Saturday, 3 September 2016

Come ON, People. This Is 101.

Who would ever vote for the proven - by the record - criminal and sleaze artist, Hillary Rodham Clinton???

I can understand - to some extent - some black Americans voting for her, because of their belief that ‘the Clintons’ are on their side, of welfare schemes and such.  But they really need to take a closer look at that ‘hand,’ that has dealt them so many blanks, in the way of jobs, for example.  (See below.)

And I can understand that some females would vote for her, just because she is a woman.  (A Lesbian, perhaps; but a female nevertheless.)*    

And I can understand some idealistic youth, having been brainwashed by their ‘liberal’ college professors, supporting the likes of NAFTA - the handiwork of ‘Two For the Price of One’ Bill Clinton in the ’90s, as part of the game plan of the New World Order crowd - as good world citizens, cutting the pollutive U.S.A. down to Third World size, in order for it to be a good global ‘citizen.’ and for them to be good global citizens in reducing the living standard of the nation, and their own individual living standards.  But where does that scenario end up??  By getting real: with the American Middle Class ending up being reduced to the point of being eliminated (and there goes all those good-paying jobs, for all those debt-saddled college graduates not to move into upon completion of their daze in academia); for the nation thus to fall into the hands of its erstwhile masters like a ripe fruit.  And so much for the siren song of ‘Sustainable Development’.      

To say: Hillary’s real backers are those American citizens enamored of the idea of a totalitarian New World Order, which they figure that they will run.  

So, that’s it.

So.  Is that what you want, America??  Really???…

…And speaking of Global Welfare Schemes - America’s riches shared out with the rest of the world, in a Marxian act of ‘redistribution of wealth’ - here’s one, via Bob Smith, former U.S. senator, speaking for an outfit called Frontiers of Freedom:

“The ‘Law of the Sea Treaty’ [which Clyde - excuse me; Bill - pushed for and signed in 1994, as part of his attempts to move the U.S. into the NWO, and which could come before the Senate for ratification at any time now] is one of the most dangerous U.S. treaties ever.  Because it will…

“* Surrender control of deep-sea natural resources to an organization that’s the U.N.’s brainchild.

“* Grant this U.N.-backed organization the power for the first time ever to levy direct taxes on American corporations to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.

“* Transfer money and technology from U.S. corporations to Third World nations as part of a Global Welfare Scheme.

“* Hamstring our Navy from stopping ships on the high seas that we suspect are carrying terrorists or weapons of mass destruction —  unless we ask for permission.

“* Create another U.N.-style Court stacked with judges hostile to the U.S. to enforce the decisions.”

His conclusion: 

“Allowing the ratification of the ‘Law of the Sea Treaty’ would be a bigger blunder than Jimmy Carter’s giveaway of the Panama Canal…”

No. 1.   Forgive me if I have the feeling that “American corporations” are pleading, like Brer’ Rabbit, not to be thrown into the briar patch in this matter.  They will end up running things, in the NWO.  How do I know?  Because it’s their baby.  Has been from the beginning.  Back a long, long time ago.  They just want to mako sure that Marxists don’t take over the game plan, and actually take away their money, in money-wasting schemes, like giving it to the poor, who would just squander it. 

No. 2 .  This treaty highlights what is going on on the planet, and where we are in it all. 

As Sen. Smith goes on to say (and I am sure with sincere concern on his part):

Obama’s globalist agenda must be stopped.” (Author’s emphases throughout the above)

But the main reason that it must be, is not just to save the day for the corporate-government complex - i.e., fascism - that is trying to take over the world (and doing a damn good job of it, so far).  And not just to let the Marxists win the day, from the other end of the socio-econo-political spectrum.

But because there is an even larger scenario at work here.

Can you say, the kingdom of heaven???…

A Disclaimer here (or whatever it’s called).

Back at the beginning of the ‘80s I worked for a year (TDY from my life in a spiritual community in the north of Scotland) with an NGO affiliated with the UN named Planetary Citizens, with our office right across the street from the UN in downtown Manhattan, on a project that it was the Secretariat for called ‘The Planetary Initiative (For The World We Choose)’.  It was an ambitious project intended to set up grassroots groups all over the world, working with the theme of ‘Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’ - helping people think of themselves not just as citizens of their countries, but as Planetary Citizens as well.  That is, having a larger perspective as well, in terms of their effects on the planet.  ‘Sustainable Development,’ then, as has become a major theme in our day.  But in a different way from what we were intending by it.

Planetary Citizens was the brainchild of a man who some called ‘God’s secret agent at the UN’  - a man by the name of Donald Keys.  Donald - I can assure you, from personal experience - was a very spiritual man.  He was all for these themes that have taken off in our day - ‘Sustainable Development’; etc. etc. etc.  But in a spiritual way

In the way of Service to Others.  Not in the way of Service to Self.  The latter being the materialistic way - i.e., the world’s way.  Not the spiritual way.

You see (he said, and not meaning to be paternalistic.  More like Elder Brotherish), civilization - governance - is an evolving process, the evolution taking place in a natural way that the political philosopher F. Hegel called ‘The Dialectic’ - and others since have called ‘scientific dialectical materialism’.  A main plank of the Marxists.  But they have thought a little too short of the mark.  So did Hegel, too, by the way.  But he still did a very good job of sussing out the natural process involved.  

‘His’ process - the natural evolutionary process that he perceived as going on in human history - involved a position - stage - being called a ‘thesis,’ which, because it was not reflecting the final ‘whole’ of the matter (which Marxists call containing 'contradictions'),  generated a reaction to it, that he called the ‘antithesis,’ the interaction between the two of which he called the ‘synthesis’ - i.e., synthesizing parts of both parts of the equation; but because it is not the final, crowning stage of the actual historical process, that interim ‘synthesis’ becomes the ‘thesis’ of the nest stage of the unfolding process.   

Cut to our day and age.  The Dark side of us Players on the historical Stage have ‘raised the ante’ to the global level, now; their position - of total global control, by ‘malevolent’ intelligences - crying out for/invoking the reaction to it:

the crowning stage of the process.  The final Synthesis.  There being no larger stage to operate on than the global one.  When all the pieces come together, as it were.

And we engage in Completion.  And then Ascension.  Out of the 3D school.  Onto a higher turn of the spiral. 

Of constant evolution of consciousness.

On our way back to


Having proved ourselves, along the Way, fitting for


Whatever ‘It’ is, precisely.

But, then, we will find out.

All in good time.

And only

as it were.

And why is it The End of the process?

Because - in a nutshell:

God isn't interested in what we do when we are forced to.  God is only interested in what we do when we choose to.  ('God' being neither male nor female.  On the Unity level, there is no duality.)  And God will not brook the world being held in permanent darkness, under the thumb of the Dark side.

Who are, after all, only Players in The Play, anyway.


* And that’s another subject.  That I have gone into before, in these pages; and will do so again, I assume.
   Until we get ‘it’ right.


P.S. And as if right on cue, now the Usurper has signed an 'Executive Agreement' with the heads of Red China and the UN on Climate Change.  Which the Obamanistas will treat as a treaty - and attempt to demonize anybody who tries to say, truthfully, 'But it is not a treaty!'
     He is building on a couple of other such 'agreements' that he has entered into, and that haven't been properly dealt with by Congress.
     We are on the precipice of a civil war.
     It is time for 'higher powers' to enter into the picture.  And tell the Usurper, in no uncertain terms - on his way out:
     'This.  Will.  Not.  Stand.'
     The Usurper is disgracing the Office beyond anything that even legal presidents have done to it before.
     And Congress has shown just what wimps they are.
     So, they are not the ones to deal with this matter.  In its whole context.
     It is time for The People to step in.
     Having the backs of Oath Keepers.
     And said 'higher powers'.
     Just sayin'.

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