Wednesday, 14 September 2016

On 'Other Hands At Work??'

from ’Savage - Obama New Caliphate Leader, Did God Cause Clinton Collapse’ - Rick Wells - September 14/15
(Savage doesn’t think her condition is ‘dehydration’.  In his opinion…)

  • Stan // September 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm // Reply (still September 14)
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  • Why would anyone even still THINK it was ‘dehydration’??? Her female aide alongside her while they were walking towards the security van, checking her pulse, and then once there and waiting, getting Hillary to grasp her fingers and hold on. This is a neurological test. Whatever all Hillary has, it is NOT a simple matter of feeling faint because of ‘dehydration’.

  • This attempted con job of the American people has got to be brought to a halt. 
  • She is making a fool of everybody. Including herself.

2a) from ‘Who Are The Top Choices To Replace Clinton?’ - Dave Hodges - September 13/14
(His speculation ranges into the Republican Party Establishment, with either Romney or Ryan; anything to keep Trump out of that office, and spoiling TPTB's best-laid plans...) 

Stan September 14, 2016 at 10:34 pm
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1. After the Democrats trashed Romney so roundly in the 2012 elections? I don’t think so, there.

2. Why go with Ryan, a second tier candidate. It would be saying that ‘we Democrats don’t have another top-tier candidate of our own’.

That leaves –

* a) Biden, and b) Bernie, and c) Pocahontas, aka Elizabeth Warren for the female liberal vote. (Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans would make much of taking the Constitution literally on her ineligibility, would say that ‘special circumstances call for special responses’ and to hell with that “damn piece of paper”.)  But it also leaves –

* Obama with the opportunity to take advantage of an orchestrated false flag event to declare martial law, and thereby suspend a) the elections and b) the Constitution, and thus rescue his ‘legacy’. Unless TPTB have other plans for him – like, Secretary-General of the world.

Personally, I would bet on the latter option, as the choice of the Cabal. And, of course, that is what will happen.



2b) from ‘TNT’s “The Last Ship” Is Foretelling America’s Bleak Future’ - Dave Hodges - September 13/14
(This series is engaged in ’predictive programming,’ i.e., “the conditioning of the masses to accept a bleak future planned by the globalists” - mass genocide involving pandemics, mass vaccinations, civil war, the U.S. divided into some regions, people who won’t be vaccinated sent to FEMA camps where they are incinerated…)

Stan September 14, 2016 at 10:58 pm
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Good point. Thanks for highlighting it, Dave.

Hollywood has its malevolent finger in a lot of pies……


...And has anybody followed up on the suspicion that Steven Spielberg was involved in directing (and even participating in) the Boston Marathon Bombing 'drill'??  Or followed up further on any of the leads that have demonstrated that the Sandy Hook Elementary School 'exercise' was just that - a FEMA 'exercise' as cover for another move towards a gun grab, by our erstwhile masters???...

Clever, these Hollywood sons of bitches...

...but not clever enough.  Or, it's that they have to telegraph their moves, because of some 'law' regarding man's free will...

...I would really like to see this Play over and done with.  That we can get to

the Real Thing.  Because

it's time.  

And I mean that literally.

P.S. And as for the Hollywood s.o.b.'s: I call them that, because they are not just playing parts in a cosmic Drama, between 'Good' and 'Evil' - between the Dark and the Light.
     But because they really believe in their parts.
     And will suffer the consequences, for getting so stuck in them, that they can't get out.

P.P.S. A further word to the immediate above.  I suspect that part of my anger towards them is more of frustration than anything else.  Because they make me continue to hang around in 3D 'reality'.  I would really like to go Home permanently.  But we all have our parts.  And mine - like other souls - seems to be to continue to help shepherd awakening souls through the Ring Pass Not.
     Over.  And over.  And over...
     It gets tiresome.
     But it comes with the territory.  So to speak.
     May you awaken sufficiently to make it through this time.
     And Time.  And Time again.........
      ...until you get it right.
     And move on.  And Up.
     To far, far better horizons than these in 3D.
     But - find out for yourself.

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