Monday, 19 September 2016

While I've Got Your Attention

As follow-on to my censuring plea of last night:

What is wrong with you people of America.  Doesn't your nation mean anything more to you, than that you would prefer to watch your distracting entertainments while the totalitarians bent on making you their slaves take over your country??  You are no people of mine, if so.  Get thee then to Gehenna, and be done with your opportunity to rise to this occasion, and inherit your higher reward.  Not that of your baser instincts, of living in, and for, the comfort of the slops tossed your way by your erstwhile masters.

They are masters, alright.  Masters of deceit.

Their ploy:  to get as many black Americans and other minorities, and poor whites, as they can on and addicted to welfare and food stamps and the like, and then pull the plug - in a number of ways* - depositing them into the drain pipe, where they can go down the gurgler, and take the 'established order' with them. Crisis equalling Opportunity, as 'they' have even told you, and to your faces.

'They': Our erstwhile masters.

Shrug - or even throw - them off.  While you still can.  With oath takers having become oath keepers leading the way.

And then I will take over.  And lead you to

The Promised Land.

And you can take that to the bank.

Said with all due irony...  :-)

And just so, the call:

'All ashore who are going ashore.'

As for the rest of you:

You can stay adrift, in the doldrums of your making, if you want.

Your choice.

As always.

But you are not going to hold the rest of us back any longer.

You have had your day in the sun.

It's time now for the Sons and Daughters of the One True God to take over their inheritance.

Just waiting for them.

On the other side of

this last barrier.

This last Opportunity.

To show their true grit.

That they are made of

the Right Stuff.


Such as orchestrating a state of national emergency for the purpose of letting the Usurper declare martial law, and thus bring about the end of the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A. that way; the 'soil' having been prepared by such as having used Weather Warfare techniques to create drought conditions in California, in order to cut down and impair in a major way the flow of fruit and vegetables to the entire country; also, by the orchestration of ugly emotions between 'the blacks' and 'the whites' by people like George Soros, for their nefarious ends, to capitalize on when said plug is pulled, to create such as food riots.
   Our erstwhile masters bound and determined to have their revolution however they need to orchestrate it into being.  And having attempted to take away as many weapons of self defense from Joe and Jill America as they could, with false flag events - designed and implemented for just that purpose - over a number of years, now.
   All of which are going to be subjected to in-depth, and independent, investigations, when the smoke clears.  As it will.
   As it will.
   And as they will be.
   When The Truth - the whole Truth - outs.


P.S. A timely observation by Rick Wells on the scenario for the United States - for the former United States of America:

from ‘Obama Clinton Diversity Balkanization - Dilute First, Then Divide And Conquer’ - Rick Wells - September 19
(A well-spoken ‘essay’ on the planned-for overthrow of the American Republic and its carving-up into bite sizes for TPTB to take over, as part of their totalitarian New World Order…)

Stan // September 20, 2016 at 7:21 am // Reply (act. September 19)
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Excellent commentary, Rick. Thanks for spelling ‘it’ out so clearly. ‘It’: the hijack of the American federal constitutional Republic.

Long planned for. Long braced for the inevitable ‘reaction’ to our erstwhile masters’s best-laid plans.

If the American people can be torn away from their entertainment boxes long enough to see what is going on around them. And has been, for some time…


P.P.S. A just-previous comment of mine on another of Rick’s excellent postings today:

from ‘Trump Forces Clinton To Retreat To Hideout For 6 Days Ahead Of Debate’- Rick Wells - September 19/20 
(Also allowing her to get her health stabilized, at least long enough to hold up for the debate…)

Stan // September 20, 2016 at 7:09 am // Reply (act. September 19)
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Not sure that TPTB are going to take this risk. Look for a false flag event, to give the Usurper the opportunity to call a state of national emergency and thereby declare martial law, and wipe out both the elections and the Constitution/rule of law that way. The Usurper having telegraphed his punch by having declared that “Trump will not be the president”.

Know something that we should know about, Barry???

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