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Mission Improbable

I remember my lessons well.  It was under Mrs. Ingeseth, my third grade teacher, that we learned about the chain of missions set up by Father Junipero Serra all up and down the coast of what was to become known, in good time, as the state of California, in - of course; of course - the United States.  To help land the lesson in our minds and bodies, she led us in learning how to make (miniature) bricks out of mud and straw.  I have always felt a fondness for the adobe brick constructions of my Southern California roots, and its courtyard architecture, and so forth.  I would not be surprised if said fondness dates back, not ‘always,’ but to that experience.  And interestingly enough, I myself took such a ‘course’ in later years, and on foot, just as Father Serra had, when I set out from my then-home in North Hollywood up the coast, with a message to the towns along the way, through letters to the editors of the local newspapers, of deliverance from the trap of ‘money,’ such as it was in our time.  But all that is another story.  Of course.  Of course.1 

And not that my roots were totally embedded in the fertile earth of Southern California.  We had moved from our home in southern Idaho during the summer of 1942, at the end of my second grade, to a whole new experience in and of life emanating from our new home next to the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach.  Our stepfather - of my brother and I - had come down early to prepare the way, and our mom drove us down from the home in Payette, Idaho where we had lived only for a year and a half, previously from Boise in that State,2 when The War broke out (what I was to find out later was called World War Two) - in December of the previous year - on the “day that will live in infamy” - and our mother - as I was also to find out later - had talked our step-dad into moving to southern California because she had lived there for a time in her earlier life and knew that there was going lo be a lot of money to be made in the shipyards and aircraft plant in the fertile fields of Long Beach.3  Our first experience of California, I remember well, was when Mom, shortly after our crossing the border (from Nevada), stopped the car, at a large = seemingly, to my small-child’s eyes, as endless - orange grove, and had us all pick one each.  I must have been a thorn in my mom’s side even then, when I hesitated, saying, “But that’s stealing,” and was rebuked, with the scoffing ‘lesson’ that “Oh, they won’t mind”.  That may have been true in the instance - after all, the grove was groaning with sun-kissed pleasure.  But as a life lesson, it was not a good one, Mom.  And was countermanded a little later in life, still in my early Life With Mom - and at a time when we were living alone (except for the occasional visit of her boss-cum lover)4 - when she rebuked me for expressing (classroom-educated) admiration for FDR by ‘pointing out’ to me that “the Democrats like to spend other people’s hard-earned money”.  But to continue.

 I am laying here the groundwork for my comments on the California of today.  Which I wilt get to now.  By way of clarifying a large space of time between when I left here - what I consider my home town; having lived here through most of my schooldays’ life (including three years of university) - to go into the Army for two years, as a conscientious objector (after a year spent in New York City, seeking answers in their spacious Main Public Library for my by-then serious questions about life); never to return until I decided to retire here after living a total of 56 years away, with over 30 years of that living abroad.5 

Did I say that I came here to retire?  I seem to have stepped right into a major situation, involving my beloved United States.

It started, for me, when I went to vote here, in the year of my return, in the 2012 elections - by then a staunch foe of the Usurper, Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Obama; having discovered, via the Internet,6 that he was not eligible for the office, had been shoehorned into it by TPTB behind both the Democrat AND the Republican parties - and discovered that a) they didn’t ask me for my ID (“How do you know that I am who I say I am??”), and b) they even had a rule in this State NOT to ask people for an ID.  What??!  What IS this???

I was to discover what ‘this’ is.

It is a takeover of my home state, by TPTB, on the way to making of it a nation unto itself.  (‘The Republic of California,’ as some perps have now announced to Russia, in the establishing of an ‘embassy,’ or ‘diplomatic mission’ there, under the rubric of ‘Yes California,’ aka Calexit.) 

Let me clarify something here.  This state has, and has had, an easy way to acquire a) a photo ID, and b) one which proves one’s citizenship, by the requiring of a copy of your birth certificate to acquire it.  It was also the way to acquire a driver's license - until 2015, when this State, in its devious wisdom, allowed illegal aliens to acquire those - and not only that, but to acquire registration onto the voter registration rolls at the same time (a so-called Motor Voter law).  If they so choose.  

They can opt out, of courses.  Not being a citizen, and all.

But the onus is on them, to do so.

You do see what this is, don’t you??

It is a message from the State: ‘We know that you are not a citizen.  And so you should not, of course - at least, not yet - accept being put on the voter registration rolls automatically.  But the onus is on you.  Nothing to do with us, what you choose to do.  Hint.  Hint.’

Who’s kidding whom here???  This is a clear incitement for IAs to break the law - and know that the State authorities wilt not do anything about it.  And as if to underline that attitude, at this time, by ‘the authorities,’ there was as well just before this last election the video of Obama telling the audience of a Spanish-speaking site, that if illegal aliens COME OUT AND VOTE, they will NOT BE PROSECUTED by his federal authorities.

And Governor Jerry Brown has told the IAs in this State in effect the same thing.  

In cahoots with the majority of the State legislature.

The IAs, and legal aliens, having taken over the voting in this state, over the years.  Along with their allies in arms, the liberals.  At least, the far Left liberals.7  

All of whom are attempting to take over this State, for their own purposes.  And if they can’t manage the same thing for the whole of the country??: 

‘Well, we’ll just have to break up the country, and turn it into individual regions.  Under the control of us, your erstwhile masters.’
 And I am here to tall you differently.

Let me put it this way.  If it were up to me:

I would send federal Marshals into the State to arrest both erstwhile Presidente Jeremiah Brown and his just-past Secretary of State (now U.S. Senator), among other State authorities, and hold them for trial, on the main charge of disenfranchising the American citizens residing in this State regarding federal elections AND State elections, for allowing non-citizens to vote in this State, thus diluting their votes almost to nonexistence;

I would quash the agenda of TPTB to turn California into a stand-alone nation, and keep it within the Union as is, or with a legally-severed new State out of it, currently called Jefferson (which may not have to happen, once the non-citizen and other illegal voters, like dead voters and duplicate/multiple voters, are no longer running things);

I would start sending IAs and phony ‘refugees’ back to their countries of origin, or in the latter case, to UN-sponsored refugee camps in the vicinities of their countries of origin, until things settle down in their home countries; -  

oh - and incidentally, this would all be accompanied by the dissolution of the monetary system as is, and its replacement by a system of simple, mostly electronic credits and debits that would be a precursor to a system of getting away from the use of ‘money’ altogether; as we move into a state of Abundance, and replicators, and such.  Courtesy of our Creator, and human ingenuity acquired therefrom.

But that’s just me.

Until then, in this State we could replace Federal Reserve Notes with adobe bricks.

They’re worth just about the same.


1 For the record: I stopped my quixotic journey when I came to Watsonville - ‘The Artichoke Capital Of the World’ - where for whatever reason (I didn’t know the details of why I was doing what I was doing; I was jut along for the ride, so to speak) I realized that I could carry on my mission through the mail.  I had ‘counted’ on some enterprising reporters along the way asking me questions about such a world - a world without money, at least as we understood it at the time (interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking; neither of which is necessary to the efficient exchange of goods and services, and actually gets in the way of said exchange, by making the acquisition of money the end of the process, rather than merely the means) - but none of that proved to be forthcoming; and what, then, was I going to do - continue to walk around the country, like a Johnny Appleseed, dropping my seeds along the way??  To what end, other than possibly a few saplings left in my wake???  So I returned ‘home’ - again, with my brother, and his growing family - and finished my ‘mission’ through letters to the rest of the local newspapers in the State (researched out in the local Library).  To no avail that I became aware of, other than a couple of response letters pointing out to me that said newspapers only printed letters from locals, not circulars; ‘Sorry.’  
   So was I.  
   Incidentally, around this same time I came across another concept about money, put forth by an outfit called - I believe - the Technocratic Society; but they based their concept of a currency on energy.  My concept was of a different form of energy.  It was based on the idea of sharing our goods and services with one another, not for making a ‘profit’ out of the ’deal,’ but on a higher motive than the one of making a profit.  On the highest motive that there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  And thus, ending the Drama of duality, and moving into a state of Unity - or at least, a greater state of such - with our Creator. 
   I guess I was a little ahead of my, and our, time.
   Also interestingly enough, I have noticed that that Technocracy idea has continued, in ‘high circles’ (as with the Trilateral Commission; dealing with energy via the usage of, and the saving of.  As in Carbon Credits on the one hand, and eliminating people/CO2 emitters on the other.  The latter, as in capers like 9/11), and is the basis for the New World Order’s long-planned-for totalitarian state, of total control over us mere subjects to our Master Controllers.  They think.  Not realizing that their model is the reverse image of ‘the real thing’.
   But to continue.

2 upon the wedding of our mother to this man who was the co-owner of the Ford dealership in Podunkville; but it was a step up for our mother out of merely being a secretary.  And on towards hoping to become a movie star in Hollywood.  Step by calculated step.
   But I get ahead of my story.

3 That he was content with his life as the co-owner of the Ford dealership in Podunkville was neither here nor there, in the script relating to our mother’s ambitions.  As I indicated in the above footnote, to the main part of this blog’s story.  But relevant, to that certain extent.
   We do what we do in life based on plans.
   Ours.  Or others.

4 Yes.  “My Mother, The Mistress.’  Well, she was ambitious.  And had fallen on hard times, when she divorced our step-dad.  (He accused her of stepping out on him; she accused him of being ”all wet” the night he confronted her on her betrayal of their wedding vows.  But what were such things, when you have ambitions to become a Hollywood star, like Olivia de Haviland; whom Mom - Mommy Dearest, in a way - was likened to, back when she was just running a small cafe attached to a gas station in real Podunkville: Prove, Utah (where I was born), while our birth father was going to Brigham Young University (BYU)??  ‘To better himself’ was the idea.  But it grated on our mother, who took it as his having fun while she had to support his having fun in life, with two small kids under her itchy  feet.)  On her own, and with us two kids to support as well, she got a job pumping gas and wiping windshields (a step up from having to clean diapers back when) at the nearby Texaco station, where she met the owner of an oil pipe and supply business (the nearby Signal Hill having been a major oil find many years previously; with oil derricks littering it for many years in my growing-up period, only switching to the modern ‘horse’ pumps later on, and then even those dwindling, as the oil reserve dwindled), and one thing led to another, when she became, first, a bookkeeper at his company, and then his mistress, when he gave her the business.  
   Sorry, couldn’t resist.  But just to round this parenthetical comment off properly: 1) Did I really resent him?  A: No.  Her life was her life.  And mine was mine.  And she let me get on with mine, my way.  And 2) Did I really resent her?  A: See my just-previous reply.

5 The bulk of it at a spiritual community in the north of Scotland, called Findhorn (more accurately: the Findhorn Foundation), and some of it living in a suburb of Sydney, on the east coast of Australia.  Both other stories. 
6 primarily Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s blog site, puzo1.blogspot,com; also the site of CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.)

7 It has been calculated that Hillary got 4.3 million more votes than Trump in California alone.  Accounting for her ‘win’ over DT in the Personal Vote category.  And including in that total, how many  votes by illegal aliens??  No one knows.  Because this State does not have clean voter registration rolls.  (As I was told by the L.A. County Voter Registration Office: They don’t clean the voter reg rolls because “People sign up on it ‘on penalty of perjury’.”  And if you never check to see if anyone HAS signed up on it illegally??  “There is no law about voter ID in this State.  If you want to change the law, talk to your State Assemblyman or Senator.”)  The reg rolls simply have the names of people who have signed up. 
   Or have had others sign up for ‘them’.
   And just here, I am reminded of how Project Veritas undercover agents followed a Latino Church van in some State as it drove the same people to various precincts to vote in the last election…
   As I have said elsewhere, at the least about my State:
   This voting business is just that: a business.  It is a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a  delusion, an illusion.  A monstrous CHARADE.  
   And I for one won’t stand for it.
   I.  Do.  Not.  Consent.


Further on my ire:

from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Obama’s Shipping Troops Out of the Country Prior to a Coup Against Trump’ - Dave Hodges - December 17/18

Stan December 19, 2016 at 4:12 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

I am so angry that Obama has been allowed to stay in that purloined office, to cause mayhem, and especially now, when all the chips are on the table. He has no business commanding our troops to go ANYWHERE.

The Republican Party failed in their duty as the official opposition party in this country to call Obama and the Democrats on his ineligibility for that office, for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen, as defined at the time of the constitutional Framers putting that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office; to wit: a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens…” (It’s from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’. Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up.) So the Republican Party is almost as guilty as the Democrat Party in this hijack of the presidential office that has taken place – ON OUR WATCH. No excuses. It’s up to We the People to set this wrong to rights.  And that means for us to convince our military to STOP TAKING ORDERS FROM THE FRAUDULENT COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. And arrest him, and hold [him] for trial – on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. Before any more of our troops are put in harm’s way in far-away places on the globe, to get them out of this country, as Obama attempts to take it over, with his DHS highly weaponized cadre of traitors.

Even if the Arpaio Cold Case Posse results haven’t come up with the definitive info on the Usurper’s ACTUAL birth certificate, they don’t HAVE to: They have proven that the document that Obama authorized to be put on the official White House web site as ‘proof’ of his bona fides is fraudulent. That hangs Obama right there. That is a felony. ARREST the damn usurper, and SAVE THIS NATION from civil war.

Looming as we speak.



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