consciousness to be able to inherit such a mantle.

And we will win out. Ultimately. Because the Light is stronger than the Dark. Heck: the Dark can only exist because OF the Light. (Which, of course, makes so many hardline Darkside individuals so angry: because they realize that they exist only on the sufferance of the true Creator. Whereas the Light just IS.)

Stan September 2, 2016 at 11:06 pm
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P.S. I should have honored the right of self-defense a little more in my comments just above. I do agree with the premise. And there is great deterrent value in as many American citizens as feel comfortable with the idea, having a good, solid self-defense system. That could head off any obscene move on the part of the NWO crowd to try to take over the nation forcibly. It’s just that I personally prefer the approach of saying to such arrogant types, by our actions: ‘No, We Will Not Be Your Slaves.  Go Back Into The Shadows Where You Came From. You Are Not Welcome HERE.’

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