Wednesday, 21 December 2016

There Are Transformations. And Then...

from ‘Electoral Vote Doesn’t Stop Protests’ - Frank Vernuccio - December 20
(And still they’re out there, chanting away.  Fueled, no doubt, by Soros money.  Or even just their ideologically-driven faithfulness to The Transformation.
The wrong one….)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 20)

Nice article, Frank. It highlights how we are not up against 'the usual' in a two-party system, but are up against true-believer ideologues, who thought they had this one in the bag, and thus were well on their way to their 'fundamental transformation' of the U.S.  Into a socialist system, of pervasive welfare, a lot of the younger progressives think; but actually into a fascistic system, with the multinationals and international bankers in the driver's seat. And woe to anyone who steps out of line. Including the cannon fodder. Aka useful idiots.

from ‘BOOM! This Map Shows Just How Badly Americans REJECTED Hillary Clinton’ - posted by Tif Morgan - December 19/20
(The map showing the counties carried by the candidates.  A veritable sea of Red, with blotches of Blue mostly on the coasts…
The article got into the matter of Obama staying in D.C., and why.  Ed Klein’s assumption: to keep his shadow cabinet appearing on the news outlets, critiquing every move that Trump makes, in defense of his ’legacy’.)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (December 20)

I'm not sure why the Usurper thinks that he will never be outed for his ineligibility for the office, and thus will be sent to a different domicile. It must be because he has been able to get away with it so far.

Don't count on it, Barry.

…because the White Hats are coming.

from ‘Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide’ - Mike Adams - December 20
(Mike is going to announce an alternative to Facebook.  Good for him.
(“Hint: I’m launching a “Censored News” website in just a few days that will carry all the real-time headlines from all the main news websites censored by Facebook and Google. It will become the new portal for all the millions of people who are leaving Facebook and ditching Google News.”)

kibitzer3 - a few seconds ago (December 21)
Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.

Nice one, Mike.

We patriots need to keep pointing out to all those misbegotten souls who keep trying to say and think that 'it was the Russians wot dun it': It wasn't the Russians who tried to influence the election. It was the MSM. Time to give them a pass.

broadriver orgorg 10 hours ago (December 20)

Israel is not a problem. It is our best ally in the Middle East. We are also allies with the Saudis. That's a conundrum. As Americans, we stand with Israel because of our judeo-Christian heritage.



                           So it's a tribal thing that we stand with Israel? Israel and Saudi Arabia are 
                           not problems unless we let them dictate our Middle East policy.
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                            broadriver Judy 3 hours ago (December 20)
  •                    Israel has never been a problem for the United States. There are deeply 
  •                    held religious and cultural ties between the two nations. They are also a    
  •                    democracy very similar to the United States. Someone from United States 
  •                    can go to Israel as a tourist and feel right at home. It is a very small state,
  •                    but it is similar to America in so many ways.

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  •                    kibitzer3
    broadriver a minute ago (December 21)
                       Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.

                       Tell this to those who were killed and the others who almost their lives in 
  •                    the attempted sinking by the state of Israel of the USS Liberty.

    •            The state of Israel still has some 'splainin' to do over that ugly 
    •            incident. And some other matters. No more free ride on the 'Judeo-
    •            Christian heritage' carousel.


Still a lot of work to do, I see......


But getting there......:

from ’The Federal Reserve is Sabotaging the Economy In Order to Stop Trump’ - Dave Hodges - December 19-20

(The Fed is raising interest rates on mortgages.  Which will have a knock-on effect, on the housing market.)

toejam December 19, 2016 at 9:41 am

The Federal Reserve System is neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve”. However it is as Dave says a “System” of international banking parasites living, for over 100 years, off the productivity of the American people and all the other countries of the world where these parasites have set up their private central banking cabals. As the great Jim Sinclair has said there are no true markets in America. They are all controlled markets controlled by international bankers and their handmaidens in positions to do so in Government. Whether or not Trump has the where-with-all to take down this criminal banking scam remains to be seen. Congress has not only the Constitutional authority of coin the nations money but also to set the value thereof. An inch is an inch and gallon is a gallon and a lb is a lb. Likewise a dollar is a dollar composed of so many grains of gold and silver nine tens fine. All weights and measures are to be uniform throughout the nation as the Constitution and logic would dictate.

As many in and out of Congress warned when the Congress unconstitutionally farmed out in 1913 their mandate and duty to coin the money and set the value thereof to the private Federal Reserve Corporation, a system of economic dictatorship of control of money and circulation was established that goes all the way back to the ancient Babylonians. Read the book “Babylonian Woe” by Canadian author David Astle, a study of how control of money at interest has taken down nearly every civilization in history, Is America next on the chopping block ?

Stan December 21, 2016 at 2:28 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Thank you, Dave, for pointing out that we need to go, not just away from the Fed, but to interest-free money.

That is the real answer here. Let the old system go. It’s time for the new.

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