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More On The Murky State Of The Union

from conservativebyte.com: Boom! Judge Blats [sic] Jill Stein’s “Unexplained, Highly Prejudicial Delay”’ - Ed Morrissey for Hot Air  - December 12
(Stein being stymied in her attempts to queer the election.)

kibitzer3 a minute ago (December 12)
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Terrible, terrible. There just HAD to be some rigging going on by the Trump side. Because the Dems thought they had it all rigged THEIR way. 'What went wrong? Those damn Trumpers - they're getting away with...with......with what we thought that we had gotten away with...'

from rickwells.us: ’Still - Can’t Trust CIA Russia Claims Under Compromised Director Brennan’ - Rick Wells, ref. a video by Bill Still - December 13
(Still reports that when Brennan - who reportedly converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia some years ago and is a suspected member of the Muslim Brotherhood - “was sworn in as DCIA, {it was} not with his hand on a Bible but on a copy of the original draft of the US Constitution, without the Bill of Rights.  In other words, without the restrictions on the federal government preventing a citizen’s rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms…”)

Stan // December 13, 2016 at 5:01 pm // Reply 
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Just for the record, boys and giris, and DCIA Brennan: It isn’t the Bill of Rights that gives us our rights and freedoms. It is the Constitution itself, which gives the federal government only LIMITED and DELEGATED powers – “few and defined,” in the rather authoritative words of the [man known as the] Father of the Constitution, James Madison. This business of shyster lawyers and judges trying to parse all meaning out of the words of the Bill of Rights is a fraud. That addendum to the Constitution is only a list of EXAMPLES of the powers that the federal government DOES NOT HAVE/WAS NOT GRANTED in the FIRST place; as both the 9th and 10th Amendments tried to clarify. So, for acting like the federal government can do all sorts of things outwith the specific denials of/contained in the Bill of Rights is farcical, and without legal merit.

Boy, do we have some correcting to engage in, as a nation that has started to lose its way, from the rule of law into the snarky swamp of the rule of men (aka arbitrary law; aka tyranny). Let’s hope that the draining of the D.C. swamp that Trump has promised does the full job that it should. We need it badly.


,,,And that correction includes the likes of:

mercola.com: ‘Vaccine Failures Keep Mounting — When Will Studies Pointing Out Flaws Result in Healthy Changes?’ - Dr. Mercola - December 13

kibitzer3 Joined On 4/11/2013 3:21:02 AM / posted December 13

Excellent article, Dr. Mercola - thanks much.

When oh when are we going to get CLOSURE on this matter???  I have been following this vaccine scam for YEARS, and things seem to be getting worse, not better, now with so much of a push for mandation.  Please keep this issue front and center - sooner or later there will be a breakthrough, and we will rid ourselves of this corporate-government-complex crap going on.  And the only way that will come about is with a properly educated and informed public demanding it.

Knowledge is power.

This passing thought that I had earlier today - yesterday, now - seems to me to fit here:

In my studio apartment room there are, besides a big one that I mount outside my door on those kinds of occasions, small American flags everywhere, in every conceivable place that I can plant them.  From Herobox and Help Our Wounded and Operation Finally Home and a number of other donation sites that I have supported, I got and continue to get them as tokens to send back with a signature and a donation, but I just can't keep up with it all, and I can't stand the thought of them going into the recycling bin.  Which obviously is part of the deal.  But anyway: Here they are, in my view, as part of my daily life.  And in addition, in a place of honor on my desk in a corner of the room (and from the same sort of source): A good-sized copy of the iconic photo of the six Marines called to engage in a flag-planting and -raising on Iwo Jima for the camera, and firmly and famously etched in our American minds thereby, like a, well, an etching.  Iconic is the perfect word for it.   No; more.  Powerful.  Powerfully evocative.  'This is ours, now, dammit.  Git your fucking behinds back to your fucking island nation, and stop causing so much damn trouble.  We were just trying to live our everyday lives.  Live and let live.  Got it?  Work hard, and raise your kids, and then you fuckers had to come along and spoil our concentration on what was right in front of us.  Git, you slanty-eyed bastards, you sorry sons of bitches.'    

Who are sons of bitches wherever they are, whatever the shape of their eyes.

But there's another message here, too, I realize, in looking across my small room at that iconic image; that it contains another story, as well.  In its absence from the consciousness of our Dear Leader, who in his adulthood calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  I realize that he doesn't share in our collective consciousness.

So I need to cut him some slack.  

He just doesn't know better.

...No.  There's more to him than that absence of almost inborn affiliation.  

He knows precisely what is doing.

And it has very little to do with what those six Marines were up to, there on that rocky ridge - Mount Suribachi, it was called - on a godforsaken island in the South Pacific.

That had to do with courage, and honor. 

He has to do with treachery, and deceit.

So, I will not cut him some slack, after all. 

He is not deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

He is deserving of having his butt kicked back to wherever the hell he came from.   

And it certainly was not emotionally from any of these United States.

Any fifth-seven of them.


P.S. Two last-minute contributions for this date, before I call it a night/early morning:

1) from teapartyning.org: ‘CIA: Washington Post Report Linking Russian Government to Trump & Election Hacking Is “Outright Lie”’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - December 12/13 - orig. posted at trueundit.com - December 12

Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (December 13)

Glad that SOMEONE at the CIA still has some integrity. 

This whole thing is such an obvious political ploy that I hope the American people get it.  It's called misdirection - an old propagandist's trick, like a magician's: 'See this hand?  No, this one over HERE.'   Away from the hard info itself in the leaked material, and to some made-up possible 'hacker'.  Which fits in well with the NeoCon attempt to start a WWIII with Russia as well.

Same old, same old.  Until Trump can drain that damn swamp, of its reptiles.


2) A report just got to me that both Houses of Congress have now passed legislation, and sent it to the Usurper for his quick and illegal signature, to start the curtailing of the alternative news in this country.  On this excuse: that 'the Russians did it'.  And so the alt news must be part of the conspiracy against the U.S.  And we should only trust, and allow, the MSM (the real 'fake news' vendors).  Because they are reporting that 'the Russians did it'.  And that is the meme that TPTB want played out.  Because they want their fucking WWIII.  To save their hugely overleveraged economy.

This is corruption most foul.

To be continued.

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