Monday, 5 September 2016

Speaking Of Hillary...

  Hillary Clinton
Is playing her part
Of a serial criminal
              and Queen
          of Sleaze
       to perfection.
                For, she
         has brought
     The Play
To its conclusion.
           there is
      no way
      that she
      should occupy
      the position
Of the presidency
Of the United States.

Have figured out
The larger Scheme
Has brought us
               And so
        The Play
          is over

To the Stage
Of the New Age
       and its
    to figure




...and speaking of women in American politics:

from ‘Conservative Champion Phyllis Schlafly Dies At 92’ - Leo Hohmann - September 5

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 5)

A tireless worker for the Light.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.


I almost passed posting a comment on the great, noble Phyllis Schlafly in the same blog breath with the corrupt-to-her-bones Hillary.  But somehow it seems fitting, to end it on such a cleansed note.

I have a copy of Phyllis's classic 'A Choice - Not An Echo' among the books at my bedside, to dip into at some point.  I missed it the first time around; I'm not sure why.  I suppose it was one of those 'I'Il get around to it someday' choices that we make.  Speaking of choices...

I did dip into her material at one point.  Back in the early '70s, when things were getting a bit hairy for the U.S., under the corrupt (think the money-driven Great Society; think the USS Liberty; think a no-win but lucrative war in Southeast Asia) LBJ and then the devious Nixon,* she sounded the alarm over our perceived military weakening vis-a-vis the Soviet Union, and prepared material for 'patriots' to use in their grassroots dealings with local media, etc.  I responded in writing to such a 'weakening' position on behalf of a local (Oakland) TV station, and lo and behold, they offered me a chance to voice my response on air on a one-minute follow-on segment, as was their policy.  So somewhere in the archives of a local TV station in Oakland, California there is a clip of me on camera, giving Phyllis's perspective on the matter, and mine, to the local public. 

As I say:  Well done, Phyllis.  You did yourself proud, this go-round.  And I am glad to have played a part, if only a very small part, in your story.


* about whom I remember writing a letter to William F. Buckley, urging him to help lead a call for RMN's impeachment, over his apparent sellout of the U.S.'s national security to the NWO crowd over letting the USSR establish a naval foothold in Cuba; among other sinister moves by his administration.  Like the subtle federal encroachment into state-level governance with the establishment of OSHA - the Occupational Safety & Health Act/Administration; and the equally sinister moves by the FDA to try to curtail OTC 'therapeutic' levels of vitamin supplements (like restricting vitamin C to a 60-mg.-strength  dosage.  Which is about the amount of vitamin C in one orange, for heaven's sake)), on the grounds that it was 'self-medicating'.  (Well??!!)  So the effing what???!!!  Butt out of our personal business, Big Nanny.  And take your Big Brother, lurking there in the shadows behind you, with you.)  
   What was Buckley's response, you say?  He actually wrote me back.  Said: "Impeach Richard Nixon?  A thought.  But not one with which I would concur."
   Very Buckley.  But I think that I can get a little credit for changing something at his NR:  I also wrote him about the NR's acceptance of an ad for a manual on the new OSHA compliance matter, complaining that the NR should NOT be accepting such sneaky advertisement.  And I never saw another such ad placed with the NR again. 
     I realized, somewhere along the line, that the NR was a very different kettle of conservative fish from my kind of people; which was more in the camp of the JBS Society.  But it was a good read, nevertheless, especially over in Scotland - where I lived for many years - for keeping up with what was going on econo-socio-politically in my home country.  But I finally bailed out of my subscription -  and with a curt note of explanation - when they failed to call Obama on his obvious ineligibility.  That was when I realized, fully, the NR's political colors.  They were not just 'internationalists' - which are respectable enough, as a perspective, in the new globalist world, in its basics.  They were a full-blown part of the New World Order gang.  
     That was the end of my appreciation of the National Review, as a voice on the 'right' - and Right - side of things, in the U.S., in my estimation. 
     But to continue.


Late entry.  Couldn't resist.  It fits under this title.  And speaking of fits...

from ‘“Shut it Down”: Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage’ - September 5; orig. posted at 
(Video of Trump receiving a shawl from an African-American bishop in Detroit, to thunderous applause from the black audience, when someone is heard telling the cameraman to shut it down, who refuses to, until someone cuts the feed off.)

(NSA tape:)

Male Voice: ‘Yes, Hillary.’

Female Voice: ‘You fuckers are showing Trump in a good light - and in part of my base to  boot.  (coughing)  Shut it down!’

Male Voice: ‘We’ll do what we can, Hillary.’

Female Voice: ‘I mean NOW!  I’m out here busting my (coughing) ass off for you kinds of assholes, and I expect some (coughing) fucking backup.’  (prolonged coughing)

Male Voice: ‘Hillary?  Are you all right?’

Female Voice (after prolonged coughing): ‘Of COUSE I’m all right!  Didn’t you get the fucking memo???!!!  (prolonged coughing)

Male Voice (hesitantly): ‘We’ll get right on it, Hillary.  Take care of - I mean…’

(End of tape)


P.S. The next day:

And to those who say
We shouldn't make fun
                 of Hillary
When she's down, I say
'Can you imagine
How angry we are
And trying to cover it
                with humor
                by Hillary
Attempting to saddle
             the country
With a sick woman
In the presidency
          because of her 
And not just to mention
For the power, but for
               the money
               to be made
               on the side?
As if she hasn't done
       enough damage
       on that score

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