Sunday, 11 December 2016

And Furthermore.....,.

from ‘Is the California Secession Efforts Being Run From Russia?’ - Ted Cronn - December 9 (also carried on LibertyAlliance - December 9/10) 

bjr1 a day ago (December 9)

Curiously, I would like to know how many 'Americans' are involved, in this situation. They should be allowed to belong to whichever country will have them, as they have patently shown their total disregard for the United States of America. As for California, same deal. Those who wish to remain loyal Americans will ALWAYS find a home, in an adjacent area or wherever they would choose to go. If the majority of Californians are AGAINST the secession, time to recall the politicians and make THEM. the politicians, face the citizenry.

  • kibitzer3 bjr1 a few seconds ago (December 10)

  • Disregarding for the moment the legal fact that all the states of the Union have to sign off on the constitutional contract to have any of them leave said contractual Union, a good thing out of this initiative is that it could force California to cleanse its voter reg rolls of all illegal aliens and other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters; to discontinue the use of hackable electronic voting machines and go back to a clear paper trail; and to install surveillance cameras in every place where there are ballot boxes, to forestall ballot box stuffing (thank you, Project Veritas, for that evidence), in order to discover the wishes of the American citizens residing in the state - such as me. And then, of course, a probable million or more votes for such as Hillary will disappear overnight. And our governor, Jerry Brown, will be exposed for running a fraudulent operation, jailed - along with his administration accomplices - and this nation could begin its return to sanity, out of the asylum snake pit that fraudulent voting and electoral systems have dropped it into.

from ‘Veterans shocked to find their American flags burned on Pearl Harbor anniversary’ - Carlos Garcia - December 8; posted at TeaPartyJournal  - December 9/10 
(“Two Bakersfield, California, gym owners were shocked to find that a pair of American flags they hung outside of their businesses were burned and destroyed by vandals. The disturbing act was committed on the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, and worse still, the gym owners are both military veterans…”)

Mighty_Mouse on Dec 8, 2016 5:34 pm said:
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Anyone still want to argue that this would have been protected under the 1st Amendment? As the veteran stated, good thing it was just the flag and not the entire facility. I have always considered flag burning an act of violence, not protest. This is why I feel it should be criminal to commit such an act.

kibitzer2 on Dec 11, 2016 1:52 am said:

Indeed.  It is destruction of private property.

And if this was the work of an illegal alien, he and his whole family should be deported - period.  For being a criminal.  Period.  Or a couple of IA pranksters - the same.  This is no prank.  This is a blow to the gut of every American.

And if this was the work of an American kid or kids, he or they should face 200 hours of community service each, and a session on American History and Government.  

A lot of our kids haven't been taught properly in these far Left-oriented schools these days.  Time to give them a lesson.

My wick is getting shorter by the day; and almost by the hour………

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