Tuesday, 6 December 2016

On Being Treated Like Children

from wnd.com:’Election Recount Adding To Trump’s Winning Margin’  - December 5

Luis Luna Kissingfan an hour ago (December 5)

Very true Trump needs to make Voter ID a priority so we don't have these scams anymore


         Kissingfan Luis Luna an hour ago 
  • In my state, I had to show my ID/drivers license. The person verifying that I was who I said I was also verified my street address. She had the book in front of her with my name and address. Once everything was verified, a line was drawn through my name and address to indicate that I did vote. I only waited a few minutes inline waiting to vote. (Of course, I was there at noon time and not after work when the lines would be longer.)

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  •          kibitzer3 Kissingfan a few seconds ago (December 5)

    • Unfortunately, in my state - CA; at least in my county, of L.A. - they don't require any evidence whatsoever of identity. Nor do they check the voter reg rolls for eligibility. They just rely on the fact that the person - or whomsoever may have filled in a name - has registered "on penalty of perjury". But since they never check to see if anyone HAS registered unlawfully, that is a toothless tiger. All of which is why just relying on the 'popular vote' is a scam and a delusion. Since this state is chockablock with illegal aliens - who, not so incidentally, can get a driver's license in this state (and are automatically registered to vote in doing so, to add insult to injury) - you can figure that Hillary got over a million votes from illegal aliens in this state alone.

    • 'She won the popular vote'?? Do I have a good deal to sell you on a bridge in the Arizona desert.

3 hours ago

Of course it is. If they were to recount California, Oregon , Washington, and Nevada they would find that from 3 to 5 million illegals voted for the hag.



    • nightsong truthtester 3 hours ago 

    • NV has got to insist upon voter ID as well as proof of citizenship. Can you imagine how many tens of thousands of illegal mexican and other illegal aliens are employed by the many gigantic hotel/casinos in Vegas? Many of them do not speak English. Have a stay at any one of the many huge places there and just witness the help. Mostly mexican employees in all areas of the hotel. Reid is the one who has repeatedly influenced hotel management to have their employees vote democratic, and maybe legally or illegally. Now take a look at Northern Nevada where there are not soooo many hotel/casinos and you find many more Republican voters.

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  •           Lynn Jeppsen nightsong 2 hours ago 

    • Are you not aware that in CA. illegals ae able to get fake social security cards, fake drivers licenses and fake voting cards for $300.00. You will never be able to catch these illegal people.

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  •                   kibitzer3 Lynn Jeppsen a minute ago 

      • We can go to requiring a fingerprint, or iris scan; in the long run, fingerprint to match one taken at birth, and imprinted on one's birth certificate. We have the technology to do all this quickly, including accessing the birth certificate registry, or the official Naturalization registry.

      • Or at a minimum, dip the voter's finger in purple dye, so they can only vote once. Like they do in Third World countries. And include no more Early Voting, or too-easiiy-obtained Absentee Ballots - where a lot of the scamming is taking place.

      • If we are going to act like children, we need to be treated like children.

...And in the meantime, Obama continues to fly 'refugees' in by plane, and stands down our Border Patrol, while we are being invaded by foot, at checkpoints, and other, 'informal' crossings; by an army of young males.  

And still, Americans stay asleep on the watch..................................................................

Sometimes I wonder, why do I care?  People have to learn to take the consequences of their actions.  Or inactions.

But this is MY country.  Dammit.



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