Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Ministry Of Truth - II

Now that the federal government has effectively put all speech under federal control - and the ’social media’ sites are busily censoring away as we speak - let’s look at the State of the Union.

Which is parlous.

And it’s not just here.  Quote (from an article carried at titled 'Social Media Fined [the equiv. of] $522,000 Per Day For Posting Govt Censored Speech' - Dec. 28/9):

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s censorship storm troopers are gearing up ahead of the globalist’s [sic] run for a fourth term, one that will spell the end of Germany as a Christian nation and its central position in the European Islamic caliphate.

"In order to prevent the truth [-] her engineering the invasion and conquest of Germany by Islamic jihadists [-] from derailing her campaign and potentially putting her inside a prison cell where she belongs, her puppet government of the EU is considering the imposition of a 500,000 Euro fine, $522,000 per day to be levied against social network platforms, particularly Facebook, for every day they fail to remove a story that the thought Nazis, the German Speech Police label as ‘fake news.’”

‘Fake news.’  Gee, where have I heard that expression used before…

So, let’s look at all this.


So, the NWO crowd has figured out a way to gut our free speech.  Sweet.1  And proving to be a formidable adversary.  

All the greater the victory over it.

But as I was saying.  Now where was I.  Oh yes: the machinations of the Dark forces.  I couldn't have done the caper better myself.  If I were on the Dark side.  Which a part of me is.

And of you.

For we are involved in mankind; and therefore, any man's death diminishes us.

All, parts of The Great I Am.2  Who just seeks to have all of Its parts returned.  But not to make that choice for us.  Waiting patiently for the laggards.  In the meantime, the obedient children - in alignment with their Created, and creative, energy - can become as One again.  In spirit.  

And try to love the rest of Us to the same outcome.

Sooner or later.  

Or it is oblivion for them, in the allotted time for

The Play.  When The Play is over, and it's time for

the real thing.  And our Creator's patience is effectively at

an end.  

The Harvest concluded.

Ready.  Or not.

Your choice.       



1 In its step--by-step way it's like Motor Voter laws.  First, you - if you are a Democrat - get such a law passed  - on the basis of/rationale of/cover of 'convenience,' of course; whereby everybody who applies for or renews their driver's license is automatically registered to vote; and then, you - as in my home state of California (no jokes, please; this is serious) - allow illegal aliens - excuse me; 'undocumented workers' - to apply for a driver's license.
   Talk about 'spelling it out' for the IAs (to call a spade a spade; no more PC games).  'Not only do you not have to worry about coming out of the shadows to vote - here, we are making it absolutely plain for you.  And with a law to tell precinct workers specifically not to ask for any ID to boot.  Now get out there and vote.  For our party, of course.'
   What a swell party.
   And getting more swollen by the day.

2 as mirrored in the 'As Above-So Below' phenomenon called 'quantum entanglement,' i.e., having an effect on the whole at a - perceived - distance.


And meanwhile, back in the illusion:

from ’Savage No Longer Sees Little White Kids As Future Slaves In America’  - Rick Wells - December 27/8

Stan // December 29, 2016 at 10:00 am // Reply (act. December 28)
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…And how long are we going to continue to be able to hear the likes of Michael Savage tell it like it is, to Power??? We’re not out of the woods yet. TPTB are not going to slip quietly back into the darkness that they came from. They have worked too long and too hard for this day – this moment in time.

En garde, Citizen. Our work has just begun.

As for what else needs to happen:

from ‘Cotton Urges Trump Immigration Changes To Give Americans Jobs, Country Back’ - Rick Wells - December 28/9

Stan // December 29, 2016 at 10:24 am // Reply (act. December 28)
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No. 1: Your take on the number of illegal immigrants in the country is woefully behind the times, Sen. Cotton. That figure of 11million was the estimate years ago. Today they are overrunning my home state of California alone, to the point where to vote – with no ID required – is to engage in aiding and abetting the commission of a crime.

No. 2: Sending the ‘Illegals’ back to their home countries needs to be accompanied with changes in the welfare policies, whereby American citizens can no longer get on, let alone stay on, welfare so easily. There needs to be a massive move to ‘workfare’: Anyone who turns down available employment – of whatever kind – more than twice needs to be stricken from the welfare rolls (with a possible income supplement program, but no longer a Way of Life program). And that’s just for starters, in Taking Our Country Back.


Do I really advocate the return of the Illegal Aliens to their home countries?  Yes.  (So-called 'refugees' is another matter entirely.  But basically: They go, too.)  And to show some leniency - since many of them have been lured into this country by a corrupt government, in league with corrupt business owners and corporations - I would allow them to get in line - with the honorable immigrant seekers - to return, if they so wish.  

But they may not wish to.  Once The New Order of Things starts kicking in, with the elimination of the current 'economic system' - under the advent of Abundance - and they may wish to stay in their home countries, to experience The New there. 

Those who have had children here, under the impression falsely given them - by our erstwhile masters, in positions of power in our government; elected and appointed - that said children would be American citizens (the so-called 'anchor baby' phenomenon) - are in a different category, and need to be treated on a case-by-case basis.  After all, the seducer is as guilty in 'the deal' - the transaction - as the person successfully seduced.  If not more so.  But the primary point is that  

all corruption is to be wrung out of The System.  

For, that energy level cannot exist at the level that we are about to move up to (frequency speaking) .  As we enter the first stages of

The New.  

Also known as

The Real Thing.

And that you can take to your *&amp#@% Ministry of Truth.


A closing thought:

To quote George Orwell, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

And on that note:

Goodnight.  (Or early morning, to be more precise.  The story of my life, these interesting days.  As I keep up with what is going on.
     And wish for the best, for as many of Us facets, fractals, aspects of the Whole as possible.  Playing our parts.  And then moving on, here at the end of
     The Play.)

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