Friday, 23 December 2016

On Wrapping Things Up

Before we move on, just to acknowledge where we’re at.  For the historical record.  Of how far away from our roots we have gotten.  Both as to this country.  And as to our true identities; as the offspring of a loving Creator Source.

First, as to this country.  And speaking from my home state, of California.1

We are in a Catch-22 position in this state.  California does not require ID to vote, photo or any other  kind - and furthermore, instructs its precinct workers specifically not to even ask for ID.  (How’s that for a ‘Welcome One And All’ mat??)  So anybody can show up to vote for any name on the registration rolls.2  To change the law, one would have to ask their state Assemblyperson and/or state Senator to do so.  But with the illegal aliens dominating the voter registration rolls in this state, one could never get the votes to accomplish that state of affairs.3

So the degree of corruption in this state is astronomical.  To the point, in fact, where the governor - along with his sinister backers - wishes to take the state out of the Union, and make of it a nation-state unto itself; contracting with Red China, e.g, unilaterally, on all manner of fronts.  And demonstrating its willingness to do so by bringing in Red Chinese cargo ships, via its river systems, into the state’s interior, and opening said interior - the former ‘Breadbasket of the World’; or at the least its Fruit and Veggie Basket - to purchase by Red Chinese individuals and political entities.4  And thus, demonstrating this nation’s sellout to the socialist-fascist - call it ‘statist’ - mob currently deep into its attempted takeover of, not just this nation.  But of the world.

Which just goes to show you, how badly individuals can get off their Pilgrim’s Progress.  When left strictly to their own devices, to guide their progress by.

And the same sort of corrupt activity, and thinking, is repeated all throughout this nation.  And the world.  As Crisis leads to Opportunity, alright. 

And more than just the Dark side’s Opportunity at that.  

We are about to see historical evolution at work.

And in spades, this Time.

You see, this is a realm - a reality - that runs by laws.  And one of those laws has to do with the creation of equal and opposite reactions.

Until you come to a state of stasis.

Otherwise known as 


The GREAT Ker-ching!

Otherwise known as 

a Grand Round.

Or, as James Gilliland - who has encouraged all and sundry to be "frequency specific" to this wave of Ascension now crashing upon us - has put it:

Surf's Up.

P.S. The far Left knows from their reading (and partial understanding) of history that they could expect a reaction to their attempts to take over control of the governments - wherever they mount an assault, to turn them into their total state - in the form of a Hitler or a Mussolini, and that's what they see in Trump.  So they will go all out to attempt to destroy him.
     When he's not the real target.  Of the Dark side.  He is still of The Process.
     Making its way steadily, and inevitably, to its Conclusion.  In
     The Light.


1 Interestingly enough, for me.  And here I had thought that I had come back to my old home town to retire.  In the sun.
   Well, at least I got the ‘sun’ part of it right.

2 You do have to sign alongside ’your’ name  But they don’t check the signatures against the original registration form.  So that is a meaningless gesture.
   Nor do they check the name against any official lists that would indicate the person’s citizenship.  It is strictly on the say-so of the person whose name appears on the reg rolls.  “On penalty of perjury.”  But since they don’t check to see if anybody has engaged in perjury, that is another meaningless gesture.    

3 And especially now, since its governor - Jesuit-trained Jerry Brown - signed into law last year a so-called Motor Voter law, whereby people who apply for a driver’s license are automatically registered to vote as well; and this state now allows illegal aliens to apply for the state’s driver’s license.  Ker-ching!  Another Gotcha situation, from the ruling far Left faction.  In this state.  And the country.
   For now.
   And possibly - very possibly - not about to give up its position.  For, this is not just about a two-party system of governemnt.
   This is for the whole ball of wax.
   Otherwise known as a planet.

4 TPTB having engaged in weather warfare - through such tools as HAARP - for years, moving the weather fronts coming in off the Pacific Ocean to the north, bypassing California and its grower’s paradise of a heartland, and dumping onto the Midwest of the continent either that moisture - causing floods there - or that heat - causing drought.  And causing the value of the California farmland to drop precipitously; thus a) forcing the American citizen farmers off that land, and b) selling it at bargain-basement prices to their chosen buyers.  
   And the purchases brokered by such as the husband of the state’s leading U.S. senator, Dianne Feinstein.  Which couple will do very well for themselves, in the changeover of California from a federal state in the Union of the U.S.A. to a stand-alone nation-state.  Having positioned themselves beautifully for said changeover.
   It’s all about looking far enough down the road to anticipate Change, you see.
   And possibiy, not looking quite far enough.  To see the whole picture.
   But to continue.

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