Saturday, 24 September 2016

On Where We're At

from ‘The U.S. Has Entered the False Flag Window’ - Dave Hodges, iv w/Mike Adams - September 22/23
(All kinds of possible scenarios brainstormed.)

Stan September 24, 2016 at 12:27 am
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I think that we can safely say that this is it. TPTB have had their New World Order plans in the works for a long, long time, and it’s all coming to a head now. The wrinkles in their plans could be twofold: 1) Hillary’s health. (Incidentally, why isn’t anybody making anything of that small piece of metal that fell out of Hillary’s right pants leg when she was attempting to move to the van on 9/11?? It was obviously a piece of colostomy-bag equipment. Crucial evidence of the severity of her health issues.) And 2) Russia’s blocking of TPTB’s desire to lay a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Europe and thus undercut Russia’s market, and independence of them – obviously one of the main outcomes [intended] of their attempt to take over Syria, and oust Assad. (And thus Obama’s recent ‘Oops-sorry’ bombing of a Syrian army base…)

And this latter point is why I don’t fully buy your concern about Russian troops being involved in our mainland’s takeover, Dave. I think Putin is on the side of the U.S. people in this face-off, and genuinely against Hillary being in the POTUS position. Anyway: time will tell on all of this.

Including if our military will rise to the occasion, and throw off these miscreants attempting to get them to go along with the NWO scenario. Which is the last gasp of the Dark side on this planet. And thus why this is a very dangerous time, indeed. But very hopeful as well.

from ‘Immunity Deals For Everybody - DOJ Free-For-All To Protect Hillary Clinton’ - Rick Wells - September 24
(At least 5 people have been granted immunity in the Clinton email scandal, and will not face prosecution…)

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What a sorry bunch of criminals in this administration.

But then, it all stems from the head.

…and speaking of…

from ‘Obama Used Fake Name To Send Stripped Classified Docs To Clinton Unsecured Server’ - Rick Wells - September 24
(So a smoking gun that he knew that Hillary was using an unsecured email server to do business out of.  SoS business.  And funny business.)

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And all these people are still walking around free as a bird. Instead of being jail birds.

Words fail me.


And on that note.........

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