Monday, 12 December 2016

Graduate Classroom Exercise

‘Good morning.’

(Response from the congregation:) ‘Good morning.’

‘Now that you have all been issued your sales kits, I need to clarify a basic factor about your mission.

‘Your mission is to sell our line of products.  Period.

‘It is not your job to talk to your customers about any possible cures on the possible horizon, or any studies into the causes of any of the conditions that we have a line of products - a fine line of products; an excellent line of products; the best line of products - to treat.  It is to sell our line of products.  As I say: Period.

‘Is that clear?’

(Response:)  ‘Yes, sir.’

‘Is that crystal clear??’

(Response; more strongly, with evangelical fervor:) ‘Yes, sir!’

‘Good.  Now, as to how to go about lining up interview time with your prospective clients in your assigned sectors…’

A bit extreme?

I don’t think so, 

It is the nature of the beast.

Which now needs to be tamed.

Because we are entering a New Era.  

On such matters. 

And on the whole scene.

Of life on Earth.  

Where such attitudes are to be a thing of the past.

Relics of the past age.

No longer fit for purpose.  In the new one.

The Sat Yuga.

The Golden Age.

To put it all in another way:

The far Left and the far Right
       want you to be
       educated to be 
        a nice, docile
    in their machinery.
     I want you to be 
 a good human being,
      of great things,
      and especially
      of working out
   your own destiny.
             is all. 
          and do.

Or as the sign said over the entranceway to my high school - lo, these many years ago now:

‘Enter To Learn - Go Forth To Serve’

And off my long life experience, I would add:

‘In the right way.’

To say: In the way of having graduated.  To a higher level.  Of understanding.

Of what it is all about.

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