Friday, 23 September 2016

'O Hillary!' - The Play

'O Hillary!' - The Play

Has a difficult part
           to play
In the Drama
          going on
And about to come
To its conclusion:
      that of the person
That some people love
           to hate
In her serial criminal
            and liar

Which, hopefully, she
Will not over-identify with,
         will be able
     to release
     when the time comes
     for graduation
Out of this class
To a higher one.

To say:

Does Hillary know that she
Is but playing a part?
I don’t think so.
She wouldn’t be able
To play it so well
If she knew she were
And was going to have
Such a great fall.

And so I don’t envy her
             one bit
In having her moment
           of grandeur

           to be over
And done with
When the time comes
For Completion

    in this particular


Life is a school.
         The purpose
Is to graduate.
Not to get caught up
       in the Drama
In the lower grades.

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